Being a Mother

I’m not sure what’s going on with me, but I’ve been thinking a ton lately about being a mother. I mean, I’ve been a mom for 16 years now, and I have never been one to overthink it; I just do it. But, with Vincent turning 15 this past Sunday, for some reason I’ve been thinking about it a ton these days. Here’s the main thought that goes through my head: I only have three more years with Vincent under my roof. I have limited time wherein my reach might meet him. It’s not like I believe I can make him a certain way, but my time of influence with my son is definitely fleeting. I recently took a personality test. One of the questions focused on the character trait of intelligence verses kindness. I most definitely, strongly answered that I want my children to be kind over smart. I’ve always felt that. Now with three years to go, I’m bustlin’ my mommy buns to make sure I can raise a gentlemen. These have been my thoughts on being a mother lately. But there’s more….

Thinking about being a mother has always left me in thoughts about how I am being a daughter. I’m guilty of not being very good. I should write home more, call home more, reach out more. Over the weekend Kevin made a phone call home to his mom. First I thought, “Gosh, I hope my son calls home when he does move away.” Then, I was left with such guilt because I don’t call home very often. So being a mother has left me realizing I need to be a daughter–a good one. Ironically, yes it is Mother’s Day this weekend, but all these overly deep thoughts on mothering, they are being brought on by the two men in my life. My husband who is very dear to his mum all the time, and my son whom I hope very much takes after his father. And as for me, I need to do better and reach out to my mom–Mother’s Day or not!!

These pictures were taken during our spring break trip to Bohol, Philippines, and there’s really no correlation between these pictures and my thoughts on being a mother. Yet, in the above picture, I especially feel like I look so much like my mom. It’s like I’m identical to her or something. And then lately, the way I interact with strangers, wanting to know more about them and reaching out to make connections with people, I’m reminded again of my mother. She’s just like that making friends with the cashier at the super market or the seat neighbor on a plane. I’m a lot like my mom–both in looks and demeanor. It’s time I embrace these similarities and take pride in them especially since I admire my mom—A LOT!

(By the way…. since I attempt to fashiong blog over here on Kremb de la Kremb, I’ll offer some details on what I’m wearing. This $15 dress was perfect for sunsets on the beach. I highly recommend it because for the price, it’s a real winner–plus wearing white after a day in the sun is always a complimentary look. I was quite happy with this lippy (Cannes lip matte by NYX) that I brought–again it was the perfect shade for after a day in the sun. Finally, my earrings were a total score in one of my favorite shops in the New Delhi airport. I went back to get them because I couldn’t stop thinking about them. They remind me of something Kelly Framel, The Glamourai, would wear, and she’s just the coolest of all cool. And finally, because all the best flip flops are found in beach markets, the pair I’m wearing were picked up in Bohol’s little beach town. There’s my style update for this memorable sunset night!)

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Mum’s the Word–A Mother’s Day Collaboration

Kremb de la Kremb Mum 2

My good friend Sheela is a genius at joining women bloggers together around the world. From The Fab 40s, to her Project Sister Act, to now this Mother’s Day post, she connects people. When she asked me if I’d want to write this post this Mother’s Day post with three other blogging mothers, my instant reply was, “Of course!” I’ve written about my mom and how she has greatly influenced my style many times on Kremb de la Kremb. Joanie, mom’s name, has always encouraged me to try something on because you never know. When I was asked to prom one week in advance, she helped me to design and make a dress! She give me her cowboy boots, and I can’t help but be so grateful for the many special gifts I’ve received when she gives us a Christmas in June when we return from overseas each school year. It’s safe to say that I refer to my mum often on Kremb de la Kremb.

Kremb de la Kremb Mum 5
And here I am looking just like her. It happens now: I see myself in the mirror or in a picture, and I think, “Wow, I look just like my mom!” Back when I was newly married, I cropped my hair–very Joanie style. I looked a lot like her then, but at that young, immature time, I didn’t want to look like her. Now, when I see myself resembling her so much, I feel proud and even a little pretty because that’s how I’ve always seen my mom, as such a pretty woman.

Kremb de la Kremb Mum 6

Joanie also has always had colorful style. I remember in the 80s when she was wearing pretty much the same color blocking of hot pink and turquoise seen today. Just my post from Wednesday, the Makeshift Jumpsuit, well that could have been her in 1985! She’s always been fashion forward ahead of any trends or even without trends. She’s an artist, which shows, but she’s also subtle. Something I have yet to master. There are so many, many-many articles of clothing I can remember and just absolutely loving on her. That nubby cream sweater that I’ve tried to copy, or her mumu that she made herself that I covet and secretly want her to hand down to me. My mom has always had amazing style–even the pictures from before I was exhibit an extremely stylish woman.

Kremb de la Kremb Mum 3

And here I am in a tunic that she also owns. There’s a style story behind it. My mother has always supported the international life that Kevin and I lead. She has also tried to visit us in almost each of our posts. She enjoys seeing our daily life overseas and demonstrated pride in the lifestyle that has formed for our family. During each visit, of course a little shopping occurs. When she was in Beijing, we were shopping in a Zara. She was at the cashier ready to buy this beautiful coral paisley tunic when she turned to me and asked, “Was there something you liked?” I told her yes, actually I really like this tunic. She promptly told me to go grab one. I remember that shopping excursion like it was yesterday. I love this tunic, I love shopping with my mom, and well, to continue with the gushiness, I love my mom!

Kremb de la Kremb Mum 1

There’s more! The coral necklace….that was hers made by a beautiful friend of mine while living in Venezuela. My mom bought it from this artisan friend and then a few years later gave it to me. The turquoise crucifix she gave to me this past summer before I left back for Hong Kong. The incredible, yet very old, shoes I’m wearing were purchased for my rehearsal dinner when I was married back in 1997. (Here’s the dress from the event to match!) Finally, it’s hard to see but I’m wearing a very special ring given to me by my mother’s mother, and the earrings I’m wearing were given to me after I became Gigi’s mother. Oh, the style stories go on and on!

Enough…let’s take a look at the other three moms:


Sheela Writes
Here’s Sheela, mother, business woman, blogger, writer, and whom I always call Super Woman or even just plain ol’ Queen She. Sheela is also a daughter, and when you go read her post, you’ll be loving her even more for her honesty. And God bless her mom!


Val is the mother of a little girl, she is a working mom, and she is the author of Val Around the Town. Val, a very classy dresser, attributes this class from her stylish mother. All I know is I kind of want her beautiful pearl bag! It’s amazing!!


Rachel writes over at Garay Treasures. She’s a mother of four. The lovely spirit of giving is evident in Rachel’s outfit; it reminds me of my own story. Do go read Rachel’s post to find out about her coveted Michael Kors shoes…..

Happy Mother’s Day!

I say Happy Mother’s Day to my own mom, my mother-in-law, my sisters, my friends (married or not, with children or not). As a female gender we mother those we love in so many ways. So happy day to all of the women in my life and even to all women around the world!

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My Kiddos

Vincent and Gigi playing in the water at Chung Hom Kok on Mother's Day.

Vincent and Gigi playing in the water at Chung Hom Kok on Mother’s Day.

I celebrated my 12th Mother’s Day this Sunday. Vincent’s birthday and Mother’s Day come together each year. I remember on my first Mother’s Day he was finally able to come home from the hospital with me. I left three days earlier than him as he was taken to the ICU moments after he was born.

The first and foremost thing being a mother has taught me is that we cannot and will not ever be in total control of our kids. They are individuals with paths of their own to follow, create, and stumble along in this time called life. What we can do as mothers is guide, nurture, and love them with all we’ve got.

That’s what we do–as was once done upon us. Here’s to Vincent and Gigi–and of course to their father for whom I wouldn’t be a mother without.

I love most how dear they are with one another.

I love most how dear they are with one another.

You'd think a large fish was approaching....

You’d think a large fish was approaching….


Gigi Sport–She’s happiest moving around!

Yep, I've got an 11 year old!

Yep, I’ve got an 11 year old!

Who's the mischievous one here!?

Who’s the mischievous one here!?

Peace from My Love

Peace from My Love