Spirit Lake in Hong Kong


When I stopped in to see Bob at Thunder Ridge on Main Street of Spirit Lake this summer, he told me how great it was for his shop to be featured on Kremb de la Kremb last summer. That made me feel so good, and of course I volunteered to highlight this little t-shirt/gift shop from Spirit Lake again. Yet, this time, I wanted to put a new spin on it: I figured I should bring my Spirit Lake tee to Hong Kong and show it off here in the metropolitan town where I live. The two places found could not be more more opposite–and not just geographically speaking! I wore it just the other day when the whole family took a trip to Causeway Bay for some errands mixed in with bowling and finishing with dinner. This time around I paired my fashion forward tee (heehee!) with some sequin shorts–why not darling!? I don’t have any problem wearing sequin for a casual day; in fact I like to think wearing sequin on a casual day elevates my entire day’s experience. I feel this way often–as seen here, here, here, and here! There are two vital things to know about my style: I’m going to be comfortable but I’m also going to feel great! That means pairing things like Spirit Lake t-shirts and Old Skool Vans with short black, sparkly, sequin shorts! Why not Darling!? I have t-shirts that stay out at Spirit Lake and some that stay here in Hong Kong. I’m glad I brought this Thunder Ridge tee back with me. What do you think of Spirit Lake in Hong Kong Bob? Doesn’t it suit HK!!?






Do you save sequin items for only fancy events?
Or do you wear them casually like me?

In English, Make Sure You Say “Please” and “Thank You”

Please and Thank You 4
When I saw this “please and thank you” graphic tee, I had to have it. I don’t usually get too opinionated here on Kremb de la Kremb–which is quite the opposite in my real life; if you know me personally, you know I am always full of opinions in person. Usually I play it safer here on the blog, but in this post, I plan to say something bold: in English, “please” and “thank you” are two really important words. (I say in English because across the world in different languages you won’t always find a translation for “please” or “thank you.”) As a librarian, I work in a service industry, so I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to hear these two words used. As a mom, these are the two words I consistently remind my two children to use when they leave our home. Personally I try to use both of these words–everywhere. Using “please” acknowledges that someone will be doing something for me, and obviously, using “thank you” demonstrates my appreciation. Yet, not everyone uses these words which makes me wonder why….Is it upbringing? Is it education? Is it cultural? Is it entitlement? Or is it just plain rudeness? At any rate, I thought I would share my two simple rules for saying “please” and “thank you” in an attempt to help out my mini, manner revolution.

Rule #1:

If you want something from someone, say “please.”

Rule #2:

If you get something (for example an actual item or service) from an individual, say “thank you.”

Don’t forget please and thank you:

Here’s a list of some random, some special people I thought of that throughout my day today deserved a “please” and “thank you.” Consider your day…are you handing out these two words as often as you should?

  • The taxi driver who takes me to work
  • The barrista who makes my coffee
  • Any cashier checkers I encounter in the day
  • My colleagues
  • Any email recipients
  • The students I interact with throughout the day
  • The bus driver who takes me home
  • My housekeeper for helping with our home
  • My kids when I ask them to help me with dinner
  • My husband for his help with the dishes
  • Any social media comments and blog commenters–hey, will that be you!?

Are there any manners that you feel strongly about? What are they?

Please and Thank You 2

Please and Thank You 3

Please and Thank You 10

Please and Thank You 5

Thank you to I’m a Norbyah for taking these pictures.

Some Outfit Details:

Graphic Tee–H&M
Sweatshirt–Forever 21
Black Cape and Patent Flats–Forever 21

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Spirit Lake–One of the Fashion Capitols of the World

Spirit Lake Tee 4
The moment we head left on Main Street to pass through Spirit Lake and head down toward the lake, we slow down and take inventory. This summer sadly the regular ice cream parlor we’d frequent often was vacant. It was quite sad for all of us–especially the kids and their grammy. On the upside however, a new tee shirt store came to town, Thunder Ridge Productions. I’ll admit; it was hard to pick my tee, but this fashion capitol one spoke out to me. The close behind was the tee that said, “This drinking town has a motorcycle problem.” Hahaha, love that one. One Sunday after church, we stopped on Main Street, Spirit Lake to take a couple of pics–with a cameo of Alex, my father-in-law, plus some local riders!

Spirit Lake Tee 3

Spirit Lake Tee 2


Spirit Lake Bikers

Plant Shoes

Some Outfit Details:

Sunnies–I picked these up at the start of the summer from Zara.
Graphic Tee–Thunder Ridge Productions. When you stop by say hi to Bob. He’s great!
Leather Jacket–Swap and Shop HK
Striped pencil skirt–TJ Maxx
Cowboy Boots–I picked up this Old West pair from Zappos so I could bring a pair back with me to Hong Kong. This way my mom’s will stay out at the cabin, and I’ll have these for HK. It’s a drag carrying them back and forth.
Handbag–4th of July Spirit Lake Picnic. There’s a cute little lady that I beeline to each summer after the Main Street parade. She always has the best treasures!

Graphic Tees Please

GraphicTee4There are a couple of trends I’ve been slow to the take: one of them being graphic tees. I figured out why….when you wear a graphic tee, you’ve got to feel the message. The t-shirt actually says something, so when you wear it you have to remember that you are actually communicating to anyone who reads it. Recently, I’ve embraced my “RAD” tee and now this ironic one with “NOTHING TO WEAR.” Ya right! I definitely have no shortage of clothes. Although it’s true there are times when I feel like I don’t have anything to wear, so the more I incorporate my “less is more” mentality with my closet the better. Do you have a graphic tee that you wear–just ‘cuz the message is so good? What does it say?

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