Bolero Jacket from Get Redressed

Finding second hand in Hong Kong isn’t the easiest. We have the chain of stores called Mee & Gee–which is great for jeans (for example the Levi’s in these shots are from there), but all of Mee & Gee’s clothing comes from Korea and Japan, so the sizes are always quite small for my full figure. About twice a year though, there’s a great sale called Get Redressed, and the clothing is always both high quality and in more Western (plus) sizes. That’s where I got this smashing bolero jacket. It was love at first sight; then when I slipped it on I was sold. Ironically, the dress from Monday’s fairytale princess post was also from the same Get Redressed pop-up. However it wasn’t until I got home that I realized I had to have that dress! I experienced shopper’s remorse. Luckily with a phone call made the next morning, and a detailed explanation of the cute Kate Spade rhinestone collar dress, plus a very kind husband to go retrieve it, I had the dress the very next day! Ahhh, second-hand shopping… I do love it! I have to be honest though: I miss the availability of large US thrift stores like Goodwill, Value Village, or Savers (which I’ve actually never been to, but I plan to visit one this summer while in California). I love meandering through the large aisles of those gigantic stores pushing along a shopping cart. It’s the hunt and then the score. For now, while in Hong Kong, I’ll enjoy Mee & Gee and anticipate the next Get Redressed. When is it by the way?!

Do you like thrift stores? What’s your favorite one? My favorite is the Value Village on Boone Street in Spokane, Washington. It’s not too big and not too small. It’s just right!

Rug Lane Markets

over the top

These totally hot Isabel Marant booots. They’re the sexiest shoes I own!

If you’ve been following along on my Insta Stories, you will have now been able to presume that the Kremb de la Kremb Closet has received a serious cleaning! On March 5th, this coming Sunday, Rug Lane will be hosting its 2nd market. While I attended the last one in the fall, I’ll be selling at this one. I’ve purchased my clothing rack, and I’ve seriously cleared out my closet. In this post I’m highlight just 20 of the things that will be up for grabs. Feel free to multiply this number by 10–maybe even more because currently I have four suitcases full of Kremb de la Kremb Style to sell.

I hope to see you at the Rug Lane Markets, Vol. 2 from 12-5, this Sunday at 19 Old Bailey Street in Central. Tickets to attend are being sold for $40HKD on Ticketflap; at the door the entrance fee will be $50. They’ll be drinks and nibbles and tons of people like me selling their wares. Last time I went, I did very well. For those of you in Hong Kong missing the second-hand experience, this is definitely an event for you. I hope to see you there this Sunday!

PS For those of you who cannot attend, please do let me know if there’s anything you’ve seen of mine that you like. I am very generous to my readers!!

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Go Get Redressed

Standing2The Get Redressed Pop-up Shop is on today and tomorrow from 11:30-9. I definitely recommend that you go. I was able to attend a preview last Thursday night, and I totally scored! I got the futuristic top found in both of these outfits. In the accessories department I picked up this cute bright fuschia satin bow clutch. It’s definitely going to add a pop of color to many outfits. I also totally lucked out with this stunning necklace from Issey Miyake–that tags were still on it by the way! Finally, my ultimate score of the night was the white fringed boots! I felt like I had died and gone to heaven and my dreams of being a Dallas Cowgirl can now be fulfilled. These boots are so rockin’ awesome! I was like a celebratory contestant at the event on Thursday just so happy about these boots! Yes, they’re a bit over the top, but when has that ever stopped me?!

Really, if you want to add a little pick-me-up to your wardrobe attend this second-hand event sponsored by Redress HK at Pizza Express in Wan Chai.



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Second Hand in HK

second handSecond hand shopping┬áis a must for me. Sometimes ┬áI want a tulle skirt, or a denim skirt to cut off. Well, slowly as I continue to inhabitant this city and increase my love affair with Hong Kong, I am learning about neat and new-to-me shopping destinations. Recently, with the encouragement of Redress Hong Kong accompanied with the influence of my fashion forward colleague, I’m a Norbyah, I’ve been scouting out places to buy second hand items. For a larger sized woman (at least in Asia), this can prove more difficult, but I have found a shop! Me & George in Central is such fun, and it’s stocked with tons of goods. My only requirement upon entering is to stay focused with the mindset of quality over quantity brimming on the edge of my wallet! Please do check out this great haunt–you too will find some goodies. I am sure of it! (Stay tuned for Mee & Gees in Wan Chai next.)
Me & George