Then and Now

I love the end of season sales. I always seem to get the best items at such affordable prices. For example, take these fun, rather wacky, wide legged culottes. After the new year, I picked them up at Zara for barely nothing. I knew they could be worn then in the winter and now in the spring. Spring takes so long to arrive doesn’t it? One day a sweater is needed; the next a white shirt suffices. At least this depicts the weather scenario in Hong Kong. (As I write this Friday night post, I’m in a very cozy and soft sweater–with the windows open letting the fresh crips air in.) The first way I’ve style these pants is with my cold shoulder, fisherman sweater. I believe this is the first time I’ve featured this sweater here on the blog, but for sure it has received it’s cost per wear this season. I have worn this sweater a ton this winter. It’s as if the cold shoulders offer the perfect amount of ventilation, so I’m never too warm while wearing this cute number. Keep scrolling through to see how I wear the pants now as Hong Kong is verging on springtime….

Now the perfect way to wear these flowing trousers is with the basic white shirt. The great thing about the white shirt for Hong Kong weather is it’s never too warm wearing it outdoors, yet it’s also perfect to wear indoors with the air conditioning perpetually running. The other item I was able to pick up at the end of winter sales from Zara are these super cute white mules. My good friend Maureen is always so kind and gives me a Zara gift card for my birthday in February. Because I had a feeling she would also love these shoes, I got them; I think they are so Moroccan cool. Now, if my knee will just allow me to wear them for a day I would be so happy. For sure though, they’ll make for great date night shoes, and they do have an eensy weensy bit of a heel!

What item do you have in your closet that works perfectly from winter to spring?

Spring Styling in March

Spring Styling 1.2

Leather Jacket, this SWAP | Turtleneck, random shop in Hong Kong | Floral Midi Skirt, Forever 21 (still available!) | Vintage clutch, Spirit Lake 4th of July Park Picnic, Boots, Zara (from a visit in Hong Kong for Kevin’s brother’s wedding!)

I’m not going to let March get the best of my spring styling. Rather, I’ll add some spring touches while dressing for the inclement weather that falls upon us during a Hong Kong March. For example, the reason you cannot see the sky in these pics is the bay is currently surrounded in fog. It has been all week. And tomorrow the temperatures will drop again. We’ve entered the humid season, but come late April and definitely May, it will all be worth it with visits to the Hong Kong beaches. There are three things that I’ve done with this outfit that hint to spring styling, even though I was dressed warmly.

Spring Styling in March

1. Flowers! April showers will bring May flowers, but I’ll start wearing them in March!
2. Muted colors hint at a change in season. The greys and purples in this skirt are softer than my usual bold color scheme–Christmas plaid in December, a lot of blue in January, and a very red Februarly.
3. Gauzy texture in the form of my white turtleneck hints at just a touch of skin while still keeping me warm.

Spring Styling 4.2

Spring Styling 5

There’s a bit of a funny story behind this gauze turtleneck and its purchase with my mom. (My mom might get after me for writing this, but she doesn’t read this blog, so I think I’m safe since she’ll never know!) She was visiting Hong Kong, and of course we went shopping. I took her into one of those “off the truck” shops where everything has been made in China but never made it to the actual store. We found this turtleneck, and she tried it on right there in the store! I was like, Mommmmm! You can’t do that. But she did! And we bought two. I laugh just thinking about it. She wedged herself into the rack thinking that made her invisible. Oh, it was so funny! I love shopping with my mom–always have, always will.

Spring Styling 3.2

Spring Styling 2.2

What are you doing style wise to deal with the long, dreary last winter month called March?