Going for RAD in 2015!

Rad2Happy New Year!

It’s true! I’m going for “RAD” in 2015! Ha ha, I’m such an 80s girl; I still say “rad” all the time. It’s like a word that has stayed perpetually as my perfect adjective. When I saw this tee hanging in the back of the Bershka shop in Kuta, Bali of all places, I made a beeline. I knew it would be the perfect compliment to my “rad” silver sequin shorts to bring in the new year. These shorts make their rounds: last year when we were with Mary for New Year’s, she wore them. They made an appearance on my 40th and also for Beijing’s techno concert. They’re basically the perfect festive piece which is why I strongly believe every woman just needs a little bit of sparkle. (Scroll through–I’ve created some options for you down below.)

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