Fall Dressing In Shorts X 2

We have a bit of a temperature drop–not a lot but just a little bit. So here I am continuing to show you some fall dressing with shorts this time around. Yes, it’s October 25, and we’re still able to comfortably wear shorts. Yet, again, I embrace different colors and textures to adjust to fall dressing. Here I have two very fall like outfits, yet I am wearing shorts–in this example, cutoffs to be more precise. Here’s to our amazing Hong Kong weather and my favorite pair of clothing–my Wrangler DIY jean shorts!

I bet you were wondering…where are the shorts?! Well, whenever the hemline of my shift dress feels a little too short, I simply layer a pair of shorts underneath. It must have been a Friday when I wore this outfit because I only ever wear denim to work/school on Fridays.

I’ve been totally digging the one side earring lately–especially with my asymmetrical bob. In this instance, I wore both of my silver Ganesh earrings on my left ear. I loved how they jangled against one another all day long. Also, this embellished jacket–one of my first DIY jean jackets–is one of my faves. I love wearing this jacket, and yes our temperature, especially indoors with air conditioning, requires a jacket. A denim option is just the right piece.

Are you Gucci? That’s a saying my daughter has started asking. It’s suppose to mean, “Are you good.” In my Gucci-eque sweatshirt, yes I am good! I picked up this sweatshirt while Kevin and I were on our summer road trip along California’s coast. There happened to be a Forever 21 on Santa Barbara’s Main Street, and I was allowed a wee bit of time while Kevin roamed around. When I saw this cute bumble bee, bright floral number with the green striped hem, I instantly thought of Gucci, and I instantly knew I had to have it! Am I Gucci? Oh yes!

I had to have this bag. I had to! We were living in India, and on the weekends we would go to the J.W. Marriot and just chill by the pool. The J.W. had three pools: a kiddie pool with a fun slide for our then toddlers, a main pool that was just sublime, and a small salt water pool hidden away in the corner. By the time the kids started getting older we’d head over to the hidden salt water pool. There was a very handsome Spanish couple that would do the same. Oh, would I stare at that Spanish woman! To put it mildly, she was drop dead gorgeous! Anyway, back to the bag…. she owned it. I finally got the gumption to ask where she got it–of course the Spanish brand, Zara. Well, the moment I was at a Zara during our next trip out of India, I saw the BAG! I bought it without hesitation. I’ve had it ever since. And with a style story connected to this beautiful loden green bag, it’s unlikely we will ever part ways. It reminds me of that very stunning Spaniard!

Fall Dressing in Hong Kong

I just checked the weather in the town where I grew up, and it’s 40° in Spokane, Washington. Hong Kong is currently 77°. I am not complaining about the weather in HK: I do love it here, and our weather is very eventful. Just Sunday we had yet another typhoon–why don’t they happen on school days?! What I will admit to however is some longing for fall dressing. When the seasons change in the Northern Hemisphere, I do have a tough time; I want to start dressing for fall just like that half of the world. Because I miss fall dressing, I make every attempt to adjust my style while remaining comfortable in the humid heat. Also, half the time it is absolutely freezing in doors because of air conditioning, so fall dressing becomes an actual necessity. For the rest of this month, I plan to show how I dress for fall in Hong Kong. I have some style tricks and tips that accommodate the yearning I feel for the style changes that come with each new season. I searched my site too; it appears this topic of dressing in the fall heat of Hong Kong seems to be a recurring theme each October….

Color is the one of the easiest ways to attempt fall dressing in a hot climate. Even on our October vacation, I brought clothing that was more fall like in color–like this cover up for example. By October, I’ve stored away my brigth summery clothes and replaced them with the autumn hues. The color that screams fall for me right now is army green. The greens in this skirt alongside an army green military jacket, make this outfit look autumnal. For me, in the Hong Kong heat the easiest way to accommodate fall dressing is with color. Next week I’ll feature another outfit where army green creates the fall look I’m after–even if shorts are involved!

This is my fall skirt that I first wear when I’m starting to attempt transitioning to the fall season. I’ve had this cornucopia skirt ever since 2014. Back then I was able to style it with heels. Wow, a lot has changed since then! Those heels are sadly long gone, but wow, they were sure sexy! This time around, I’ve basically styled my autumn looking skirt similarly yet with a military jacket rather than sparkly blazer. Still needing a little bling, I added a statement necklace–a recent score from the Rug Lane Pop Up. (Hong Kongers, Rug Lane will offer one more swap on November 11!) Also, I pulled out my satin yellow bow flats. While these are not heels, they are dressier than a pair of sneakers–which is what I would usually wear.

Does my attempt at fall dressing work?
Tell me. I’d like to know. Does this pass for fall style? What style tricks do you embrace once the season has changed?

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Fall Dressing: In El Nido, Palawan

We just had the most fabulous trip to El Nido, Palawan in the Philippines. Our time was spent island hopping or scuba diving. Again, the beauty of this region is breathtaking. Up above water is a delight, and then down below amongst the coral and sea life there is an amazing other world. It’s so fun that we have this common activity of scuba diving together. Perhaps investing in underwater camera gear might make my Christmas list. With out pictures it’s really hard to describe. The closest I can come is by saying it’s like Avatar underneath in the open water!

Since this trip took place during our Mid Autumn Festival break, I did pack with fall dressing on my mind. I figured my black embroidered, see through tunic would make for the perfect cover up. (It was last featured here paired over jeans on a trip through KL.) I have my black scuba swimsuit on underneath that’s basically like a sleeveless tee onesie with an open back. It’s the best swimsuit for diving. I added Puka shell anklets the moment I arrived to the Philippines. (Did you know there is an actual beach called Puka beach over on Boracay?) I painted both my nails and toe nails in a gold metallic color to mimic the sand and wore sandy colored sunnies the entire trip. Finally, I just went with three silver, same sized hoops for the entire time, so I didn’t have to worry about accessorizing and my silver Karma necklace.

I do have to give some honest feedback on El Nido, Palawan: the scenery, nature, and underwater experience is beyond magical. It is breathtaking location. However, the accommodations at present don’t match the place. Of course there are plenty of 5 star options that will break the bank big time when traveling as a family of four. Hence, pretty budget places are the only options. The Krembs, with KevStar Travels as are organizer, have become pretty spoiled. It wasn’t difficult but staying in a place that wasn’t our usual standard plush experience was humbling I guess I’d say. Vincent saw a live rat skitter across at one point, and Gigi and I had to tell the staff twice to remove the dead rat from the front office area. The staff at our place pretty much just hung around the front office on their phones all day sucking up the already very poor wifi connection. For this reason, it’s the first time I cannot recommend where we stayed during this vacation. I’ll refrain from naming the hotel, but I will let the manager know regardless. I figure everyone wants to improve somehow, right? We cannot improve without feedback, and feedback can always be given constructively. I’ll do my best to convey the good (cute, cheery, clean rooms) and the bad (as mentioned above). In the meantime, I hope the town of El Nido catches up to its jack pot. They are sitting on a gold mine of beauty, so hopefully eventually there will be options for all travelers–including the mid range one like ourselves.

Finally the weather was perfect. It was never too sunny nor too rainy. Basically there was just tons and tons of weather. Once we were stuck on our boat in the middle of a major lightning and thunder storm, but the day had started out with such sun. Another time we started our dive with sun and finished with major rain. I love experiencing weather like that. Plus it’s way better on the skin. (For my tan I just used this: Nkd Skn Pre Shower Gradual Tan Lotion. It works like a charm!)

Have you been to the Philippines? What’s your favorite spot?

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Fall Into Winter {Round 2}

Fall Into Winter
I bought this dress this fall (along with this one) with every intention of its use carrying me from fall into winter. During the fall I paired it with my denim vest, some cowboy suede booties, and gobs of accessories.
Fall Into Winter
Now that the winter weather has set in here in Hong Kong, I rely on layers to keep me warm: both a long black skirt underneath along with a long black cardigan on top. I added a belt to give my waist some definition. Plus for this shot I needed the hat because of the rain spell Hong Kong is currently under. I love the rain!! It’s so refreshing, and it brings cooler temperatures which feels so good right about now with Christmas just a week away.
Here’s proof that it is chilly here in Hong Kong (and that the fall look above was staged for this post–BUT this was how I wore the dress a month ago!). My friend Sharon turned the corner, saw me taking the first set of pics, and was like, “Aren’t you freezing!?” Then she graciously allowed me to take a few shots of her. She’s lookin’ pretty snazzy in her layers too! Christmas is definitely in the air–let the festivities begin! I hope you had fun at your party Sharon. Thank you for appearing on Kremb de la Kremb.

*As an aside, since I love lipstick so much, I’ll tell you about the two colors: in the first look I’m wearing NARS Moscow and in the second NARS Scarlet Empress.

Fall Into Winter

Fall Into Winter
The easiest way to take a fall outfit and turn it into a winter one is to grab the darkest colors in the staple item and go from there. So while in the fall, I paired this shift dress with whites and golds, for the winter I pair it with navy and brown. Add boots, leggings (or tights) and a winter coat, and the outfit is set for a few more rounds during the winter months. Presto! Fall into winter.
Fall Into Winter

Fall Dressing

FallDress3The weather in Hong Kong is now at it’s most beautiful. It’s still quite warm, but the humidity seems to have disappeared. We used to be at 80% or above; now we’re down to %40 humidity. It makes such a difference. The winds truly keep shifting: there’s always such a pleasant breeze in the air accompanied with some new scent blossoming. It feels so weird to be still wearing sundresses while the trends for fall are full on; that’s why I keep returning to fall’s beautiful colors when I go to get dressed. Burnt red and yellow with grey and white play up the paisley in this open backed sundress.
FallDress1I kind of like this little braid thing I did with my hair. I need to do this more often! If only I could figure out how to make the French braided crown across the side–now that would be really something! My drop pearl earrings were from a trade with my sister Julie. She wanted these silver Indian chandelier hoops I had–and wait, Julie? I think I have them back but didn’t return the trade. Do you want your earrings back? My sisters are like that with their earrings. They know I love them so much: they’ll just take them out and hand them over to me. Next up, a pair Mary gave me….
FallDress2I’m always intrigued by some neat detail in clothing. The draw to this dress was the colored paisly and halter like neck, but when I saw the back slit to this dress, I loved it even more. I recently scored this funky black bikini top from ASOS, so I thought it would make for an interesting bra underneath.

FallDress5Everywhere I turn in Stanley or even Hong Kong there’s yet another wall, fence, backdrop waiting for me and my photographer (Kevin was the lucky guy for this one! Or rather I’m the lucky one with three willing photographers to help me out!!). You may have noticed I try matching the setting of each shoot to my outfit. Like in this other Fall Heat post where the orange wall was brilliant or a Ferrari dealership when wearing a bright red top in California Dreaming. There’s also Hong Kong’s bright city lights to match my silver sequin shorts in Kawaii or this perfect blue wall down in Wan Chai for Lost Feather. This city is bursting with outfit photo ops! I’m not kidding!! My mind has become so creative with this new outlet I have been embracing. I feel energized and excited with every post I make. I hope you’re enjoying the energy too. Are there any outfits or settings you’d like to see. Please tell me. I will do it!