A Mesh Dress and Instagram Friends

Last week I had a bit of a tantrum about Instagram. While the tantrum is still present, here’s the truth: I do wake up, open up my Instagram, scroll through the feed, and find style inspiration. This happens often, and it was definitely the case when I went to wear this mesh dress. I saw this picture of @cindyscurry, and I instantly knew what I was going to wear to work/school that day. (The last time I’d worn this dress it wasn’t so work appropriate!) Here’s what I’d like to say about Instagram: I have made some really neat connections and even friends from this social network. Yes, I get down about my numbers and wish I had both more likes and followers, but aside from statistics, I have proof. I’ve made girlfriends (and a few male friends too) around the world from Instagram. I need to make sure I don’t forget about that!! I started to make a list of all the friends I’ve made in order to share them here, but it’s way too long, and it would break my heart if I accidentally forgot one of you. Needless to say, despite low numbers, I do love the #instafriends I have made. You rock. And, you help me get dressed in the morning! So, thank you very much not only your friendship but your style inspiration too.

I got this polkadot mesh dress at Shein for only $12. It’s a fun one because it has to be layered–there are a ton more ways to wear this dress, and I’m ready to figure them out!

April Instagram @KrembdelaKremb: Vol. 16

April Insta Collage

In April I took heed of my Insta famous friend @SheelaGoh and did whatever she told me to do in order to hopefully grow my Instagram account. First, she instructed me to clean up my feed–meaning keep it to style and anything nonstyle related get rid of it. This was a mammoth job as used to have over 3800 images! First, I downloaded them all so I do have a backup, and I started a family account where I have started to grow past family moments @TheKrembsFamily. Then, she had me evaluate who I follow and try to be discerning in this area. Finally, Sheela instructed me to start engaging by commenting on other people. This last bit is the hardest part to keep up with as obviously life tends to happen! At any rate, I’ll do whatever she tells me as I witness her following continue to grow. I’d like the same to happen for me! Oh, the last thing she mentioned was to continue with color. She advised that my community like that. What do you think?

1. This was my most popular picture. I do love blue! And the off-the-shoulder trend really works for my sloping collarbone! (The post from this pic will be coming to the blog soon….)

2. This pic was from our Spring Break vacation. I love it when I get a family picture in, and this one is a good one!

3. I had a Marilyn Monroe moment is the Little Red Dress that was meant to be!

4. In May, I made a serious attempt at getting back to DIY posts–even asking you my readers if you like them and want me to keep them up. The answer was YES! These were a pair of black heels that I turned to a Miu Miu ribbon heel style.

5. With Coachella hitting all the feeds of ever social network, I got inspired to embellish one of my bandana scarves.

6. I patched my denim shirt–every time I walked into Zara I was like, I can do this to that old denim shirt of mine!

7. On Instagram I receive such style inspiration, and in turn I become a bit of a copy catter! This colorful, crocheted tunic was spotted on Carmen Gimeno, and I had to have it. Luckily, I had a gift certificate from my dear friend Maureen that she gave me back in February for my birthday, so I was able to get it from Zara!

8. Another colorful, 50s inspired pic came from this post taken at our little hotel in Hua Hin. Sometimes with me, outfits are made just to match the wall!

9. This is probably my favorite pic from this past month. My good friend Weda (@theshortestfuse) took it for me. She’s been my Insta buddy since we started on Instagram together back in 2010 while living and working together in Beijing. We have many a selfie taken together for every time she came in to the library.

Are you on Instagram? It truly is my favorite social media platform. Let’s follow each other! You can find me here: @krembdelakremb

March Instagram @KrembdelaKremb: Vol. 15

Instagram @KrembdelaKremb

For some reason, I usually kind of dread March; I find it to be such a long month. After all the hoopla of February, March definitely drags on as that transitional month from winter to spring for me. However, March of 2016 was different! For one, Easter fell in March this year, so Spring Break came early! Going on vacation during a long month makes the time fly for sure! Also the weather continued to be dreary in Hong Kong, but since I don’t mind rain, it was fine by me. It’s just the cold temps that can bring me down. Again, nothing that a vacation in Malaysia can’t fix! I know–I am one lucky gal!!

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  1. For some reason, this post was super well liked–which was good because it was my call to invite people to work with me to help them with their style. If you don’t follow me on Instagram, but would like help with your personal style, here’s my address to give me a ring: annkrembs at krembdelakremb dot com.
  2. That sewing machine that Kevin got me for my birthday in Feb….well I used it! I made my first skirt. Whew! Difficult. I have my work cut out for me–literally!!
  3. During a week in March, I posted four times about Louella Odié (one, two, three, and four). I love working with this local, mom-daughter team. They’re handbags are so chic and their printed scarves are pretty cute too! At work, I received a nice treat to conduct my work: an iPad Pro. It’s seriously a dream to work on!
  4. Another DIY project I made this month was a pair of splattered booties. This is the perfect way to bring some life to a ratty old pair of shoes.
  5. Family pics seem to becoming more rare these days with both a tween and teen in the house. It makes sense; they have their own digital identities that they’d like to create. Easter Sunday was my free pass, and you betcha! I took it!!
  6. Oooh, this was a good one! I rarely, I mean really never, read a book of 700 pages. This one though, ooh! It was so good, and I was intrigued the whole way. Here’s what I’ll say about it: The Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness is like an adult version of Harry Potter and Twilight intermixed. I might even read the next one, Shadow of Night. And when the TV series comes along, I will for sure be watching!
  7. Here’s a jungle pic from Mulu National Park in Borneo, Malaysia*. Look closely–the big palm leaves are made of little, small leaves. #mothernatureisbeautiful
  8. While traveling throughout Borneo, we had to take 8 total flights* around the island. It felt kinda crazy, but it’s what had to be done. For one of the legs, we had to stop in a larger town (Miri) to go through immigration because the final destination (Mulu) didn’t have anything other than a landing strip at its airport. (The pic is from that landing strip!)
  9. A really good adventure trip ends with a little beach time*! Awwww, thank you Shangri La at Rasa Ria!

*I highly recommend the trip we just took through Borneo, Malaysia. It included time in a rainforest, jungle, and beach. For information on this trip’s itinerary, please ask, and I’ll pass on what KevStar had planned for us. It was an amazing trip!

February’s Instagram @KrembdelaKremb: Vol. 14

February Insta Collage

February is always a favorite month for me: we celebrated Chinese New Year with a vacation to Thailand, lots of love on the 14th, and my 44th (!) birthday on February 21st. These recap Insta posts are becoming more of a keepsake for me if truth be told. I enjoy looking back on the month, seeing what the highlights were. One other thing to celebrate in Feb on my Instagram is I finally, after trying for some time, made it to 2000 followers!

1. Right when I get to Thailand, I always take my obligatory #tuktukselfie. These selfie pics always tend to get the most likes! Crazy colors and crazy hair prompt a double click!!

2. Chinese New Year is definitely a fun time of year in Hong Kong. For our entire school’s library staff, we hosted a party at a local Chinese restaurant. We brought our own decorations and set the table just as we’d like. We included laisee packets for everyone and played a fun round of White Elephants with the presents displayed on the table. (I won a new MAC lippy! Girl About the Town is a fabulous cross of red and pink.)

3. Vacation always offers the best time to sink into a good book. The Expatriates by Janice Y. K. Lee was especially good since it was based on two things I’ve very acquainted with: being an expat and Hong Kong. Another super cool thing about reading this book was when I tagged the author, she wrote me back! How cool is that?

4. “I love KK!” It is true!! I love this t-shirt that Kevin brought back for me from a trip to Kota Kinabalu. I wore it recently for a fun date night with my KevStar.

5. A style story of serendipity explains my new-to-me and doubly loved moto jacket.

6. My hardly fake but totally fabulous Scottish friend gave me these socks for my birthday. Samantha, from Fake Fabulous, is my very, very sweet style sister. She’s also a feb b-day girl too AND not to mention a total inspiration for me.

7. Another great book I read during February was Me Before You by Jojo Moyes. Wow! What a rollercoaster of a book and such an unusual yet special romance. Tragedies get to me, and this one was oh, so good!

8. I’m sure you’ve seen this blanket scarf before–I know I have plenty! Because this scarf seems like it’s become a bit redundant, but I still love, I tried wearing it sarong-like. I think it totally worked!

9. I finally got back to a little DIY and embellished my bleached out denim jacket. This was an easy project: grab an item that needs a little life, create cut-out patches, pin and sew them on. Now I have a revamped jacket that I’ve already worn more in the last month than in the last two years!

January’s Instagram @KrembdelaKremb: Vol. 13

Krembdelakremb on Instagram
I realize it was just last week that I updated my November and December Instagram Collages. Therefore, for January I’m trying to stay on top of things. If you are a reader of Kremb de la Kremb and you are on Instagram, I want to know! Please follow @krembdelakremb so I can follow you back! Like I said last week: Instagram is by far my favorite social network. It allows me to celebrate style on a daily basis. Stay tuned for lots of red in February plus a trip to Thailand. Oh, and my birthday is in Feb so there’s that too! January was long, but not because of the days. It involved the tail end of our trip home to the Pacific Northwest, getting back to work and school, and extreme cold weather in Hong Kong. All in all, it was a great month despite the latter two.

@Krembdelakremb on Instagram:

1. The first pic up above was my most liked post of January. I never know what makes a picture get more likes–is it because this was a selfie? Not sure….but regardless, I do love the coziness of these mittens!

Krembdelakremb on Instagram

2. On New Year’s Eve we were able to finally see my niece Elle dance. It was amazing! And of course I cried. I’ve wanted to see her dance for over a decade now, so getting the chance was a memory made forever!

3. During our trip home, I went to Target, let’s see….hmm! Too many times to count!! Haha. On one such trip, I saw this faux furry hat but then did not purchase. When I woke up in the morning completely fixated, one more trip to target was made! I love this hat!! Anything that makes me feel fabulous when I wear it, is a winner in my book.

4. I hadn’t gone jean shopping since 2009! While home I made a solo trip to Madewell. Luckily I found two pairs of jeans: these high rise black skinny jeans and a pair of Flea Market Flares (on sale mind you!). I’d been coveting my sister’s flares since the summer when she let me borrow them. I was happy to finally update my jean collection.

5. We took a mini vacation away from our vacation and drove up to Vancouver for two nights. I LOVE Vancouver–nicknamed Hongcouver over here in Hong Kong. It’s such a vibrant city filled with both urban and natural treasures–much like HK.

6. I’ve created a new reading routine: a book at school that’s for teens and a book at home that’s adult. I had started to notice that I was only reading young adult for work, yet I was missing out on adult literature. Now that I have this new system, I find I’m reading more. This book Fates and Furies is quite good: the first half is from the husband’s point of view and the second half the wife’s. It’s interesting to see the discrepancies in understanding and what the lack of communication looks like on either side. I highly recommend this book by Lauren Groff; it’s made me really wonder how an author weaves a story together. She’s done a remarkable job in Fates and Furies.

7. Have you seen Star Wars?! I sure hope so!! I LOVED it!! In fact, I loved it so much that I bought a pair of limited edition Star Wars Vans to celebrate the Force!

8. The Fab 40s styled embroidery this month. I was excited to put together my black velvet suit with these two separate embroidered pieces that appear as a set but actually are not.

9. & 10. We’ve been unseasonably cold over here in Hong Kong–as I mentioned in this post. Outside it’s no big deal because I get to wear all my cozy sweaters and fun coats. It’s just in doors that it gets difficult–since we have no heat!

December’s Instagram @KrembdelaKremb: Vol. 12

December was a fantastic month! It was made most spectacular by traveling home for the holidays. We cannot remember the last time we went home for Christmas. We do know that in 2009 we went to Hawaii for brother Nicholas and Amy’s wedding, but there has to be a time before that when we went home to Seattle and Spokane for Christmas. We’re still trying to figure it out. Needless to say, this trip home for the holidays was something the kids had been hoping for for some time. The other thing that they were hoping for was a snowy Christmas. In fact, Gigi declared that’s all she would like. We were more than happy with the ton of snow we in, and we made sure to partake in just about every snowy activity possible. I’m not sure what 2016 will bring, but I do know that Christmas of 2015 shared with my sister’s family was one that will be remembered forever!

@Krembdelakremb on Instagram:

1. We got a very nice picture of the four of us on Christmas Eve Day just before heading to Christmas Eve Mass. There was plenty of snow for a very White Christmas!

December Collage

2. This #ootd (outfit of the day) picture was my most liked; I think it’s definitely the sparkly pants! By December (and it continues now), I’ll pretty much wear my runners with just about anything–including a little, ok a lot of sparkle.

3. We decorated the library where I work in all black and white. In anticipation of a snowy Christmas, we made it snow in the library! The students were encouraged to add to this chalkboard tree–which they did.

4. I ran a series of red dresses during December. This one was by far my favorite. I love this red dress that I picked up from my friend @Imanorbyah. Once I shortened it, it was ready for me. (Here are the other red dress posts: a boho tunic, a wrap dress, and a cocktail party dress.)

5. It was pretty awesome to be able to watch the Seahawks in Seatown. (Unfortunately, they are out, but they sure did give it a good run!)

6. This is me in snow after many, many years. I was very, very happy!

7. We saw so many different trees: my in-law’s, my folk’s, my sister’s, the ski mountain’s, and this one which belongs to my brother Adrian and his wife Kate. They called it a Charlie Brown tree. It was super cute!

8. We normally only ever see our cabin during the summer months. Imagine our amazement at seeing our cabin buried in snow!

9. I had such special sister time! We stayed with Julie and her family for over ten days…maybe it was twelve. We never got sick of one another (well at least I think anyway!); rather we just had such a wonderful time hanging out family to family. It was a really neat Christmas.

10. And, best of all, the kids got to ski and enjoy the snow. Gigi’s dream came true! Christmas 2015 was definitely a magical one!!

November’s Instagram @KrembdelaKremb: Vol. 11

I just realized I haven’t completed my monthly Instagram recap for both November and December of 2015! I better do this before the end of January. If you follow me on Instagram @krembdelakremb than these posts might seem repetitive. For me though, since Instagram is by far my most favorite social network, I enjoy looking back on the month to see what happened, what I wore, and what I enjoyed most from the month.

@Krembdelakremb on Instagram:

1. The image up above was taken on the Friday after Thanksgiving. We finally received the Friday off after Thanksgiving–this was a first as we had never received this day off before. We celebrated by going out and having a city day. We had planned to make sure to get our Christmas photo in–which we did. By the way, did you receive our card? If you didn’t and you would like to be on our mailing list, please send me your address: annkrembs[at]krembdelakremb[dot]com.

November Collage

2. This was my most liked #ootd (outfit of the day) for the month of November. Maybe it was the caption: “I’m such a pretender: pretending I’m in high heels, pretending I’m a ballerina, pretending it’s still the weekend…. bow Do you ever pretend?”

3. I’ll take any excuse to wear a sari. I feel so majestic in this elegant Indian style of dress. For Diwali, we decorated the library where I work. I shared some of my sari collection with the other library ladies, so we were all able to dress in traditional Indian garb.

4. November marked the last month in which I was able to wear shorts. They have all been put away now–unless of course I were to wear them with fleece lined tights!

5. I LOVE it when Gigi plays dress up in my closet. I absolutely LOVE IT! Call this the “Solid Gold” outfit.

6. We celebrated Thanksgiving with Kevin’s brother’s family who also live here in Hong Kong. (Yes, we are so lucky to have family here!) Because we worked on this day, cooking the Thanksgiving meal proved to be difficult. Each one of us had a duty. I kept the appetizer easy by just prettily placing pantry goods in a bowl. Easy peasy!

7. It’s been a while since I conducted a DIY, but I was able to make this decopage purse during November. Upon popular request, I will try to initiate more DIY projects here on Kremb de la Kremb….

8. The Fab 40s styled formal wear during November in anticipation of the holiday season. I was eager to style my full-on colorful sequin top! Since I wore it with tennis shoes, I paired it with satin joggers.

9. Because we were traveling home for the holidays, I received permission to put our tree up early this year. Usually we put it up the weekend of Thanksgiving, but this year since we’d be leaving on December 19th, we were able to put it up the weekend before Thanksgiving. Oh Christmas Tree, I do love thee!

10. I started a new hashtag for a girlfriend on Instagram that you should also follow named @CatoInAmsterdam. Her feed is filled with such fun poses; I called this one the #CatoinAmsterdampose! Check it out.

Style Story Link Up No. 5 + @catoinamsterdam

I am making friends with the coolest women–around the world. No I haven’t met them in person yet, but I am getting to know them regardless of time and place. This week for my Style Story Link Up, I want to introduce you to @catoinamsterdam. For ease I’ll refer to @catoinamsterdam by her name, Carin. But have it be known that if you are on Instagram, and you like to seek inspiration from stylish outfits, then stop reading this post, click on this link right now, and select “FOLLOW.” Carin is known in Instagram as @catoinamsterdam, and to put it simply she is known!

In the short three months that Carin has been on Instagram she has created one of the most exemplary communities I’ve seen. Carin is first and (obviously) foremost very, very stylish. But, this is not her only claim to fame. Carin is also super nice, encouraging and supportive, very fun, and finally engaging. She replies to every single one of her comments as well as graciously and continuously commenting to others on their own pics. I know this from experience. This is how we started to firm up our friendship: it was about a month ago that I began writing her the old fashion way as pen pals. (This is the old fashion term for those individuals who write hand written letters and send them through the physical post via an individual called a postman.) Now I’m anxiously waiting for my postcard to be sent over from Holland–yes, the “amsterdam” in her handle refers to where she lives. Lucky huh!?! Until I travel to Amsterdam or Carin travels to Hong Kong, we’ll continue growing our friendship via the many modes available to us today.

Now, go ahead and take a look at why I follow Carin and why you should too! You’re going to see bold colors, fun pattern play, whimsical touches, and my favorite, confidence. Her smile and stature all tell us Carin is proud to wear what she’s wearing each and every day!

Follow @catoinamsterdam

@Carinamsterdam Collage 1

@CatoinAmsterdam Collage 2

All pics were taken from @catoinamsterdam with permission.
I like to take a little credit for outfit inspiration on the “C” sweatshirt–right Carin?

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October’s Instagram @KrembdelaKremb: Vol. 10

October's Instagram

There are a couple of 31 day months in the year that always seem to be really, really long. March is one of them and so is October. I can’t believe all that happened this month, and yet it seemed to drag on forever. I also experienced my first big blogger’s rut just last week. I hope to get back on track. It might have been being solo with Vincent away on a school trip to Chiang Mai, Thailand and both Gigi and Kevin away on a school trip to Beijing, China. I kind of didn’t know what to do with myself!

1. October in both Hong Kong and China always begins with a week off of school to celebrate National Day on October 1st. The week before Kevin found super cheap tickets to Thailand, so we went for it. He’s called KevStar for a reason–amazing travel planning skills! I usually travel in a black blazer, but since we were going to colorful Thailand, I travled in a bright version this time around.

2. We stayed at a boutique resort outside of Hua Hin–which is a large beach town within driving distance to Bangkok. The Aleenta is a fantastic option. Our two bedroom room was exquisite with access to the pool from our own entryway. The kids slept downstairs while we had a sizable room upstairs. We’re always surprised when we travel, and the hotel room is actually bigger than our Hong Kong apartment!

3. The Aleenta is 87% sustainable. On one afternoon we had a tour of the entire farm and production that goes on for the hotel. They grow all their own produce, raise their livestock, and make almost everything. Every morning we’d get two of these three tiers of home baked goodies, with fresh grown fruit and in house smoked meat and cheeses. It was amazing–and that’s an understatement! For the other 13% of goods that Aleenta cannot produce, they source within a 30 kilometer radius of the hotel. Wow, it was an enjoyable experience! We highly recommend the Aleenta! In fact, we’d all like to go back….

4. I became a brand ambassador this month! I am so excited to be working with Australian online retailer Firefly Clothing. You can expect some great outfit posts coming up with some of their items from the winter line–which is greatly on sale right now since Australia is just starting their summer.

5. I made some pen pals via Instagram this month–like the old fashioned pen pals that correspond via written letters. It’s pretty spectacular to be making friends via this social network. The three pen pals I made this month are the extremely stylish @catoinamsterdam, minimalist extraordinaire @simplyspoilt.co, and local beauty @lasmora who I had the pleasure to meet in person last month.

6. I posted a solution for how to tone down bold items. My formula is to take something bold like a feather skirt and over the knee boots and pair it with something cozy like a warm, fisherman sweater.

7, 8, and 9. A few of my outfit posts this month were liked quite a bit. It’s always fun and actually interesting to see what outfits become popular. My #fashionblogger #graphictee was liked the most this month. It could have been because I posted about my mantra: If you think you are you are. Who doesn’t like a beach cover from days of R & R in Thailand? Finally the last outfit post was the most recent. While I have more t-shirts than I can count, I’m having fun pairing them with items like ball gown skirts and of course my runners. This is a skirt I designed for my designer walk at the fashion show last spring where I created five Kremb de la Kremb formal gowns. Also, this last Instagram photo in my own designed skirt was highlighted on 40 + Style! This is MAJOR! I love it when Sylvia chooses to highlight Kremb de la Kremb!

Are you on Instagram? Yes! Well, I hope I am following you then. If not, please let me know!

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