Eyebrow Care (Vlog No. 4)

I promise this vlog is no joke. You can safely watch all the way to the end and know that I am being honest throughout. My last alternative makeup vlog got a few of you you, but it was posted on April 1st. Now you know that deep down I’m a jokester!!

This vlog today takes your through my eyebrow care. I actually don’t do much relying on filling my brows in more than anything. Have a watch, and if you think of any questions email me or leave them in the comments. I thank Benefit Cosmetics for giving me all the products featured here, and despite some bias because I love the brand, all opinions are mine and very honest.

My Eyebrow Care

Basically, in a nutshell this is my eyebrow care:

  • Tweeze when necessary and ONLY underneath the brow;
  • Trim my eyebrow hairs every 3-4 weeks;
  • Fill in my brows with the Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil (I use color #4);
  • If I want them to be especially set and stiff, I use the mascara like product from Benefit called Gimme Brow (for this one I use #5);
  • For a special event or a night out, I’ll opt for the more precise look of Ka-Brow again in #4.

*I researched the conditioner product called Browvo, and I now know why I don’t use it that much. It’s for making brows look fuller. I don’t need much help in that department, so that must be why I’m skipping it. Aside from the beneficial growing properties in Browvo, I did learn however that it could be used on its own, AND it’s a great at making your brow makeup last longer. Hmmm….I might start using it more often!

That’s it! Basically, my eyebrow care is pretty low key, and I rely heavily on filling them in.

What’s do you do for your eyebrow care?

*Thanks for giving me all these products Benefit HK! I love you guys!! If you are local to Hong Kong, click here and you can search for any one of the 38 Benefit Cosmetics branches near you!

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Alternative Makeup (Vlog No. 3)

alternative makeup
I’m always one to try something. Why not? Lately I’ve been seeing looks of alternative makeup where red is on the eyes and blue is on the lips–this alternative makeup is opposite of what we are used to. But, unless you try, you’ll never know if it looks good on you. In my opinion, the red on my lids compliments the blue of my eyes nicely. Also, the blue lips makes my teeth look not so stained.

Have a watch at Alternative Makeup

Do you think you’ll be trying the alternative makeup look? ;p

Costume Roundup


Dressing as Zorro is just about the easiest costume around. Don all your black clothes with a pair of black boots. Add a black hat and black cape. Then simply take an old black tshirt, cut two eye holes, and wrap it around your eyes. Andale! Zorro!!

Well, we all have a little over a week before Halloween. It’s right about this time in my family when we start thinking about what costume we’ll sport for October 31. There’s one costume requirement: ease–nothing too difficult or elaborate in the Kremb de la Kremb house. To help find the easiest costume out there, I’ve rounded up a few places on the web offering a whole slew of options.

Popsugar has 101 different ideas. The cool thing about this collection is it’s comprised of in-real-life scenarios–no models or studio pics here–rather personal selfies uploaded most likely various social networks. My two favorites are the four gals dressed as bath puffs and the simple white t-shirt saying “Error 404: Costume Not Found.”

Buzzfeed collected 51 cheap and easy costumes. Buzzfeed also has 30 Unexpected Halloween Costumes you can DIY. I love these two artistic options: Van Gogh and Pop Art. (Buzzfeed is the king of all compilations. Too see some over-the-top cute babies in costume, link here!)

Babble has 22 brilliant and pretty fashionable ideas. They’ve even highlighted one of my favorite fashion bloggers Jessica Quirk of What I Wore in her Dorothy Costume and her Hamburgler Costume. (Jessica creates great costumes; here’s her Wicked Witch.

For fellow fashionistas out there, these two roundups are pretty fun. Marie Clare has 10 pop culture type costumes that you could create from items in your closet. And Fashionista has 10 fashion themed costumes from dressing as Bill Cunningham to sporting Gangnam Style

Don’t forget to rely on Martha…she’s got 46 Kids Costumes, 35 Homemade Costumes, 20 No Sew Costumes, and 6 Evil Queen Makeup Ideas. (I’ve actually done this makeup on myself before during a Teen Read Week as seen below.)


To create this Evil Queen look, I followed these easy steps found on Martha Stewart.

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Prom Makeup

When it comes to your prom makeup, choose either the eyes or the mouth to accentuate. For example, if you go with a heavy, smokey eye, then go easy on the lips with a nice nude yet glossy lip. On the other hand if you decide to go with a perfect red lipped pout, more simple black or brown eye makeup suits this look. It’s also important to examine the style of your dress. If it’s super mod and more of a bold dress, opt for the bold lip or a cat eye. More feminine dresses with a bit of frill could use glittery makeup with lots of shimmer. Most importantly, choose the right amount that you are comfortable with–that way you won’t fidget with your face. You’ll just let yourself radiate!
AllWomenStalk All Women Stalk
Check out their ten makeup tips for Prom. My favorites were tips on glamorous eye shadow, the cat eye, or red lips.

MakeUpGeek Makeup Geek
Here you will find 8 distinctive different looks for your eyes. Each option is even prettier than the next. This post helped to inspire they eye makeup I’ll wear to match my purple sequins dress.

Gurl Gurl
This post is similar to Makeup Geek’s except on Gurl they offer 12 looks for the eyes with step-by-step pictures to help lead you along. Now I know how to get the perfect purple eye for sure!!

TeenVogueTeen Vogue
Count on Teen Vogue to find the 8 best video tutorials for applying prom makeup.

Makeup Memories and VDL

VDL6.jpgI woke up the other morning in a dreamy makeup memory. It was so wonderful. It was that time in the morning between the wakeup and going back to sleep when I half dream, half think. Anyway, I was having thoughts of being a little girl and wanting to play in my mom’s makeup which was a big no-no. Every now and then, she’d let me which was such a delight. Then, as I grew older, now called the tween years, she would sometimes make my cheeks a bit rosier with blush. Oh, I loved Christmas and Easter just for the pink cheeks I’d get to wear. Finally when I turned thirteen and did become a teenager, I was allowed to wear mascara! By freshmen year, a blue eyeliner pencil was included, and I can even remember my favorite shade of Wet ‘n Wild lipstick: 513, it was a pinky coral color. Or was it 523? At any rate, it had a clear top with a black base with the white cursive lettering of “Wet n Wild” running up the side. This dream I woke up to reminded me I’ve always loved makeup! Somethings never change….

You can imagine my excitement when shortly after this dream I was contacted by Loic at VDL Cosmetics. He invited me to a breakfast where I’d be able to sample a plethora of makeup! VDL is a Korean makeup line that prides itself in super pigmented makeup. This I like! The lipsticks were so creamy and bright, and the eye shadows seriously made a rainbow of color. I thank my new friend Ana for recommending my invite. Not only did I get to sample awesome, pigment filled makeup, but Ana, who is a makeup artist, taught me how to wear both a cat eye plus a new trend cropping up on Asian models: a red lid! (You read that correctly, lid–not lip!) During this colorful morning I also got to hang out with¬†Marion of Marion Tessier Photography–she got the pic of me trying out the bright red lid. I was surprised by how much I liked it and plan to sport it again soon.




VDL Cosmetics will be in Hong Kong! If you would like to get in on this new product that’s just arriving to Hong Kong, come to Harbour City, Kiosk #9A this Saturday from 5:00-7:00 pm!


No Mascara

No Mascara Before and After

I’m not sure why, but lately I have been into not wearing *mascara. It’s almost like my eyelashes have asked for a break–ok, they don’t speak, but if they did, maybe that’s what they’ve been asking for. It’s amazing how good it feels. I hadn’t realized how much heavier your lids can feel with the application of mascara.

Because my lashes are bare, I compensate. Here’s how:

No Mascara

Voila! No mascara–but I do look like I still have makeup on, yet my eyes feel free!

No Mascara

I do love a red lippy!

Do you ever go without mascara? If so, how do you compensate. Please share….

*I didn’t think no mascara was a trend until I googled it. Supposedly it was a trend during the spring 2013 fashion shows!