Shopping Patience

I do believe I have incredible shopping patience. I coveted this beautiful sequin skirt all winter long, but I could never get myself to splurge. It seemed quite expensive. Then, the fact that H&M didn’t have my size kind of helped–although there’s always ways of finding my size if my fashion fixation is strong enough. I just could never get myself to pay the full price, and at H&M I usually don’t because I know at the end of the season, their sales will be major! Case in point this beautiful sequin skirt. I’ve been seeing a chiropractor twice a week for almost two months now. His office just happens to be across the street from Hong Kong’s flagship H&M. I cannot NOT go in–especially when the red “SALE” flags are hoisted everywhere. I went straight to the skirts, and whadya know. There were three more sequin skirts, and a size 10 was waiting for me! I was thrilled, and obviously very impressed by my shopping patience. I paid 1/3 of the first asking price. Now it was definitely within my budget. I love it when my fashion fixations come true due to my shopping patience!

Do you splurge or do you wait for the sales?

Earrings and Skirt (It’s still available online!), H&M | Tee, Cotton On |
Waist Bag, Forever 21 | Velvet Sneakers, Steve Madden

Going for RAD in 2015!

Rad2Happy New Year!

It’s true! I’m going for “RAD” in 2015! Ha ha, I’m such an 80s girl; I still say “rad” all the time. It’s like a word that has stayed perpetually as my perfect adjective. When I saw this tee hanging in the back of the Bershka shop in Kuta, Bali of all places, I made a beeline. I knew it would be the perfect compliment to my “rad” silver sequin shorts to bring in the new year. These shorts make their rounds: last year when we were with Mary for New Year’s, she wore them. They made an appearance on my 40th and also for Beijing’s techno concert. They’re basically the perfect festive piece which is why I strongly believe every woman just needs a little bit of sparkle. (Scroll through–I’ve created some options for you down below.)

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I just want to go to a PARTY!

So, it’s Christmas 2014, and there has been no shortage of sequins on the blog lately. (Note my sequin pants here and my sequin top here.) I guess, basically, when it comes right down to it, I JUST WANT TO GO TO A PARTY!

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Holiday Style: Sequin Pants Dressed Down

Sequin1A while back I declared a fashion fixation for sequin track pants. Well, I never did find a pair–yet! But recently I did find some sequin legging pants. I gasped and then jumped when I saw this silver pair in the window of an HM in Shanghai. I went skipping in and nabbed a pair straight away. I really didn’t even have to try them on; I was sold. Now, I know that sequin pants–legging pants at that, may seem like a far cry for many, but I think there are various ways of dressing this shimmery goodness down. I’ve deomonstrated how in two differentways: first with a white tee and a black blazer/cape OR second with a white fisherman sweater and black scarf. With something as fancy as these pants, you don’t really need much flare on top. Alternatively, a denim shirt could work or even a black sweatshirt. Basically, just let the pants do all the work!

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Fashion Fixation: Sequin Track Pants

SequinTrackPants Last year I had to have (and eventually tracked down) the perfect (p)leather track pants. This year in anticipation of the holiday season I feel I must have a pair of sequin track pants. I could spend mucho moolah money, but of course I won’t! I’ve found various options under $130 but knowing myself, I might just hold out until my forever standby (Forever 21) finally gets a pair in the shop. In the meantime though, I’m choosing among these and trying to determine between black, silver and gold:

Sister Sister

SisterPortrait2What a better post to start the new year than one with my Sister Sister, Mary! I feel so lucky that we were able to spend time with her at Samed Villa Resort on Koh Samed. On the eve of the new year she even consented to take a few fashion shots with me. I had brought two sequin items just in case she would indulge me: my black sequin racer back recently seen here and my silver sequin shorts that I wore this summer. I wasn’t sure which item Mary would pick, but I’m so glad she chose the shorts–they look AMAZING on her. My sister Mary is so beautiful, inside and out. We always joke that she’s the prettiest Freuen (although, it’s really no joke!). Many people think we look a lot alike, and I’ve figured it out: we do, but while I take after our mom, she takes after our dad. Don’t you agree? She’s got more of the Freuen while I’ve got more of the Downey. Regardless, I always feel super complimented when anyone tells me we look alike!

Sisters Hugging

Sisters ChattingWe had such fun together whether it was just hanging out with adjacent lounge chairs sitting in the sun overlooking the sparkly water, catching up on our daily scoops from days past, enjoying all sorts of delicious Thai food, or talking over a glass of wine–or two. Mary lives in Dhaka, Bangladesh right now. I’m so utterly proud of her. How and where she is living is no easy task, yet Mary continues to chug along with optimism, strength, and endurance. She is such a patient young woman, and I’m really proud of her for the accomplishments she’s making.


Sisters in Sequin

TableAll these pictures were taken on New Year’s Eve. We had our own perfect little table down on the beach. Fam. Krembs was reserved just for us.

KevinKevin was a great photographer for this shoot. He kept going and going. We had a bit of a time getting the light just right as the sun was setting. I got a flash for Christmas, so he was busy trying out my new gear too. I love how smiley Kevin’s eyes are–always have, always will!

KiddosAnd one last shot of the kiddos on the eve of the first day of 2014. They are still such great buds. They rarely fight and usually just play and play. I love that they are best friends. Because, like I always tell them, look who my best friends are: my brothers and sisters, like Mary my Sister Sister! So happy we got to spend time with you Mary. We love you.

Some Outfit Details
On our lips: Revlon ColurBurst Matte Balm in Sultry SulFureuse (More on this awesome new score of a lipstick late!!)

Mary’s Black Racertank: Zara
Sequin Shorts: Forever 21
Dangling Earrings: Forever 21
Ann’s Black Sequin Racerback:Old Navy
Black Leather Shorts: Zara
Crystal Earrings: Swarovski