Spirit Lake in Hong Kong


When I stopped in to see Bob at Thunder Ridge on Main Street of Spirit Lake this summer, he told me how great it was for his shop to be featured on Kremb de la Kremb last summer. That made me feel so good, and of course I volunteered to highlight this little t-shirt/gift shop from Spirit Lake again. Yet, this time, I wanted to put a new spin on it: I figured I should bring my Spirit Lake tee to Hong Kong and show it off here in the metropolitan town where I live. The two places found could not be more more opposite–and not just geographically speaking! I wore it just the other day when the whole family took a trip to Causeway Bay for some errands mixed in with bowling and finishing with dinner. This time around I paired my fashion forward tee (heehee!) with some sequin shorts–why not darling!? I don’t have any problem wearing sequin for a casual day; in fact I like to think wearing sequin on a casual day elevates my entire day’s experience. I feel this way often–as seen here, here, here, and here! There are two vital things to know about my style: I’m going to be comfortable but I’m also going to feel great! That means pairing things like Spirit Lake t-shirts and Old Skool Vans with short black, sparkly, sequin shorts! Why not Darling!? I have t-shirts that stay out at Spirit Lake and some that stay here in Hong Kong. I’m glad I brought this Thunder Ridge tee back with me. What do you think of Spirit Lake in Hong Kong Bob? Doesn’t it suit HK!!?






Do you save sequin items for only fancy events?
Or do you wear them casually like me?

The Spirit Lake Legend

There is no doubt that Spirit Lake is a magical place for our family. Every summer, blog posts are created in this beautiful setting. I’ve shared cabin candids, the layout and rooms of the place, parades and park parties. Spirit Lake is a place we anticipate the very second we leave. It’s kind of like Christmas. Once it’s over, you can’t wait for the next year’s. 

I speak of the magic, yet Spirt Lake actually does have a legend: the legend of two Native Americans complete love for one another. It’s a Romeo and Juliet version; the two destined love ones will be separated by an arranged marriage. To be together eternally, they jump off a cliff into the waters never to appear again. Legend has it that there spirits may be seen out on the lake rowing in a canoe when the moon is full. 

One day, I went up to the town’s park and took some time to admire the legend. Spirit Lake Park on Main Street is a beautiful sight. It’s also used quite frequently. We don’t take our kids to run around up there anymore, but when they were young, we often let them run free. Now we use it as a place to picnic. It’s so perfectly kept with it gorgeous flowers and green everywhere. Each time we visit we take moment to appreciate The Indian Maid and her Brave. Love is in the air for sure in this picture perfect park.

Here is The Indian Maid, Hya Pam, which translates to Fearless Running Water. She’s accompanied with her love, The Brave also known as Hasht-Eel-Am-Hoom, or Shining Eagle. You can sense their desperate sadness and powerful love in this portrait of the two lovers. 

This simple outfit may be copied easily. The dress, which is super comfortable, can be dressed up or down. I wore this dress to my in-law’ 50th wedding anniversary party. I felt perfectly dressed up, yet casual at the same time. The dress in only $24.99, and it’s still available at Forever 21. The shoes are also from Forever 21–my go to spot even though I’m in my 40s. I like to call the place Forever 41!! Anyway, these shoes are so comfy plus cute–it’s exciting for me to branch out from my regular tennis shoe wearing. With the shoes costing $19.90 this easy outfit comes in at less than $50! I like that: looking cute for not much. It can be done! Please let me know if you’d ever need help. 

Ostrich Feather Bag Styled

Ostrich Feather Bag
I was a busy DIYer this summer, but by far my most coveted creation was this ostrich feather bag! I just love it. For this outfit post, I had some serious fun styling the bag. The lake was moody, so I went for one of my favorite color combos: blue and black. Granted, I didn’t use my ostrich feather bag out on the dock at my lake cabin, but the potential with this little treasure is there! The best thing about this clutch–aside from the price–was how incredibly easy it was to make. If only all DIYs were this easy! Now I just want to make some heels to match. (Can’t be bothered to make your own? Contact me or visit my Ostrich Feather Bag Shop, and for a nominal fee I’ll make one for you!)

Blue Jumpsuit 3

Blue Jumpsuit

Blue Jumpsuit 4

Blue Jumpsuit 2

Some Outfit Details:

Cat-eye Sunnies–Tom Ford
Lipstick–Revlon Pink Pout
Silver Necklace and Bracelet–Target
Blue Jumpsuit–Forever 21
Jean Jacket–Calvin Klein
Shoes–thrifted from Value Village
Handbag–DIY with bag from Value Village and feathers from Joann’s
Gold Anklet–my mom’s (Bummer I had to give it back…)

Do you want an ostrich feather bag?

I’m serious. If you can’t be bothered to make one, but would like a gorgeous ostrich feather bag, in any color, let me know or check out my Ostrich Feather Bag Shop. For a nominal fee, I’ll make one for you!

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Kremb de la Kremb Cabin: The Love Shack and Bunk Room

The Love Shack

Bunk Room 7

Aside from The Family Room, there are two other bedrooms that flank the middle room. On the right there’s a room that has always been called The Love Shack. If I remember correctly, I think the Coynes were the first couple to stay in there. It’s always been a cozy little room with a double bed. The bedspread is a quilted blanket from one of our trips to Antigua, Guatemala during our first two years overseas and married. There’s also the fleece quilt that I made for Kevin one Christmas when we were dating. The picture of daisies–my favorite flower–was a gift to me from Kevin; he took the picture, enlarged it, and gave it to me during our first year of dating. It’d be an understatement to say the room is filled with some romantic gestures of our courtship.
Bunk Room 2

Bunk Room 5

Bunk Room 3

Bunk Room 4

The Bunk Room

Bunk Room 9
The bunkroom, to the left of the downstairs rooms, is simply that. It sleeps two people, but honestly it doesn’t get much use. No one ever wants to stay in there–could be the musty smell or the abundance of spiderwebs, this room is hardly used. Despite this, it’s still a cute room with an elephant rocker from the kids’ toddler years in India. Probably next summer we’ll try to invest in making this bunk room more comfortable, or we’ll just convert it into the sports room and fill it with all the water toys and lake goods.

Bunk Room 8

Bunk Room 1

There’s one more bit of the cabin to post before the end of this summer season: the upstairs.

Spirit Lake–One of the Fashion Capitols of the World

Spirit Lake Tee 4
The moment we head left on Main Street to pass through Spirit Lake and head down toward the lake, we slow down and take inventory. This summer sadly the regular ice cream parlor we’d frequent often was vacant. It was quite sad for all of us–especially the kids and their grammy. On the upside however, a new tee shirt store came to town, Thunder Ridge Productions. I’ll admit; it was hard to pick my tee, but this fashion capitol one spoke out to me. The close behind was the tee that said, “This drinking town has a motorcycle problem.” Hahaha, love that one. One Sunday after church, we stopped on Main Street, Spirit Lake to take a couple of pics–with a cameo of Alex, my father-in-law, plus some local riders!

Spirit Lake Tee 3

Spirit Lake Tee 2


Spirit Lake Bikers

Plant Shoes

Some Outfit Details:

Sunnies–I picked these up at the start of the summer from Zara.
Graphic Tee–Thunder Ridge Productions. When you stop by say hi to Bob. He’s great!
Leather Jacket–Swap and Shop HK
Striped pencil skirt–TJ Maxx
Cowboy Boots–I picked up this Old West pair from Zappos so I could bring a pair back with me to Hong Kong. This way my mom’s will stay out at the cabin, and I’ll have these for HK. It’s a drag carrying them back and forth.
Handbag–4th of July Spirit Lake Picnic. There’s a cute little lady that I beeline to each summer after the Main Street parade. She always has the best treasures!

Kremb de la Kremb Cabin: The Porch

Screened In Porch 3

The porch is the heart of our cabin. It’s the location that comes to mind when I think about our cabin. Most of our hanging out occurs on the porch. When I’m not here the porch is what I day dream about, and while I am here it’s where I actually do dream–literally. Kevin and I sleep head to head each night on the porch in an “L” shape. We’ve tried the coziness of The Family Room downstairs where there’s a bed where we’d both fit, yet we always return to the porch where we can sleep in the fresh open air under piles of heavy, wool blankets. The porch is where we often eat breakfast and put out snacks. When guests are out visiting (which is often), the porch can fit everyone–there’s the leopard sofa at one end, the picnic table in the middle, and our day beds in the corner. The special spot can be accessed by both the great room and the kitchen through beautiful lead iron glass doors or by the stairs that lead to the lake. Of course, the main beauty of the porch however is the view out to our little lake, Spirit Lake. That can’t be beat.


The view….Ahhh!

Screened In Porch 1

I sleep on the left and Kevin on the right.

Screened In Porch 2

Touches of our travels are found throughout the porch: the little ornate dresser,
elephant bookshelf and paisley bedspreads are from India. The bench at the picnic table
is from China. The pretty pottery is from Venezuela. There are blankets from our travels
to both Guatemala and Peru. Plus interspersed here and there are second had finds from
shops in the area. The picnic table, bamboo lounge set, and beds came with the cabin!
Like us, it’s very eclectic.

Screened In Porch 5

Screened In Porch 9

Screened In Porch 6

Screened In Porch 4

I love having a leopard upholstered lounge set!


Screened In Porch 7

There used to be this awesome antique fair right by our house every summer.
Unfortunately, well fortunately for them, the fair has gotten so big that it
moved to Spokane and the spring so we always miss it now.
This little DIY find was a total score!

Silk Hair Terrier

This is Ruby, my sister’s family dog, and we totally and utterly fell in love with her.
In fact, Rani might be getting her Raj when we return to Hong Kong.

Kremb de la Kremb Cabin: A History

Kremb de la Kremb 3

When you pull up to our cabin, you can recognize ours as the second cabin–the one
with the red roof. Our cabin is part of a housing development from the 1920s. The elite of
Spokane used to use this area for their outings, hence the name, Tessemini Outing Club.

I refer so much online and in person to our cabin out here in Spirit Lake, Idaho. For this reason, I thought it was about time to write a short (I think it’s possible!) history about this place. Then in the coming weeks, I plan to post favorite parts of this special place of ours nestled in the panhandle of Idaho.

  • We age this place with Vincent. Since he was 2 months old when we got it, the cabin for us is one year older than him. That makes this our 14th year out here at Spirit Lake.
  • Kevin and I had been overseas teaching for over five years, and we still did not see a return date for the US. We did know that we no longer wanted to stay with folks during our summers home–especially now that we had a newborn infant. This cabin had only been on the market for a week. The afternoon we saw it, we were sold. We made an offer that evening.
  • We do not have an official year of when it was built, but we do know it dates back as early as 1921.
  • We have only stayed out here in the winter once. The cabin has not been winterized, so it’s freezing out here! The one time we did stay in the winter, we got lucky with our spirited Gigi. *wink wink*
  • With beds, this place can sleep 13 and with the couch 15. We’ve had more out here with the help of air mattresses and tents!
  • The cabin is kind of like a little motel. Upstairs there’s a kitchen, great room, bathroom, and screened in porch. Then there are three bedrooms below the porch that are accessed from the outdoors. A few years ago we added a bathroom down there for the people sleeping below. The first room is called the Love Shack, the second room The Family Room or Indian Room, and the third is called the bunk room. But more on those details later….
  • There are two beds out on the porch. We consider this the master bedroom as those two beds are mine and Kevin’s. They’re the best beds in the cabin.
  • On the main floor, there’s a kitchen with a bar that connects to the great room. In the great room there’s a river rock fireplace. We also have two beds up in the great room. This is usually where the kiddos sleep–unless grandparents are visiting. These two beds belong to them.
  • Right away we found that we needed to add a washer and dryer. For awhile though we joined the locals up at the laundromat.
  • It’s an open cabin. We’ve had guests from all over. Our family always comes out plus many friends made through our international adventures. In the upstairs bathroom, we have pictures on the walls depicting all the visitors…When will you come!?

Kremb de la Kremb 1

This is the view of the house from the water. It’s an old little cabin.
The kids love coming here: they anticipate our arrival like the coming of Christmas.

Kremb de la Kremb 2

Our first couple of years we didn’t have a dock nor a boat. Over the years, the water toys keep coming.
Our beach also fluctuates depending on the water level from the river that feeds it. There was not much snow this
winter on Mt. Spokane hence the large beach already in July.

Kremb de la Kremb 4

Here’s the other side of our cabin. This is the staircase that leads to the downstairs rooms and the beach.
Before, this cabin and our neighbor’s cabin to the left were owned by one family. They first sold ours, then theirs.
We have the best beach neighbors ever, the Parsons!

Almost Fall

It’s almost feeling like the weather might start shifting in Hong Kong. Today there was a bit of a breeze all day long, and the humidity is definitely less. We still have some time before it gets cold here, but I always love the shift that begins to happen in October. These pictures were actually taken this summer out at the cabin. This is my last outfit post from that time. I purposefully created a couple of fall looks (like this one too) to allow myself to reminisce about Spirit Lake. Usually this type of attire would be necessary all summer long, but we were lucky during our month of July out there. It was so nice and hot! The sweatshirt will be the first one I pull out when it does get cold here in HK. I picked it up during our roadtrip to San Francisco along Highway 101; it’s such a cozy souvenir from that great trip from Summer ’14.



Some Outfit Details
Sweatshirt–California Republic
Leopard Jeans–Forever 21
Slipons–Report Shoes

Still Kickin’ (But Barely!)

MIrrorWell, the ole Surbuban from 1989 still ran this summer–but barely! This truck, which we do love dearly, is on it’s last wheels–literally! It did start up mommentarily this summer, but then there was a flat, and it wouldn’t restart. We had the infestation of 1000s of ants as well. That was interesting. Also, every time it’s put in reverse, it stalls. This is very problematic especially in parking lots. We have so many memories in this truck–even more so for Kevin. Yet, next summer, sadly we’re thinking it might be time to rent wheels. Hey! Maybe that means we can seriously dope the ‘Burban out for the 4th of July Parade in Spirit Lake. The Suburban may be still kickin’ but barely!





Some Outfit Details
I’ve had this vintage sundress forever. I picked up in Portland in the best neighborhood there: 23rd Street. I remember walking into this boutique and picking up 3 adorable dresses. Buying three dresses at the time would have been a lot for me (actually even now), but I remember the prices were great and the styles unique. Now this little polka dot number sits in the closet at my cabin. I often wear it to the 4th of July Parade (if it’s sunny). Since we plan to maybe enter the truck next summmer, I might just have to plan on wearing this cute dress.
Jewellery–earrings from Indian market and various necklaces: Dogeared Karma, evil eye from TJMaxx, and various charms
Dress–I picked up this dress in Portland from a super cute boutique on 23rd Street way back when…
Lace cardigan–Forever 21
Flip flops–Billabong

Cabin Candids: Nicholas and Amy

Nicholas1My brother Nicholas and sister-in-law Amy were able to visit us a couple of times out at Spirit Lake: once over the 4th and another time while Rusty and Ted were there. It’d been a while since we’d been able to spend time with these two, so we felt lucky to hang out with Nicholas and Amy. Nicholas was pretty cute teasing me about the fashion posts on Kremb de la Kremb, therefore you might notice a bit of extra sass exuding from my little bro! You go Nick!







Some of (Nicholas’) Outfit Details
Both hat and jacket–The North Face
Swimming Trunks–Vanphibian by Vans
Boots–Uggs (Nicholas states that if Tom Brady can pull them off, so can he! I agree! You look great in your Uggs Nicholas!)