Fall Layers and Zara Editorials

fall layers

Has anyone else noticed all the fall layers lately? Dresses are being worn over pants. Entire outfits are layered with a kimono. Textures and prints are also contributing to the layers. For sometimes I like to just go to Zara.com and look at all their editorials. Then satiated with tons of stylish inspiration, I try to emulate what I just saw. “Lights Galore” was a beautiful editorial filled with tons of haphazard fall layers. I tried to resemble “Lights Galore” in my outfit: chenille sweater over a floral dress over a DIY of two tone jeans. Then I added some sparkles for good measure with a velvet sash belt, ornate beaded bag, and glitter blush booties. I’m not sure if I pulled off the fall layers, but it was very fun to try.

fall layers

fall layers

fall layers

fall layers

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Fall Dressing in Hong Kong

I just checked the weather in the town where I grew up, and it’s 40° in Spokane, Washington. Hong Kong is currently 77°. I am not complaining about the weather in HK: I do love it here, and our weather is very eventful. Just Sunday we had yet another typhoon–why don’t they happen on school days?! What I will admit to however is some longing for fall dressing. When the seasons change in the Northern Hemisphere, I do have a tough time; I want to start dressing for fall just like that half of the world. Because I miss fall dressing, I make every attempt to adjust my style while remaining comfortable in the humid heat. Also, half the time it is absolutely freezing in doors because of air conditioning, so fall dressing becomes an actual necessity. For the rest of this month, I plan to show how I dress for fall in Hong Kong. I have some style tricks and tips that accommodate the yearning I feel for the style changes that come with each new season. I searched my site too; it appears this topic of dressing in the fall heat of Hong Kong seems to be a recurring theme each October….

Color is the one of the easiest ways to attempt fall dressing in a hot climate. Even on our October vacation, I brought clothing that was more fall like in color–like this cover up for example. By October, I’ve stored away my brigth summery clothes and replaced them with the autumn hues. The color that screams fall for me right now is army green. The greens in this skirt alongside an army green military jacket, make this outfit look autumnal. For me, in the Hong Kong heat the easiest way to accommodate fall dressing is with color. Next week I’ll feature another outfit where army green creates the fall look I’m after–even if shorts are involved!

This is my fall skirt that I first wear when I’m starting to attempt transitioning to the fall season. I’ve had this cornucopia skirt ever since 2014. Back then I was able to style it with heels. Wow, a lot has changed since then! Those heels are sadly long gone, but wow, they were sure sexy! This time around, I’ve basically styled my autumn looking skirt similarly yet with a military jacket rather than sparkly blazer. Still needing a little bling, I added a statement necklace–a recent score from the Rug Lane Pop Up. (Hong Kongers, Rug Lane will offer one more swap on November 11!) Also, I pulled out my satin yellow bow flats. While these are not heels, they are dressier than a pair of sneakers–which is what I would usually wear.

Does my attempt at fall dressing work?
Tell me. I’d like to know. Does this pass for fall style? What style tricks do you embrace once the season has changed?

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Tweed for Fall

Tweed for Fall
Do you have your tweed for fall? I had been on the hunt for my tweed for fall ever since I had been seeing a ton of it on all those who inspire my style. Namely this time around it has been Aimee Song of Song of Style and Ashley from A Mother’s Edit. Basically, now I need a tweed blazer–here’s Aimee’s and here’s Ashley’s. Heck I’d even go for an entire suit like this one that I found over at Targé! Luckily until I can get my hands on more tweed for fall, I found this mini at my old faithful, Forever 21. Yes, it’s short, but a short hemline never stops me. I feel that I modestly style a mini when I pair it with a long flowy blouse and a tailored, sleeveless black blazer. While the hemline is short, I still feel professional–hiding my apple and accentuating my legs. We have to embrace what we like right? In this way we wear our confidence, and this is most important when going to get dressed. Depending on what you like to highlight, I’ve included multiple shopping options for you down below so you can get your own tweed for fall!

tweed for fall

Tweed for Fall

Ever since I got my haircut–inspired by Daniel Synder of Dannijo–and ever since I lost one of my Happiness Boutique black tassel earrings, I’ve been into wearing just one earring. Try it–it’s kinda fun!!

Tweed for Fall

Tweed for Fall

I made this sleeveless black blazer. It was getting a bit worn down, so I had replaced it with an updated black blazer, but I wasn’t ready to necessarily get rid of it. I revitalized it by simply taking off the sleeves. Stay tuned for three more stylings of my sleeveless, black blazer this coming Wednesday…

Tweed for Fall

Tweed for Fall

Tweed for Fall

I went shopping! For you–and maybe a bit for me. I don’t think I’m done with this pattern yet! I added my commentary to those items I’m really thinking about!

Which tweed for fall are you thinking about?
Or do you already have some of this classic, timeless pattern?

Tweed for Fall

Just for kicks, here’s a pic of the gal that makes me smile–a lot!/p>

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Let’s Go Shopping for Fringe


These pictures are from the Express advertisement campaign featuring Karlie Kloss.

There’s a fall trend out there that is hitting the shops big: FRINGE! Fringe bags can be found everywere as well as a little fringe on the boots. I myself fringed a pair of sandals this summer and then just recently posted my fringe booties. Even a few years ago when I just started posting my outfits, I styled this black jumpsuit with my super fringed tote (my hair was so long back then, and we didn’t live in Stanley quite yet). Now, fringe is definitely mainstream and is surely a look to try out.

Try Some Fringe!

This is a bold trend. BUT, as seen up above with both of Karlie’s classic looks, it doesn’t overwhelm. Rather fringe can add just a bit, a tiny bit, of boho to a very classy outfit. So, with the fall trend in mind, and definitely one that’s here to stay for a while, I chose some pieces for you to test the waters. The best thing about my choices is they’re all under $50 US dollars. When trying a trend not many want to break the bank. Once you know you’re liking the trend, you can head to my FRINGE shop where I’ve included a ton, I mean a ton of options as all sorts of price tags.


A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I

*This post contains affiliate links through rewardStyle. Any purchase from an affiliate gives me literally a couple of cents. But hey, pennies add up! Thank you for shopping with me, and please do let me know if there is something you want me to shop for–I consider it my side job. Also, for a ton of more FRINGE options visit this shop.

Denim Romper for Fall

Denim Romper 9
This denim romper is perfect for a Hong Kong Fall–which is always a little tricky, style wise. It’s when our weather just becomes perfect, yet back where I’m from (the Pacific Northwest), fall is starting to bring on its crisp temp with beautiful changing leaves. While I want to adopt the Northern Hemisphere styles, the weather is still a bit too hot for that here in HK; soon our best beach season will be here. Therefore, I try to find pieces that seem fall-ish yet still keep me cool–at least temperately–like this denim romper paired with cowboy boots. Even though the shorts are short, the fullness of the whole romper helps me feel more modest accompanied with boots that cover part of my legs. Here’s to compromising style and weather and feeling great in both areas!

Denim Romper 10

Denim Romper 3

fringe bag

fall trend 11

Some Denim Romper Outfit Details:

Aviators and Bracelets–H&M
Necklace (worn backwards)–Forever 21
Denim Romper–Forever 21
Cowboy Boots–Old West
Fringe Bag–(Bag #1307)

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Almost Fall

It’s almost feeling like the weather might start shifting in Hong Kong. Today there was a bit of a breeze all day long, and the humidity is definitely less. We still have some time before it gets cold here, but I always love the shift that begins to happen in October. These pictures were actually taken this summer out at the cabin. This is my last outfit post from that time. I purposefully created a couple of fall looks (like this one too) to allow myself to reminisce about Spirit Lake. Usually this type of attire would be necessary all summer long, but we were lucky during our month of July out there. It was so nice and hot! The sweatshirt will be the first one I pull out when it does get cold here in HK. I picked it up during our roadtrip to San Francisco along Highway 101; it’s such a cozy souvenir from that great trip from Summer ’14.



Some Outfit Details
Sweatshirt–California Republic
Leopard Jeans–Forever 21
Slipons–Report Shoes