Summer is Over

Summer is Over

I do love how a summer in the sun increases my freckle count!
Not my wrinkle count so much, but oh, I love the sun!

It’s always on Labor Day Weekend that most people feel that summer is over. For us, over here in Hong Kong, being back and in school already for a month, Labor Day is always a sure indication that indeed summer is over! Year after year at this time, I have this intense longing to experience American Labor Day. For example, this time around, my entire family back home is all together. I don’t often pine for a life in the States; I feel so fulfilled with my international life, yet, there are certain times of the year, Labor Day being one of them, that homesickness does set in. The are a few other times it always happens: Thanksgiving and Christmas for sure, the long month of March, maybe my birthday, but always most definitely Labor Day feels the strongest. It must be because we’ve just ended the summer, and the longing for that life we have during summer is just a short month away. The irony falls with the weather: summer is most definitely over here in Hong Kong! They typhoon rains are here for hopefully not much longer. By the end of September and for sure by October, we’ll be hitting the best beach weather Hong Kong gets. Sartorially speaking, I’ll be in shorts for another few months to come meanwhile trying to wear them in a fall type manner. One thing is for sure; summer is over, yet my matching of the white top and cutoff shorts–well that’s just my uniform continuing!

Summer is Over

Summer is Over

Summer is Over

Summer is Over

Summer is Over

What does the end of summer mean to you?

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Really!?! No White After Labor Day?!

LaborDayBackI’ve always been curious about the no white rule after Labor Day. I finally took the time and looked it up. Basically, back in the 1800-1900s, wearing white was a way of telling apart the elite from the working class. Those who could afford to vacation during the summer, wore white. It was the rich who could vacation, and therefore there way of standing out. Then, with Labor Day officially a holiday in 1894, this date really marked the end of summer. From then on, the resort wear, summer attire that the socialites would wear would have to wait till the next season, and the dark colors resembling the long winter months returned for their outings. Now a days, in 2014, this rule no longer matters. For a while it was because the fashion mags continued to tell us not to wear white after Labor Day, but even now all the big names (Vogue, Vanity Fair, Elle) have changed their tune and feature stories portraying white in the middle of the winter! Wearing white after the summer season is no longer an economical statement, and the fashion influencers say go for it. Regardless of my social status or what the fashion mags say, my summer is still continuing on, and this lovely white sundress with a low back is just perfect for me!





Some Outfit Details
Earrings–Forever 21
Red Lippy–Wet’n Wild (more on this fab lipstick later!)
Necklaces–Zara choker, Free the People evil eye, and Nordstrom long chain. The “K” is from the night market here in HK.
White Dress–ASOS thanks to my sister, Julie.
Sleeveless Jean Jacket–Topshop
Denim Tote–Mango
Shoes–Asiatique Night Market in Bangkok (Read my style guide for this market on Style Asia!)

Labor Day at CdA {If} Round 2

Last year at this time, I posted some inspiration boards if I would have been so luck to be out at Coeur d’Alene. Of course, again this year I’d love to be out at CdA, so I put four boards together detailing what I’d like to be wearing and sharing at the Pavillion, on the boat and dock, and in the house.

1. UE Boom Speaker (Kevin got one of these little speakers for his birthday. It’s awesome!)
2. Mercurial Topshop Lippie (This is my newest addition to my lipstick collection. I love it! I feel so 80’s frosty chic while wearing it. While I’m still tan, it works. 😉
3. Gold Chain (You can find one of these anywhere. My favorite is from Zara.)
4. Florescent Yellow Animal Tee
5. Topshop Moto Jeans (on sale for $15!)
6. Gold Scrunchie (Yes! I am totally going to revisit the SCRUNCHIE! Why wouldn’t I? It’s the best way to hold all my hair back in a nice messy bun. Sometimes I really appreciate “what comes around, goes around!”)
7. Grey Booties (I have found the bet local shoe depot! has totally cute style for amazing prices. Do take a visit!)
8. Grey Sweater (I really like the side zipper detail.)
9. Santa Maria Novella Perfume (I wore this all summer. I’m out, so it’s time to refresh….)

1. Rash Guard (Rash guards are a perfect way to limit the amount of sun.)
2. Mirrored Sunglasses (I obviously have a thing for mirrored sunglasses; now I’d like a cat eye pair!)
3. Sun Visor (A visor seems to let me keep my pony tail plus maybe highlight some of my hair.)
4. Flip Flops (These ones are so cool with Hong Kong buildings on the sole.)
5. Beach Towel (Why, leopard of course!)
6. Cut-off Jean Shorts (I’ve seen this One Teaspoon pair on tons of other bloggers. I love how they rise up on the sides.)
1. Sun Bum 15 (I always see this brand but have never actually tried it. I’d like to…)
2. Missoni Beach Towel (Extreme Luxe, and it’s on sale now on Gilt!)
3. Mesh Tee
4. Straw Hat (I always see this one on Blaire Eadie of Atlantic-Pacific and admire it so.)
5. Scalloped Bikini (Geneva of A Pair and a Spare sold me on this one–I’ve ordered it for our beach trip during CNY!)
6. EcoXGear Speaker (It’s waterproof; that’s important on a dock! Plus the battery last for 12 hours!!)
7. Vogue September Issue (The Fall issue is always the best–856 pages of goodness!)


1. DVF Kaftan (Wearing anything by Diane would be luxurious!)
2. Gold Birks
3. Pineapple Candle (My sister-in-law Kate introduced me to pineapple scented candles this summer; they offer a room the very best scent!)
4. Jergens Self Tanner (I love using this and then wearing strong sunscreen. This tanner really works for me and helps me look tan while protecting my skin.)
5. Maybelline Baby Lips (Baby Lips are basically the perfect lip balm. They make your lips feel so good.)
6. Cards Against Humanity (This is one hilarious game. If you haven’t played yet, it’s time to get your set so you can. Adults only though!)

Labor Day at CdA [ If ]

White Tunic
Paisley Bikini Top
Denim Cut-offs
Gladiator Sandals
Aztec Beach Towel
Mirrored Sunnies
Straw Fidora
Straw Bag

Can you believe it? I have never really celebrated Labor Day–as an adult anyway, and as a kid, I don’t think I realized the holiday. Now, living overseas for over 16 years, and watching the Labor Day weekend happen, I definitely know about Labor Day. And, I get jealous. I want to still be on summer vacation! I want to go to the lake this weekend! So for all this envy, I found consolation is creating a few inspiration boards–as if I would be out at Couer d’Alene lake, sitting at the Collins’ lake home, enjoying the sun on the dock and the fun on the boat, the food and dancing at the pavilion, and the cozies in the house. Family back home, I miss you and wish I was there! Happy Labor Day to all of you! Mwaa!!

Triangl Neoprene Swimsuit
Leather Cap
Zara Strappy Tank
Oakley Mirrored Glasses
Black Havaianas
Ho Mach Slalom Ski

Chandelier Earrings
Paisley Maxi Dress
Left Bangle
Right Bangle
Mauve Booties
Narciso Rodriguez Body Cream
Chanel Fall Collection–Superstitious
Wood Speakers

Orange Bathrobe
Ugg Slippers
Jo Malone Pine Candle
Salted Caramel Chocolates
Topshop Pajamas
Idaho Mug
Couer d’Alene Wine
Levelled Ice Cream Puzzle