Bright Stripes

Right about this time of year, I switch out my wardrobe. The fall and winter items get stored away, and out come the spring and summer clothes. When I saw this dress, I realized I hadn’t worn it in a while. The last time was during spring of 2015. These bright stripes needed some love again. The thing is, the last time I wore this dress, I wore it with the cutest pair of metallic blue pumps. It’s hard not being able to wear high heels; I miss them so! But, my overuse of sneakers wasn’t going to stop me from these bright stripes. This time I pulled out my white Nike Air Force Ones, white frilly socks, and white sunnies. To add some pops of color I styled the dress with my new turqoise ring from Zoko jewellery and flower power turquoise earrings from India. The final touch was my second hand, cute as can be, little purse that was “Made in Mexico.” I love the way the flowers on the bag perfectly match the flowers on my ears. And basically the only thing that will fit in that little bag is my new tabasco lippy. (At Etude House, it’s such fun! You pick out your lip balm and then the perfect case to match. Yes, I’ll be getting more!) So, see! I can wear cute bright stripes with tennis shoes. I have to. It really is the only type of shoe I wear each and every day! So I will wear dresses with tennis shoes, but I will always still add frills, colors, and jewels!

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The Bird is Back!

Bird Sweater

I had to have this birdie sweater for spring. It’s so cute and dainty.

There is this bird that migrates through Hong Kong about this time of year. Oh, I love this bird. It has a call that increases with intensity in both noise and volume. He (or maybe she–I do not know) starts his call, and then it keeps getting louder and fiercer, and it’s as if he is calling out to me. I know–I’m making it sound orgasmic or something, but this bird! I love it. Ironically, I don’t even know what this bird looks like nor do I know it’s name. I just know when this birdie comes back to town, the weather is about to change; Spring is on its way. At least this was the case yesterday with a bright blue sky and a temperate sun warming us up from the rain and gloom of the weekend. Mind you, today, as I’m writing this post, we are back to misty skies, but hey! The bird is back, he’s here, and I do love him so! With March 21st just yesterday and the birdie calling to me morning and night, Spring really is around the corner.

For you, what is your signal that Spring is on its way? Is it a bird, a special flower, a unique smell? What is it?

Update down below on the Bird!

Bird Sweater

Bird Sweater

Bird Sweater

Bird Sweater

Bird Sweater

One of my very kind readers, Jude, sent me a couple of emails this morning with some attempts at capturing the bird I described. While her videos attempts didn’t come close, it was this article that nailed it. Many people are irritated by this bird, but I adore him! He’s called an Asian Koel–or in other words a cuckoo bird. Here’s a sample of his call (mind you it varies in pitch). When I hear him, I feel like he’s calling just to me: Annie, get up, get UP, GET UP! Or, Annie, I love you, I love YOU, I LOVE YOU! Me and this birdie….we gotta thing!!

Birds in the Trees

Standing.jpgThe sun is out in Hong Kong, and the birds have arrived with new songs to sing. There is this one bird that I am enamoured with. He wakes me up each morning with this special call that just enchants me. I haven’t been able to spot him, so I have no idea what he looks like. This is our first spring in this new apartment, and something like the change in birds at the tree level has been an additional welcome. I love our home in Stanley, and I especially love springtime in Hong Kong. (I don’t know why I have determined the gender of this particular bird to be male…)



Photos by Gigi

Some Outfit Details
DIY Pearl Earrings
ASOS Sunnies
Topshop Infared Lipstick
Forever 21 Birds in the Trees Top
Vintage Shell Necklace from Antique Street
Gold Chain from TST
Key Lock from Ben in Causeway Bay
Zara Handbag from Margarita Island, Venezuela
Really Old Belt from Market in India
Old Navy Khakis
Steve Madden Open Toed Booties

Spring Flowers


The weather has finally shifted in Hong Kong. Spring showers have arrived right before having one glorious day of sun. I was so excited to sport my own spring flowers last week during that bright blue day. Since then the weather has taken a dramatic turn, yet I still love it. I think my love for rain sprouted from my days at the University of Washington. I just love rainy days–and when they are super dramatic with thunder and lightning it’s even better. On this particular day though, I was very happy and my bright choice of clothing proves it! Here’s to more spring flowers after all the Hong Kong spring showers!




Some Outfit Details
Sunglasses Zara
Necklace Ben from Jardines Bazaar (he’s the fourth guy on the left)
Flower Top Forever 21
Beaded Turqoise Belt gift from my sister-in-law Jen so I am guessing in Indonesia…
Skirt Zara
Booties Jeffrey Campbell
Blue Clutch gift from my sister-in-law Kate when she married my brother!