Style Stories No. 16: Dresses with Sneakers

Dresses with Sneakers

I’ve learned a few lessons since the last time I tried out my style stories. Remember, I broke my back last time?! Hahah, not really, but kinda sorta. Anyway, since that time, I’ve been working hard at Gym (I’ve given the fitness room a name), trying to strengthen my back. The other thing I’ve done is move my flat lays to the bed, so I don’t have to lean over so far. Also, I’m using a ladder instead of climbing up on a chair. I will not be discourage! I will persevere!! Ha.

Recently I witnessed one of my blogger friends, Sam over at Fake and Fabulous, create a capsule wardrobe. I have tried this, but I have found it doesn’t really work that well for me. I want all my options. Instead I do something different: I set out with a theme in mind for the week. Here’s an example of a complete week in which I wore a dress with sneakers every single day. Setting a theme does a couple of things for me: obviously, first it gives me focus when I get dressed each morning. In fact, with a theme in mind, I often have a few days planned out. Second, when I dress with a theme like dresses with sneakers, I’m really able to evaluate whether or not the dress I wear is working for me. If it isn’t, I’ll give it away. If it worked, and I felt good, it can go in the drawer to be put away and cycled through. If it felt really, really good, the dress will go back into the wardrobe for one more wear before it gets stored away. (This makes me realize there’s an entire post waiting to be written about how I handle tight, small storage spaces with a mammoth, oversized collection of clothes….)

Dresses with Sneakers

The accessories I wear are another item that get decided for the week–they are usually the auspicious jewellery I’ll wear for the entire week. I’m very superstitious about my jewellery thinking it’s going to protect, heal, guard, help, give me super powers, you get the idea. It’s sill really, but I’ll save that for another post… For this week I chose my rose gold evil eye (purchased in Shanghai with my sister Mary), my gold Sanskrit good health pendant (a recent purchase on Etsy from Azaggi), and my gold AMK monogram letters (another purchase made with my sister Mary during a different trip to Shanghai–if you look closely there’s an A, M, and K. She got the one with an M and W!) Just for an example I changed up my jewellery again this week: I’ve gone with just a simple silver hamsa hand. Each week my necklaces and rings shift in a very whimsical way but always with the intention to protect or stir special memories. Like I said, I’ll elaborate more later.

Sanskrit Good Health PendantI pay too much attention to trends. I always have. I’m not ashamed of it nor will I ever stop. It’s just a part of me. Hence, when I started seeing round, simple pendants popping up in abundance on my Instagram feed, I felt ready to get my own–but it had to be my own. Remember that week of bedrest after my back broke because of this post? Well, I found my pendant: it’s a Sanskrit circle of perfection meaning “good health.” I’ll be surprised if I ever take it off! Yes, I’m auspicious about the jewellery I wear. I always have been, always will be.

The Evil Eye Necklace–Speaking of auspicious jewellery… I need to dedicate an entire post to the evil eye and my connection with it. Suffice it to say that there is one on my body at all times–either my ears, neck, wrist, fingers, or ankle. I will for sure have one on. Now, this one was purchased in such a great little boutique in a very HUGE Shanghai market. I’ll never be able to find another one just like it. But for you, my dear readers, I have entered the Etsy vortex and found 11 evil eye necklaces that I would be willing to drop bank on just to own just one more evil eye….It’s my good wishes Etsy gift to you!!

| 1 | 2| 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 |

*I’m curious….if you looked at all my Etsy evil eye shopping, which one catches your eye! Hehehe! Get it!?

Dresses with Sneakers: Monday

Dresses with Sneakers

Navy Polkadot Dress–I love how sometimes when you walk into H&M everything is either $50HKD ($6USD) or $100HKD ($12USD). In situations like that it’s almost like shopping at a charity shop, but the items are brand spanking new. This $6 dress was a no brainer. I don’t think I even tried it on.

Ruffle Socks–I can’t stop buying cute socks! First, my sneaker collection is enormous. Once I started wearing only sneakers, I’ve wanted plenty of options. Now, I need the cute socks to wear with the cute sneakers. These, plus all the other ruffly ones I one, are total winners!

Dresses with Sneakers: Tuesday

Dresses with Sneakers

Striped Zara Dress (US Link)–I paired this dress in this post to highlight my DIY acid wash jean jacket. I loved how sporty yet chic I felt in the ensemble. Total winner. Basically, those flatlays that broke the blogger’s back–well they broke the bank too! That week off on bed rest I took a little online trip to Zara and bought three very cute dresses. The socks I wore with this short shift are not shown, but I paired the red high tops with white fishnets. It was an outfit that felt pretty darn good.

Dresses with Sneakers: Wednesday

Dresses with Sneakers

Zara Plaid Dress (US Link)–Here’s another Zara dress from my bedrest splurge. I just couldn’t resist the plaid. I mean, I love plaid! Now, it’s a very blousy, bag like dress, so to fix that I tied a jean jacket around my waist all day. To pull out the red, I wore red tassel earrings, and to pull out the navy, I wore my navy gum soled shoes. Again, this outfit felt great! There’s nothing like feeling good in what you’re wearing. This equates to confidence–our very best accessory.

Dresses with Sneakers: Thursday

Dresses with Sneakers

Zara Floral DressThis is the final Zara dress–again, I love it. It’s bright and fun and just feels magical to wear–hence the pairing of my magical sneakers. I mean how perfect: rainbow sneakers to match the rainbow dress.

Magical Rainbow Sneakers(US Link)–I bought these fun sneakers online from Forever 21–where they’re sold out, but don’t you worry! Rocket Dog, the brand that makes them, still has them. If you want a fun sneaker, that will elevate anything you’re wearing (check out the orange bodysuit set), get these sneakers. They seriously ROCK!

Dresses with Sneakers: Friday

Dresses with Sneakers

Velvet Crush DressThis drees was only $12!! I am not kidding. There’s this rather random online shop called Shein. I think they must have Zara’s designs or something; they are always selling Zara items, but once the clothing arrives there is never a label present. It’s like a “Made in China” thing. Maybe? I don’t know. I do know that I often see Zara items over there on Shein–like this velvet crush dress that is still available in all sizes for only $12USD!

So, that was a week of dresses with sneakers!
Up next I’m thinking of planning out a total bohemian week. What do you think? Yay or nay for the Style Stories and my flat lays….?

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Style Story: Work Outfits Monday Through Friday

Let’s see…this has been the sixth week of keeping track of my work outfits. So far, I’ve gotten rid of plenty of items, I keep learning what looks best on me (most of the time), and I find myself still experimenting with different types of looks. This week wasn’t as good as last: I learned a bit though and I enjoyed incorporating a lot of red! Happy Chinese New Year! My family and I are off to Boracay, Philippines early in the morning. I have a few scheduled posts for next week but there will be no work outfits style story. Instead next Friday I’m hoping to share a glimpse of the cover-ups I wear each day while vacationing on the beach. Happy CNY!!

Monday’s Work Outfit 3/5

work outfitsThe weird thing about this outfit is that I loved it! I felt like it was a total 5/5 day. But then, when I look at this outfit in a picture, it doesn’t even match. In person, and I guess more importantly up close, this outfit goes together. Although most people are not seeing you right up; we give people personal space which would mean this shirt comes across as a dark navy blue rather than the black with blue sparkles that it is. I think this shirt matched this skirt so much better and this skirt goes better with a quirky top instead. What do you think? Also, unless I can fix or repurpose the necklace, it’s time to get rid of it. Broken jewellery doesn’t accessorize very well, right?

Give Colorful Leopard a Try:

Tuesday’s Work Outfit 5/5

work outfits

What a funny chipmunk picture of me. All the photos from this week show me especially smiley–it must be the approaching vacation for Chinese New Year!

With Valentine’s Day on Tuesday and Chinese New Year Holiday approaching I feel that red is necessary during this week. I had a little peeping out from Monday’s skirt, but on Tuesday I went for the entire red skirt. I’d been trying to wear the plaid shirt worn multiple times in the last few weeks. I finally nailed it here! In the past I kept trying to pair it with black, but really the plaid needed a little red. Also, since it was Poncho Tuesday, it was necessary to wear my winter white cashmere cape. And with that, you need to know the story about this garment: I went away one weekend in Beijing for a conference. I forget who told me on the phone, but there was a surprise for me when I would arrive back to the Kremb de la Kremb house. I was so excited: I had dropped (what I thought was) the appropriate amount of hints, and I was anticipating the coveted, winter white, cashmere cape from Woo. Imagine my surprise when I arrived late at night, entered the home searching for the furry goodness, and ultimately found Buster, the guinea pig squealing away in a cage in the kitchen. That was the surprise! A guinea pig! Not this plush treasure….Let it be known that the next time I went out of town–which was shortly thereafter, I was greeted to a chalkboard message, flowers, and the above staple that every woman needs!

A White Poncho is a Timeless Piece for Your Closet

Wednesday’s Work Outfit 4/5

work outfitsFirst, I better introduce Luka. Luka Lesson, slam poet from Australia, will be visiting our library after Chinese New Year. We made a (supposed) life size cutout of him, but as you can see, he turned out a little short! Anyway, I’m unsure about this outfit. I felt great, yet in a picture I don’t feel it works. I think the sweater, because of the think “A,” adds unnecessary thickness to my top. Then, I went for leggings over tights with little anklets, and that just added width to my ankles. A good thing happened in the morning though: I had planned on wearing this red sweatshirt of mine, but because it was so uncomfortable, it got placed in the giveaway bin. I actually love all this decluttering! This sweatshirt will remain, but it will be a cozy comfort out at the cabin.

A Leopard Pencil Skirt is a Must:

Thursday’s Work Outfit 4/5

work outfitsToday’s pants may be gorgeous–well at least I think so, but they were dangerously gorgeous (thanks for the word choice Maureen!). I love how long and flowy they are, but they were a total hazard. I tripped over them at least 20 times, so while they’re pretty, they will be cropped into culottes in order to enjoy them and not risk my life. I have to admit I had trouble dressing on Thursday. We were encouraged to wear Chinese garb, and the only thing I have that’s of an Asian style is the red kimono saved for Friday. Therefore, I figured to dress appropriately I could take this embroidered top and pair it with the auspicious color red. Hopefully that would work to celebrate and support the Chinese New Year festivities. But, I tell ya, it was risky! Next outfit with these pants will look a whole lot different!

You Never Know When you Might Need to Wear Red!

Friday’s Work Outfit 4/5

work outfits

I need a haircut! I actually blew dry my hair here, but I think it made it look funny! Haircut will be first up when we return from vacation. I’m ready for phase 3! (Stay tuned….)

I wore two items this week that I had been meaning to for a while: the plaid shirt from Tuesday and this tube skirt for Friday. Before I had copied my sister, so I think I felt like I needed to wear these two pieces the exact same way. With Chinese New Year vacation starting tomorrow, we were encouraged to dress in Chinese wear today, hence my red kimono. (I definitely prefer how I wore it during the Mid Autumn Festival.) I appreciate having a black tube skirt but the problem with this one is it actually affects the my stride–I have to take smaller steps! While I’m not willing to get rid of it yet, I am on the look out for a replacement. As for the Asian inspired kimono, it’s a must for the Chinese festivities. It’s such a fun and vibrant piece, and it’s RED!

If you live in Asia, it’s nice to have a kimono on hand:

Fall Heat


Fall Heat Jewellery: Coral earrings (similar) // Turquoise Necklace (similar) // Coral Necklace (similar) // Ganesha pendant (many options here) // Layered crosses

Fall in Hong Kong won’t arrive until it’s actually winter everywhere else in the Northern Hemisphere. It’s not that Hong Kong skips fall; we will get one. It’s just that while it’s cooling down in other places, leaves are changing, and signs of winter are becoming prevalent, Hong Kong summer reaches its peak. For example this Sunday while at the beach the register marked 38 °C (yes, that’s 100.4 °F folks!). I am not complaining. I love the weather, and I love the sun, and I especially love that I am still visiting the beach on weekends. What I will confess to are styling queries. How do I embrace the season of fall style while dressing for the heat? Easy–embrace the colors, incorporate textures, and of course, wear booties!

Fall Heat: Orange suede shorts (two similar options here and here) //
Geometric tank (similar) // Denim vest // Studded booties // Rendezvous Lipstain