Style Stories No. 16: Dresses with Sneakers

Dresses with Sneakers

I’ve learned a few lessons since the last time I tried out my style stories. Remember, I broke my back last time?! Hahah, not really, but kinda sorta. Anyway, since that time, I’ve been working hard at Gym (I’ve given the fitness room a name), trying to strengthen my back. The other thing I’ve done is move my flat lays to the bed, so I don’t have to lean over so far. Also, I’m using a ladder instead of climbing up on a chair. I will not be discourage! I will persevere!! Ha.

Recently I witnessed one of my blogger friends, Sam over at Fake and Fabulous, create a capsule wardrobe. I have tried this, but I have found it doesn’t really work that well for me. I want all my options. Instead I do something different: I set out with a theme in mind for the week. Here’s an example of a complete week in which I wore a dress with sneakers every single day. Setting a theme does a couple of things for me: obviously, first it gives me focus when I get dressed each morning. In fact, with a theme in mind, I often have a few days planned out. Second, when I dress with a theme like dresses with sneakers, I’m really able to evaluate whether or not the dress I wear is working for me. If it isn’t, I’ll give it away. If it worked, and I felt good, it can go in the drawer to be put away and cycled through. If it felt really, really good, the dress will go back into the wardrobe for one more wear before it gets stored away. (This makes me realize there’s an entire post waiting to be written about how I handle tight, small storage spaces with a mammoth, oversized collection of clothes….)

Dresses with Sneakers

The accessories I wear are another item that get decided for the week–they are usually the auspicious jewellery I’ll wear for the entire week. I’m very superstitious about my jewellery thinking it’s going to protect, heal, guard, help, give me super powers, you get the idea. It’s sill really, but I’ll save that for another post… For this week I chose my rose gold evil eye (purchased in Shanghai with my sister Mary), my gold Sanskrit good health pendant (a recent purchase on Etsy from Azaggi), and my gold AMK monogram letters (another purchase made with my sister Mary during a different trip to Shanghai–if you look closely there’s an A, M, and K. She got the one with an M and W!) Just for an example I changed up my jewellery again this week: I’ve gone with just a simple silver hamsa hand. Each week my necklaces and rings shift in a very whimsical way but always with the intention to protect or stir special memories. Like I said, I’ll elaborate more later.

Sanskrit Good Health PendantI pay too much attention to trends. I always have. I’m not ashamed of it nor will I ever stop. It’s just a part of me. Hence, when I started seeing round, simple pendants popping up in abundance on my Instagram feed, I felt ready to get my own–but it had to be my own. Remember that week of bedrest after my back broke because of this post? Well, I found my pendant: it’s a Sanskrit circle of perfection meaning “good health.” I’ll be surprised if I ever take it off! Yes, I’m auspicious about the jewellery I wear. I always have been, always will be.

The Evil Eye Necklace–Speaking of auspicious jewellery… I need to dedicate an entire post to the evil eye and my connection with it. Suffice it to say that there is one on my body at all times–either my ears, neck, wrist, fingers, or ankle. I will for sure have one on. Now, this one was purchased in such a great little boutique in a very HUGE Shanghai market. I’ll never be able to find another one just like it. But for you, my dear readers, I have entered the Etsy vortex and found 11 evil eye necklaces that I would be willing to drop bank on just to own just one more evil eye….It’s my good wishes Etsy gift to you!!

| 1 | 2| 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 |

*I’m curious….if you looked at all my Etsy evil eye shopping, which one catches your eye! Hehehe! Get it!?

Dresses with Sneakers: Monday

Dresses with Sneakers

Navy Polkadot Dress–I love how sometimes when you walk into H&M everything is either $50HKD ($6USD) or $100HKD ($12USD). In situations like that it’s almost like shopping at a charity shop, but the items are brand spanking new. This $6 dress was a no brainer. I don’t think I even tried it on.

Ruffle Socks–I can’t stop buying cute socks! First, my sneaker collection is enormous. Once I started wearing only sneakers, I’ve wanted plenty of options. Now, I need the cute socks to wear with the cute sneakers. These, plus all the other ruffly ones I one, are total winners!

Dresses with Sneakers: Tuesday

Dresses with Sneakers

Striped Zara Dress (US Link)–I paired this dress in this post to highlight my DIY acid wash jean jacket. I loved how sporty yet chic I felt in the ensemble. Total winner. Basically, those flatlays that broke the blogger’s back–well they broke the bank too! That week off on bed rest I took a little online trip to Zara and bought three very cute dresses. The socks I wore with this short shift are not shown, but I paired the red high tops with white fishnets. It was an outfit that felt pretty darn good.

Dresses with Sneakers: Wednesday

Dresses with Sneakers

Zara Plaid Dress (US Link)–Here’s another Zara dress from my bedrest splurge. I just couldn’t resist the plaid. I mean, I love plaid! Now, it’s a very blousy, bag like dress, so to fix that I tied a jean jacket around my waist all day. To pull out the red, I wore red tassel earrings, and to pull out the navy, I wore my navy gum soled shoes. Again, this outfit felt great! There’s nothing like feeling good in what you’re wearing. This equates to confidence–our very best accessory.

Dresses with Sneakers: Thursday

Dresses with Sneakers

Zara Floral DressThis is the final Zara dress–again, I love it. It’s bright and fun and just feels magical to wear–hence the pairing of my magical sneakers. I mean how perfect: rainbow sneakers to match the rainbow dress.

Magical Rainbow Sneakers(US Link)–I bought these fun sneakers online from Forever 21–where they’re sold out, but don’t you worry! Rocket Dog, the brand that makes them, still has them. If you want a fun sneaker, that will elevate anything you’re wearing (check out the orange bodysuit set), get these sneakers. They seriously ROCK!

Dresses with Sneakers: Friday

Dresses with Sneakers

Velvet Crush DressThis drees was only $12!! I am not kidding. There’s this rather random online shop called Shein. I think they must have Zara’s designs or something; they are always selling Zara items, but once the clothing arrives there is never a label present. It’s like a “Made in China” thing. Maybe? I don’t know. I do know that I often see Zara items over there on Shein–like this velvet crush dress that is still available in all sizes for only $12USD!

So, that was a week of dresses with sneakers!
Up next I’m thinking of planning out a total bohemian week. What do you think? Yay or nay for the Style Stories and my flat lays….?

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Style Story: Back to Work Outfits

My style story this week has returned to work outfits–well at least three out of the five days! On both Monday and Friday I was able to dress down which is rare for me. In fact, I seem to rarely wear jeans; I think it’s time to invest in a new pair…

This is the 10th Style Story. Should I keep them up? Tell me in the comments.

Monday’s Outfit: 4/5

Casual DayI think it’s time for me to get some new boyfriend jeans. I’ve had these one forever, and while they’re still doing pretty ok, they feel too slouchy. I can’t put anything in the pockets because they’ve fallen through with holes. Maybe it’s time for me to invest in a modern 2015 pair–these ones are from 2009 after all. I felt ok in this outfit; I was cozy for a visit to the spa, but during the time spent out and about getting there, I felt too sloppy for the urban Hong Kong. This outfit is better suited to a visit to the beach in the winter or hanging around my neighborhood.

Time for new Boyfriend Jeans:

Some of these jeans are more expensive than what I usually spend, but the cost per wear on a pair of jeans usually turns out even in the end.

Tuesday’s Outfit: 4/5

Repurposed SariTo continue with my enthusiasm for India, I wore this olide but a goodie from the night market in Goa. It’s a kimono wrap blouse made from an old, discarded sari (you can see a bit of mustard on the wrap bit of the blouse from the old sari). I love this top: it’s totally timeless, sentimental, and seems to always look good on me. My black, silk, wide-legged pants on the other hand, to be honest, were a bit too tight all day long! That’s my doing, and now it is definitely time for my UNdoing!

A Wrap Blouse is Timeless

There’s something very professional about wrap blouses. I tend to always feel very polished when wearing them. I found a few to choose from to add to your wardrobe if you need a piece to spiff you up instantly.

Wednesday’s Work Outfit: 4/5

Lace and PlaidI felt great in this work outfit. It combined some boho with classy–I’m not sure it actually looks all that good put together, but sometimes how you feel overrides the actual look. Does that make sense? Plus, I wore my mom’s cowboy boots which is a total guarantee for a great day!

Another great piece for your closet is a lace blouse

There’s something very classy about lace, and if it’s layered over a nude camisole and a pair of pearls, it very work appropriate. (The first one also comes in a beautiful cream when you link to Forever 21.)

Thursday’s Work Outfit: 5/5

Paisley PantsI nailed it on Thursday! Well, at least I felt that way…Basically my earrings matched my shirt that matched my pants that matched my shoes making everything match all together, right? Well, who knows!? But if I feel good, I think it is good. Each piece individually is such an awesome item, and sometimes it’s just fun to mix it all up: chandelier earrings, pinstripes, paisley, and leopard!

One More Wardrobe Staple: A Pinstripe Shirt

Friday’s Day Outfit: 5/5

Leather ShortsOn Friday, I had to go up to China to finalize my designs for the Interact Fashion Show happening on April 25th. The weather here in Hong Kong has flipped–and literally it’s like a flip of the switch. We skipped any freshness and have gone straight to muggy, hence shorts for me. Layers will start to become important though as the air conditioning kicks in about now. I love these suede leather shorts–they’re my second pair. The first pair I’ve stored away for a DIY project–any ideas?

Suede Leather Shorts for Spring

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Style Story: Work Outfits Monday Through Friday

For all of January I’ve been keeping track of my work outfits, AND it’s proven to help me a ton! While I’m getting to know what looks goond on me, more importantly I’m learning what makes me feel comfortable. I’m finding if I feel good plays highly into the score. The way I feel is like another garment: if my work outfits make me feel confident, than it’s a win. If I feel slouch and meh, not so good. Evaluating my work outfits is totally demonstrating to me what works on a daily basis. I find my style–or randomness of style to be quite interesting. Maybe in a bit I’ll be able to name it. I was happy to have scored much higher this week each day–my confidence and attitude weighing in highly to each day’s score. Have these Friday posts been helping out you with your work outfits? I’d love to know….I think I’ll keep it up for the month of February.


work outfitsI liked this outfit. I’m not sure if the flare of the crop black pants works, but I felt really comfortable, and that matters. I have almost gotten rid of this (very) dress a couple of times, mainly because it’s so short. I think wearing it over pants however makes it work. One of the reasons I love this dress so much is it reminds me of turning 40. I wore it to my 40th birthday brunch–Oh, that whole February month of 2012 was such fun. So, the dress stays. I like it. Heck, since I can’t afford Missoni might as well pretend!
*With all those muted natural colors I wore my very berry Chanel Destinée.

Missoni Look Alikes:


work outfitsI also liked this outfit. For one, the sweatshirt is the best!! I mean come on. For Kremb de la Kremb, wearing “Créme de la Créme” just makes me find cool–even if it is totally nerdy! The other reason I really liked this outfit was my plaid pants. I mean–they’re totally cool. At least in my opinion they are. In this outfit, although I’m a total wanna-be, I felt a little like Blaire Eadie of Atlantic-Pacific. (She’s where I first saw this sweatshirt.)
*My Lime Crime Velvetine‘s arrived the day before, so here I’m wearing Pink Velvet.

For Créme de la Créme Lovers:

And anyone Mad for Plaid?


work outfitsI really like this outfit–parts of it anyway, but I wasn’t completely comfortable. I’m chesty, and this top accentuated that. Sometimes that’s a good thing, but on this day it felt like too much. I do however adore the cape! I mean I felt like a super hero every moment I wore it! Unfortunately I was warm during parts of the day and had to take it off. I’ll be sporting the cape again soon; it’s feels RAD. (I love the reaction I got from Kevin too. He was like, “Are you wearing a cape?!” Yep and yep!) These pants I will not be getting rid of because I love the cut, but they need to either be replaced or copied. They’re done, sadly. But I’m not tossing them quite yet….
*Again, on this day I wanted to try out my new Lip Crime Velvetines, so I wore Red Velvet. By the end of the day though I was back to my favorite red lippy of the moment, Bourjois Rouge Edition in Hot Pepper.

You too need a cape!


work outfitsOh, I had such trouble getting dressed on Thursday. It was actually pretty comical. My bed was covered with options to pair with a black tube skirt. When that didn’t work I tried another long, black skirt with side slits. The outfit just kept getting worse and worse, but I already had on the black tights, so I didn’t want to give up. Then, the light went on: just wear a dress Ann. Duh! Once I shifted my mindset away from a black skirt, I was totally liberated, and pulled out one of my favorite dresses of all time. (See the story and its relationship to my lovely sister-in-law Amy HERE.) Paired with my black kimono, I felt comfortable and confident plus a little chic all day long. Phew!
*For a bright pink lip I reverted to my fave of the moment, Bourjois Rouge Edition in Pink Pong. Love this lippy!

Kimono Dreses to wear under a Lace Kimono:


work outfitsWhat’s not to love about a dressed down Friday?! While it isn’t formally announced that we can dress down on Fridays, it’s accepted and quite normal to wear jeans on Fridays. I don’t always but in the winter months it is a little cozier–especially when paired with some heat technology and an even cozier short sleeve sweatshirt. There are two items that add extra Italian love and friendship to this outfit. Remember, these are style stories! First, the jeans–they are reminiscent to a side seam, striped pair that I got in Italy and then traded later with Annie for a pair of earrings. I’m not sure if she remembers those jeans but I do! Also, I’m wearing a dear Italian bauble from Cathy, my roommate in Italy. When she returned to Florence during our senior year, she brought me back the necklace and earrings. Yes, that would mean these treasured items are over 20 years old. Wait! How did that happen!? Yes, this outfit gets a solid 5! (Even though I need to get rid of the boots. Yes, they were free at a swap, but they are just WAY. TOO. BIG! Ann, stop keeping things just because they’re a good deal!)
*More favorite lippy but today back to red, Bourjois Rouge Edition in Hot Pepper. (I sense a blog post and perhaps a give away…I love this lippy so much!)

I know you want embellished side seam jeans too!

Successful Work Outfits

Wow! Four out the five days this week my work outfits scored a 5/5! These style story posts are TOTALLY helping me out. I hope you are getting some #inspo too! Here’s to feeling confident, comfortable, and chic while we work.

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Style Story: Work Outfits Monday Through Friday

My style story is back this week! Monitoring my daily work outfits has been a great way for me to see what I actually wear and need in my closet. Just from last week’s post I was able to clean out my wardrobe by getting rid of a few items. This week was freezing, and I couldn’t seem to wear enough layers. Take a look:

By the way, Monday-Thursday’s pictures were taken by Tom Price of Teaspoon Photography.

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Style Story: Work Outfits Monday Through Friday

I’m going to give this sort of post a try. We’ll see what you all think. Basically, these were my work outfits Monday through Friday. Once I got to work, I took a pic of what I was wearing. Many of my outfit posts on this blog have been styled outfits that are not always practical. (Like would I really make it out in these heels?!) Therefore, I thought it would be interesting to showcase my actual work outfits while explaining a bit of their style story. I indeed wore each of these work outfits Monday through Friday of this week. Some of them I like, and well….some of them will help me with my closet goals for 2015! I’ve given each a rating out of 5 with 5 being the highest. No 5/5s this week….

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