Style Story Link Up No. 3–Reality vs Wishful Thinking

Style Story3.3This week I really started to feel fed up with wearing sport shoes. Granted, they are so comfortable, but there were times this week when other options would have looked so much better. Therefore, for this week’s Style Story, I posted a picture of what I actually wore next to a picture of what I would have liked to have worn. Wednesday, as detailed up above, was a day off from work, so I felt comfortable in my Christmas plaid slip-ons all day long. I had just firmed up our family Christmas plans, so these Christmas plaid shoes seemed utterly appropriate.

Style Story 3
On Monday, I wore a leather skirt. For sure the open toed booties look way better. I should have paired the leather with any one of my many graphic tees. I’m coming up with a formula here….I just need to figure it out. Tuesday’s outfit could go either way. The white slip-ons work, but the boho fringe is so much more!

Style Story 3.2Thursday was a bust. I happened to be downtown early in the evening for a doctor’s appointment. When I saw a glimpse of myself in the mall mirrors, I gasped and then chuckled. This combo didn’t work at all! Again supporting this formula forming in my mind, I think it goes something like this: if one wears tennis shoes, one more casual item must be incorporated. On both Monday and Thursday, I needed one other casual item to balance out the shoes. I’ll make sure to remember this as I get dressed this coming week. Friday too…my tennies can work but the sandals just match the whole boho vibe so much better.

Can you tell I’m getting tired of the tennis shoe look? I mentioned the doctor: I’ve got another 4-6 weeks in them, so it’s time to ROCK IT AND OWN IT!

How was your style this week? Did you hit any ruts? Or did you have an awesome (opposite) week where things just worked? Please tell me your Style Story! I’d love to hear it….

And fellow bloggers, link up!! I love seeing what you’re up to and connecting with all of you!

Style Story Link Up No. 3

Style Story: Work Outfits Monday Through Friday

This week was a four work outfit work week, and it went fairly well. This is a no brainer, but if I plan out the outfit the day before, I am usually so much better dressed! I didn’t get rid of any clothes this week too, but I know I need to replace a few items like my white dress shirt, my brown brogues, and perhaps my {faux} leather jeans. Also, I could invest in a cute sweater–that’s not just a plain solid color and especially not white nor black. Enjoy this week’s work outfits. I hope you find something to emulate or even purchase for yourself…

Monday, No Work Outfit: 4/5

Seahawk SelfieSeahawk Hat

Oh Seahawks, I do love you so. And I do hope to recover from those last 20 seconds of Super Bowl 49 some day. Ahhhh, Shame. That’s all I can say. I did not have a work outfit on this day. Rather, the whole family took a personal day to yes, stay home and watch the game, but also have one last day with Grammy and Babaji before they left. We had a marvelous time with Kevin’s folks. We are so lucky that each year about this time they give all the Krembs in HK a visit.

Get your Gear for Next Year!

Tuesday’s Work Outfit: 4/5

Work Outfits

Shop this Work Outfit:

poncho  // white shirt  // snake trousers  // brogues // feather necklace  // lipstick 

This poncho with these pants was a very comfortable outfit; it was all very slouchy and cozy, just the way I like it especially on the day back to work. It’s true: I forever have a thing with snake, and my Tuesday post declared it as Poncho Tuesday. (Stay tuned for another poncho styling for this upcoming Tuesday…) I was however bothered by my shoes all day long. I love these brogues, therefore I need to take care of them. It’s time to give them a polish. If they don’t look so tired after a little care, I’ll keep them. Otherwise, it’s time to replace them. See! This evaluation of my work outfits is seriously making me take a long hard look at everything I wear. Attachments in my closet are being questioned on a daily basis.

Time for New Brogues:

Wednesday’s Work Outfit: 3/5

Work Outfits

Shop this Work Outfit:

beaded sweater // floral skirt // nude nylons // pumps // earrings // lipstick

This outfit is too spring like for February 3 in Hong Kong–the florals and white just didn’t suit the day. However, I wore nude nylons which made me feel especially special. (Redundant? Oh well!) Let me tell you why I love nude nylons: they remind me of my Grandma Soogie. Oh, she had the best legs!! And she would wear these barely there nylons that I just loved. When my friend Lauren had a similar pair on that made her legs look unbelievable (granted Lauren has rockin’ legs to begin with!), I got the name of them. They are Bare Invisibles from Marks & Spencer. Unfortunately I have to replace this pair as my office sofa mutilated the backs of the knees. Guess I’ll stand all day next time I wear these Flawless Finished tights–because I will be getting another pair or two.

Get Your Sexy Bare Legs Now!

Thursday’s Work Outfit: 5/5

Work Outfits

Shop this Work Outfit:

rhinestone ear jackets // rhinestone necklace // black & white blouse // faux leather pants // black booties // lipstick

A while ago I wrote about a very influential blogger friend of mine, Catherine Summers of Not Dressed As Lamb. Well, when she posted about (p)leather pants after 35, I was like, Ya, of course I wear leather pants. No biggie. That made me determined to pull mine out and give them a showing. It is true; leather must be worn as if it’s no big deal. And it isn’t really. It’s just another fabric for garments to be made of. But wait! It is so much more. Yes confidence must be felt when wearing them, but the opposite relationship can happen. The leather pants–at least for me–help me to feel more confident. I’m like, Ya, uh huh, I’m in leather honey! I feel confident because of the leather; in turn I can pull off leather because I’m confident. I’m running circles here, but the point is, get yourself some leather knickers! Just you wait and see what happens!

{Faux} Leather Pants=Confidence

Friday’s Work Outfit: 5/5

Work Outfits

Shop this Work Outfit:

“NOTHING TO WEAR” tee // pearl & spike necklace faux leather jeans // silver studded booties // lipstick

I had such a great day wearing leather on Thursday, I decided to wear it again on Friday. Although, getting dressed on this morning was a little more challenging. I just couldn’t figure out what to wear on top. I’m lacking in the sweater area….I almost wore a French striped Breton shirt, but….it didn’t work. Then I had plaid and then pinstripes. Finally, exasperated, I was like, Duh! Wear my “NOTHING TO WEAR” tee. Again, I am really lucky that I can wear a t-shirt on Fridays. Since it’s dressed down, I added some pearls–with spikes! I love the whole rocker vibe to this outfit. I was comfortable all day. I do want to consider investing in a better quality leather jean though. (These ones from H&M are pretty cheap but hopefully not too cheap looking. They are a copy from my sister Julie. When she arrived in Beijing with these pants, I for sure followed suit!) Do you wear leather? I think if you are even just thinking about it, you should give it a try. They do wonders for your self esteem. I felt great in this outfit!

Or Get Some {Faux} Leather Jeans:

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