Bolero Jacket from Get Redressed

Finding second hand in Hong Kong isn’t the easiest. We have the chain of stores called Mee & Gee–which is great for jeans (for example the Levi’s in these shots are from there), but all of Mee & Gee’s clothing comes from Korea and Japan, so the sizes are always quite small for my full figure. About twice a year though, there’s a great sale called Get Redressed, and the clothing is always both high quality and in more Western (plus) sizes. That’s where I got this smashing bolero jacket. It was love at first sight; then when I slipped it on I was sold. Ironically, the dress from Monday’s fairytale princess post was also from the same Get Redressed pop-up. However it wasn’t until I got home that I realized I had to have that dress! I experienced shopper’s remorse. Luckily with a phone call made the next morning, and a detailed explanation of the cute Kate Spade rhinestone collar dress, plus a very kind husband to go retrieve it, I had the dress the very next day! Ahhh, second-hand shopping… I do love it! I have to be honest though: I miss the availability of large US thrift stores like Goodwill, Value Village, or Savers (which I’ve actually never been to, but I plan to visit one this summer while in California). I love meandering through the large aisles of those gigantic stores pushing along a shopping cart. It’s the hunt and then the score. For now, while in Hong Kong, I’ll enjoy Mee & Gee and anticipate the next Get Redressed. When is it by the way?!

Do you like thrift stores? What’s your favorite one? My favorite is the Value Village on Boone Street in Spokane, Washington. It’s not too big and not too small. It’s just right!

I Got Redressed–Again!

Get Redressed 5
Ok, ok, busted! I am so posing in these pics, but my photographer threw in a soccer ball, and since we were on the court, I pretended a bit. But this 2nd Get Redressed outfit is so sporty; it’s fitting. Jackaline, of M and S and Then Some, picked up this outfit for me too as she was sorting clothes for this week’s major event. Jackie definitely knows I’m not afraid of a mini…But really, this skirt, it’s Miu Miu. The top is Balenciaga. This Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, you will want to attend the Get Redressed Pop-up at the Pizza Express in Wan Chai.

*I need to apologize if you are not a local of Hong Kong, but you can always tell me of any requests….! I really mean that.

Get Redressed 10

Get Redressed 4

Get Redressed 6

Pics by Gigi.

Round 2 of Get Redressed:

Sunnies–my own from a market in Shenzhen, China
Earring–Ben from the 4th stall on the left at Jardine’s Bazaar in Causewway Bay, HK
Skirt–Miu Miu
Tennies–my Adidas

Here’s yesterday’s Get Redressed Outfit, here’s information about the event, and here’s my post from last year’s scores.

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I Just Got Redressed!

Get Redressed Trial 5

I don’t usually post on the weekends, but I need to make an exception for what’s coming up this next week. If you live in Hong Kong, they you definitely want to attend the Get Redressed Pop-Up Shop this coming Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, September 22-14. The sale is INSANE! I am not kidding. I consider myself a pretty savy shopper, and this event, well, it’s not to be missed. Much of clothing will have new tags on it. This is (actually) sad as it represents waste in the textile industry, but for those of us who care, we’ll get to benefit. My friend Jackaline of M and S and Then Some helped to sort, and she chose a couple of goodies for me. All of the items were top brands in mint condition with a couple of items with new tags. Crazy, but true. So….basically if you’re one of my local readers, get yourself to the Pizza Express in Wan Chai on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday of this coming week! I’ll see you there!

Get Redressed Trial 4

Get Redressed Trail 6

Get Redressed Set Feature

Pics by Imanorbyah.

From Get Redressed:

From this post there are two items to highlight from the upcoming sale: my top and skirt, but stayed tuned…there’s more. Much, much more!

Top: Korean Brand Titicaca
Skirt: Zara
Tennies: my own New Balance

If need be here’s more information.

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Get Redressed, September 22-24, 2015

Get Redressed
For those of you living in Hong Kong, there is an awesome event happening next week: Get Redressed is having their annual pop-up shop on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, September 22-24, from 11:30 am-7:00 pm at the Pizza Express in Wan Chai.

Why go to Get Redressed?

Here are the reasons why you should attend this great pop-up shop held by Redress HK:

  • Great Pieces–If you like high-end style at affordable prices, then this is the shopping excursion for you. Redress Asia does an exceptional job of sorting through some impeccable clothing–sometimes the tags are still on the clothing (like my Issey Miyake necklace showcased below!). They only will sell that which is in good, no great condition.
  • Great Prices–The pricing is easy. Everything is color coded with a sticker system. The code is place all over on posters, and the clothing is appropriately tagged. The Isabel Marant boots below were only HK$300 (That’s US $40 fora designer pair of boots!) so it’s easy to know the
  • Great Cause–Shopping always feels better when it goes towards a good cause. All the proceeds from this event will support the continual work of Redress in Hong Kong. Redress HK strives to promote environmental sustainability in the fashion industry. Unfortunately, Hong Kong experiences a large amount of clothing waste, and Redress is attempting to create awareness and inspire all of us to think twice about our purchases. By reducing our textile waste we in turn help out our local community and even world!

My Get Redressed Favorite Purchases:

I’ve been to a couple of Get Redressed shops, and I have never walked away empty handed. Below are a few of my very favorite purchases as seen here on Kremb de la Kremb or in my daily outfits as seen on my Instagram feed @krembdelakremb.

Isabel Marant Fringe Booties!

Isabel Marant Boots

As seen in these posts: 1, 2, and 3.

This Faux Leather Jacket!

Leather Jacket

Seen in three posts: 1, 2, and 3.

This Top, Necklace, and Clutch!

Pink Clutch

May be seen here.

And a Wrap Dress!

Get Redressed

Which can be found last fall on my Instagram feed, @krembdelakremb.

Go Get Redressed

Standing2The Get Redressed Pop-up Shop is on today and tomorrow from 11:30-9. I definitely recommend that you go. I was able to attend a preview last Thursday night, and I totally scored! I got the futuristic top found in both of these outfits. In the accessories department I picked up this cute bright fuschia satin bow clutch. It’s definitely going to add a pop of color to many outfits. I also totally lucked out with this stunning necklace from Issey Miyake–that tags were still on it by the way! Finally, my ultimate score of the night was the white fringed boots! I felt like I had died and gone to heaven and my dreams of being a Dallas Cowgirl can now be fulfilled. These boots are so rockin’ awesome! I was like a celebratory contestant at the event on Thursday just so happy about these boots! Yes, they’re a bit over the top, but when has that ever stopped me?!

Really, if you want to add a little pick-me-up to your wardrobe attend this second-hand event sponsored by Redress HK at Pizza Express in Wan Chai.



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Get Redressed Pop-up Shop, October 13 & 14


GetRedresssedPopUpRemainderWe’re so lucky here in Hong Kong to have organizations like Redress that create opportunities for all of us to recycle our clothing. On October 13 and 14 from 11-9 , Redress HK will be hosting a Get Redressed Pop-up Shop at the Pizza Express in Wan Chai. Trust me: you want to attend this sale. Many of the items will be barely worn, they will be high quality with luxury name brands or at the very least high street labels, and there will be plenty of items and sizes to choose from. Last year when I attended I scored! Here’a couple of samplings: this bag, this dress, and this necklace.

Find a preview of what’s ahead if you attend on Monday or Tuesday, October 13 and 14:



There are amazing prices at this pop-up. I got these beauties for only HK$350 (That’s only US45!)


Christina Dean is the founder and CEO of Redress HK. She’s amazing, and all who know here here in Hong Kong have such admiration for this lady!


Stylist Priscilla I’Anson was there to speak about how to best style your personal body shape. She’s a strong believer in a cinched in waist–I like that!


Here find two student volunteers: Asmara and Chrissy. Ironically they are good friends with one of my favorite students of all time, designer Anisha.



Definitely do not miss this Get Redressed Pop-up Shop!
Monday and Tuesday, October 13 and 14
11:30 am to 9:00 pm
Pizza Express
G/F 23 Wing Fung Street, Wan Chai
Tel: +852 3528 0541