Racing Stripes X 2

For someone who wears tennis shoes pretty much every single day, racing stripes are a win win for me. In this post I’ve styled two sets of racing stripes: a pencil skirt plus a trouser. I wore both of these outfits to work/school. In each of both outfits, I felt professional despite the fact that I was wearing sneakers. Adding a bold lipstick, some quirky earrings, and additional touches like perfectly matching socks compliment the outfit. Since I wear some sort of sports shoe daily, I have had to figure out how to dress them up. You’ll have to tell me…

Do I look like I’m headed to the gym?
Or do you believe me when I tell you I wore these two outfits to the library where I work?

I’d had my eye on this racing striped pencil skirt for a while. It was never in the actual Forever 21 stores, so I finally gave Forever 21’s global shipping a try. It worked out perfectly! I was so happy to finally get this skirt. It basically has my name written all over it! And guess what? It’s only $6.54! That’s a steal. Go get your own here! (And the lip tee is only $5.34!!)

Whenever we head to the Hong Kong International Airport, I always make a quick stop at Zara. During out last trip over October break, I really hated the bottoms I was wearing. Luckily, I snatched up these racing stripe trousers. They are my new perfect traveling pant. They’re super comfy yet somehow polished looking at the same time. I love that our airport has a Zara; and yes, I do make sure to get one piece every time I use the airport! Hahah!

Do you get away with wearing sports shoes to work?
I’m just curious; I really do wear comfy shoes every day. I hope you get to as well!

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Athleisure: Sparkly Sweater Pants

Athleisure, a style that seems to have become my own, but first… Awwww, this week for spring break I’m away in Bohol, Philippines! I made sure to have all my content for this week uploaded before even arriving to the Philippines because this area, and our resort in particular, are not best known for their Internet service. Rather, the blues of the water and sky with the white sandy beach make for picturesque posts to come…plus some much relished R&R.

For all this week, I’m offering three ways I incorporate an athleisure style. I pretty much only wear tennis shoes now which I’ll expound upon later on Wednesday. But, somehow, I haven’t let tennis shoes cramp my style, nor my flare for bling. Here, I may be in silver brogue runners, but paired with sparkly silver sweater pants I still feel just enough glam. Plus, adding a big ol’ statement necklace adds to my glamorous vibe! For comfort, these sweater pants are pyjama worthy hence I wore an oversized white shirt and sweater too. This outfit with its athleisure style has become my style–especially since I wear some sort of sneaker every single day (unless I’m at the beach where you’ll find me properly barefoot–like right now as I write!).





PS I apologize for no posts on Wednesday and Friday. The week escaped me, and before I knew it I just wasn’t able to hit the publish button on both of these nights. Much of it had to do with my knee and my physical ailments. But like I said; I’ll save that update for Wednesday….

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Let’s Go Shopping for Fun Tennis Shoes

It’s pretty obvious if you follow me on Instagram that my daily #ootd consists of either my white Adidas tennies or my black New Balance ones. Hobbling around on crutches hasn’t lend itself as an excuse for me to sacrifice my style. Rather, I’ve just been rethinking my style–which as of late involves comfy tennies. And it’s pretty obvious I like variety. Having a white and black pair is just fine, but now I’m thinking about maybe just one more pair. Here’s what I found:

Let’s Go Shopping!

Fun Tennis Shoes that I'd like to be wearing each day while I'm on crutches. Crutches Style. Tennis Shoe Style

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