My Design Fit Me!

DressThe first design I made for the fashion show I just participated in actually fit me! I don’t know how this design fit me since it was made for someone else much smaller than me, but it did. (Must be the stretchy black velvet top!) When we got invited to the PFO ball at school, I was planning on purchasing a dress or wearing this purple sparkly number, but then when I got my dresses back, I gave this design a try. When it fit, I thought why not! It’s a fun and flirty dress–I felt straight out of the 1950s! I am not sure what I will do with all these five dresses, but I have an idea: I could reuse the fabric from the five dresses next year for a whole other line of designs. For sure I want to try designing out again for next year’s fashion show. It was such fun. I might even try to do the actually sewing…We’ll see! Until then, this whole experience of playing fashion designer has been super fun. I’m still waiting for the students to finish editing the pictures from the event. Once they’re published I will for sure share all the designs.




Holiday Style: Sequin Pants Dressed Down

Sequin1A while back I declared a fashion fixation for sequin track pants. Well, I never did find a pair–yet! But recently I did find some sequin legging pants. I gasped and then jumped when I saw this silver pair in the window of an HM in Shanghai. I went skipping in and nabbed a pair straight away. I really didn’t even have to try them on; I was sold. Now, I know that sequin pants–legging pants at that, may seem like a far cry for many, but I think there are various ways of dressing this shimmery goodness down. I’ve deomonstrated how in two differentways: first with a white tee and a black blazer/cape OR second with a white fisherman sweater and black scarf. With something as fancy as these pants, you don’t really need much flare on top. Alternatively, a denim shirt could work or even a black sweatshirt. Basically, just let the pants do all the work!

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Costume Roundup


Dressing as Zorro is just about the easiest costume around. Don all your black clothes with a pair of black boots. Add a black hat and black cape. Then simply take an old black tshirt, cut two eye holes, and wrap it around your eyes. Andale! Zorro!!

Well, we all have a little over a week before Halloween. It’s right about this time in my family when we start thinking about what costume we’ll sport for October 31. There’s one costume requirement: ease–nothing too difficult or elaborate in the Kremb de la Kremb house. To help find the easiest costume out there, I’ve rounded up a few places on the web offering a whole slew of options.

Popsugar has 101 different ideas. The cool thing about this collection is it’s comprised of in-real-life scenarios–no models or studio pics here–rather personal selfies uploaded most likely various social networks. My two favorites are the four gals dressed as bath puffs and the simple white t-shirt saying “Error 404: Costume Not Found.”

Buzzfeed collected 51 cheap and easy costumes. Buzzfeed also has 30 Unexpected Halloween Costumes you can DIY. I love these two artistic options: Van Gogh and Pop Art. (Buzzfeed is the king of all compilations. Too see some over-the-top cute babies in costume, link here!)

Babble has 22 brilliant and pretty fashionable ideas. They’ve even highlighted one of my favorite fashion bloggers Jessica Quirk of What I Wore in her Dorothy Costume and her Hamburgler Costume. (Jessica creates great costumes; here’s her Wicked Witch.

For fellow fashionistas out there, these two roundups are pretty fun. Marie Clare has 10 pop culture type costumes that you could create from items in your closet. And Fashionista has 10 fashion themed costumes from dressing as Bill Cunningham to sporting Gangnam Style

Don’t forget to rely on Martha…she’s got 46 Kids Costumes, 35 Homemade Costumes, 20 No Sew Costumes, and 6 Evil Queen Makeup Ideas. (I’ve actually done this makeup on myself before during a Teen Read Week as seen below.)


To create this Evil Queen look, I followed these easy steps found on Martha Stewart.

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