Bright Stripes

Right about this time of year, I switch out my wardrobe. The fall and winter items get stored away, and out come the spring and summer clothes. When I saw this dress, I realized I hadn’t worn it in a while. The last time was during spring of 2015. These bright stripes needed some love again. The thing is, the last time I wore this dress, I wore it with the cutest pair of metallic blue pumps. It’s hard not being able to wear high heels; I miss them so! But, my overuse of sneakers wasn’t going to stop me from these bright stripes. This time I pulled out my white Nike Air Force Ones, white frilly socks, and white sunnies. To add some pops of color I styled the dress with my new turqoise ring from Zoko jewellery and flower power turquoise earrings from India. The final touch was my second hand, cute as can be, little purse that was “Made in Mexico.” I love the way the flowers on the bag perfectly match the flowers on my ears. And basically the only thing that will fit in that little bag is my new tabasco lippy. (At Etude House, it’s such fun! You pick out your lip balm and then the perfect case to match. Yes, I’ll be getting more!) So, see! I can wear cute bright stripes with tennis shoes. I have to. It really is the only type of shoe I wear each and every day! So I will wear dresses with tennis shoes, but I will always still add frills, colors, and jewels!

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What’s Your Emoji?

Do you have an emoji? That emoji that you always use, that one that perfectly depicts how you feel? That emoji that you use in the text to your sister or the one included in your Instagram comments. That emoji that you connect with because it feels like yours. Well, I do! I have an emoji that I always use: it’s the emoji winking with a tongue sticking out! For me, it’s the trickster yellow face, the joking one. There’s that winking eye laughing, “Hahahhaa!” but also sticking a tongue out like, “I’m so silly!” For some reason I absolutely love this emoji and totally relate to it. In fact, I just recently (and finally) made my bitmoji, and when it came to what I would have my character wear, I chose a t-shirt with the winking eye and tongue sticking out. So, of course, when I saw this adorable, glittery, little crossover bag–in the girls department mind you–at J.Crew, I had to have it even though it wouldn’t arrive for months later since it was on backorder (It’s in stock now if you’re interested, and there are a ton of other cute options. Don’t be afraid of the girls department!). Oh this bag! And this emoji!! I love them both. Enough said.

Now, what’s your emoji? I’m dying to know!! (Insert winking emoji with tongue sticking out!!)






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Then and Now

I love the end of season sales. I always seem to get the best items at such affordable prices. For example, take these fun, rather wacky, wide legged culottes. After the new year, I picked them up at Zara for barely nothing. I knew they could be worn then in the winter and now in the spring. Spring takes so long to arrive doesn’t it? One day a sweater is needed; the next a white shirt suffices. At least this depicts the weather scenario in Hong Kong. (As I write this Friday night post, I’m in a very cozy and soft sweater–with the windows open letting the fresh crips air in.) The first way I’ve style these pants is with my cold shoulder, fisherman sweater. I believe this is the first time I’ve featured this sweater here on the blog, but for sure it has received it’s cost per wear this season. I have worn this sweater a ton this winter. It’s as if the cold shoulders offer the perfect amount of ventilation, so I’m never too warm while wearing this cute number. Keep scrolling through to see how I wear the pants now as Hong Kong is verging on springtime….

Now the perfect way to wear these flowing trousers is with the basic white shirt. The great thing about the white shirt for Hong Kong weather is it’s never too warm wearing it outdoors, yet it’s also perfect to wear indoors with the air conditioning perpetually running. The other item I was able to pick up at the end of winter sales from Zara are these super cute white mules. My good friend Maureen is always so kind and gives me a Zara gift card for my birthday in February. Because I had a feeling she would also love these shoes, I got them; I think they are so Moroccan cool. Now, if my knee will just allow me to wear them for a day I would be so happy. For sure though, they’ll make for great date night shoes, and they do have an eensy weensy bit of a heel!

What item do you have in your closet that works perfectly from winter to spring?

The Bird is Back!

Bird Sweater

I had to have this birdie sweater for spring. It’s so cute and dainty.

There is this bird that migrates through Hong Kong about this time of year. Oh, I love this bird. It has a call that increases with intensity in both noise and volume. He (or maybe she–I do not know) starts his call, and then it keeps getting louder and fiercer, and it’s as if he is calling out to me. I know–I’m making it sound orgasmic or something, but this bird! I love it. Ironically, I don’t even know what this bird looks like nor do I know it’s name. I just know when this birdie comes back to town, the weather is about to change; Spring is on its way. At least this was the case yesterday with a bright blue sky and a temperate sun warming us up from the rain and gloom of the weekend. Mind you, today, as I’m writing this post, we are back to misty skies, but hey! The bird is back, he’s here, and I do love him so! With March 21st just yesterday and the birdie calling to me morning and night, Spring really is around the corner.

For you, what is your signal that Spring is on its way? Is it a bird, a special flower, a unique smell? What is it?

Update down below on the Bird!

Bird Sweater

Bird Sweater

Bird Sweater

Bird Sweater

Bird Sweater

One of my very kind readers, Jude, sent me a couple of emails this morning with some attempts at capturing the bird I described. While her videos attempts didn’t come close, it was this article that nailed it. Many people are irritated by this bird, but I adore him! He’s called an Asian Koel–or in other words a cuckoo bird. Here’s a sample of his call (mind you it varies in pitch). When I hear him, I feel like he’s calling just to me: Annie, get up, get UP, GET UP! Or, Annie, I love you, I love YOU, I LOVE YOU! Me and this birdie….we gotta thing!!

Coachella Wannabe

Coachella 1
Festival season is about to start. I always notice it on my Instagram feed when the top fashion bloggers all flock to the fields for the music festivals. As I daydream amidst the images, I thought it’d be fun to pretend a bit. What if I were to go to Coachella, what would I wear? Maybe my flowy white maxi dress with jeans underneath. My boho jacket for sure with strands of necklaces. Definitely one feather earring just in one ear. And for sure my newly splattered booties. But then why wait for Coachella to wear fringe and feathers with flowers and splatters….I think I’ll just wear this here in Hong Kong for an average spring day!
Coachella 3

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Coachella 2

Coachella 5

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But I Don’t Wanna Wear my Black Turtleneck Anymore!

Turtleneck with Wrap Dress 3

Oh goodness, I really try hard not to complain, but this winter is really, really getting old. And I really, really don’t want to wear this heat inducing black turtleneck any longer. But, it’s still chilly, and I always get cold, so I’m still wearing it (even with the matching heat inducing leggings half the time underneath my jeans!). Here in these three looks, I’ve tried to pair my dreaded black turtleneck with the spring like items I pulled out of their winter stowaway. These are some of my first items to grab that I want to wear for this spring: my bright peacock wrap dress, my leopard tie blouse, and my striped boatneck. I just have to accept that the black turtleneck layer is my second skin….One of these days it will get thrown away!

Turtleneck with Wrap Dress 2

Turtleneck with Wrap Dress 1

This bright colored wrap dress is pretty old, but I still love to wear it. I picked it up at an HM in London during a transit home from India. During our long layovers, we’d spend the day venturing out and about to kill time–a little shopping was usually always included. This wrap dress was a collaboration with DVF and H&M–just when those famous designers started designing with high street fashion houses. I think I scored a timeless piece! Do you have a wrap dress? For us large chested woman, it can work wonders for our figure! Of course I paired it with my DIY feather clutch!


This leopard blouse is another item I reach for once spring has sprung. The sleeves are short, but I didn’t dare take this black trench off. It was so blistery on the day I took these shots. The blouse offers nothing in the way of a layer, so that black turtleneck was essential. Usually, it’d be a black or white cami as seen here (my hair used to be soooo long!), so this was a minor adjustment.

Turtleneck with Leopard 3


Turtleneck with Stripes 2

This might be my third version of this boatneck, nautical striped top. I have one of these shirts out at our summer cabin, and I keep one with me in Hong Kong  as well. It’s the perfect transitional piece–not too warm of a top but offering the perfect layer. I remember first hearing about if from my good friend Gwyneth over at GOOP. Hahah! This top is definitely Kremb de la Kremb closet staple making at least three appearances here on the blog: one, two, three, and now this is four!

Turtleneck with Stripes 3

Turtleneck with Stripes 1

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