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Wouldn’t it be amazing to be an actual designer? I can remember when I read my first Vogue magazine… I was probably about 14 years old, and I would draw pictures from what I saw. Aside from daydreams of becoming a designer, I also had thoughts of working for the actual magazine. These thoughts were only in my head; they never escaped my lips. I was a small town girl, the oldest of five kids. There were expectations of me to go to college, but for what I was never really sure. A job in the fashion industry remained as a silent dream, and luckily I found another passion in literature. I wouldn’t have known how to articulate those fashion whims even if I had tried. I don’t have any regrets–my path of life has been extremely wonderful, and it has been with my literature degree that I was then able to become a teacher. With Kevin by my side we’ve accomplished one of our joint dreams which is living abroad. And now at 45 years old, I feel so fortunate to be embracing some of those old, younger self dreams that I only thought of with wonder.

This past Saturday Kremb de la Kremb designed (again) for the high school fashion show. (The first time was two years ago with five formal dresses.) This time around I made ten embellished bandana kerchiefs. I have enough jewellery to fill a treasure chest, so I simply adorned the scarves with costume jewellery that wasn’t being worn. My tailor Yee helped to hand sew them on. Now, tomorrow night, I’ll attempt to sell them with a spring shopping party at my home with three other ladies. Sue will be showcasing her jewellery line, Maria will be sharing her dresses (or frocks!), and Lauren will bring along the Louella Odié handbags she and her mother create. I’ll share my bandanas and I’ll also introduce Younique makeup to the guests. If you are one of my Hong Kong readers, and you would like to join us tomorrow night, please feel free to come on over. Here’s the evite; we’d love to shop with us at this Spring Shopping Party!

*By the way, I designed this jean jacket. I’d love to make more. All you have to do is ask, and I’ll tailor make one just for you.

Making Dreams Come True

Kremb de la Kremb Tee
Well I did it! I designed five dresses, according to a theme, and showed them in a fashion show! And it was fantastic!! I made the drawings for each dress, I chose the fabrics, and I styled the dresses on the models. I admit to not sewing the garments–maybe next year! But I did it. Oh, it was such fun. (Once the students have photos ready from the event, I will publish another post covering my designs.)

I cannot remember the exact moment, but I can remember this period of time when I became aware of fashion–as in Vogue fashion. I believe I was 13 or 14. I know it was around my freshman year in high school. I don’t know how I came across owning a Vogue. I wish I could recall all the details, but I remember being enthralled, absolutely mesmerised by this magazine. I know my mom didn’t buy it; she didn’t purchase or even read fashion mags. I could have checked it out at the library as I frequented our local public branch often. The magazine could have been a hand-me-down. I am not sure, but that first Vogue…well it was not the last!

I was drawing a lot during this stage in my life, and I would just look at a model and draw her. Then, I’d try again. I really loved drawing and just drew and drew. I don’t know why I ever stopped. At the time, drawing and design, fashion and the industry, they were just dreams. It wasn’t ever anything that I believed I could actually consider. I wonder why. Why not!? This was the late 80s, so it was a very practical time. I was the oldest of five; there were expectations to be met. I don’t mention any of this with any regret. My path has been incredible…but of course I do wonder, What if? What if I actually just went for it….?

That’s what NOW is for! Now I am successful in my job, in my career as an international educator. Now I can take risks with the safety of knowing I have my day job. I love my day job–being a librarian with high school students–it’s awesome! Just now, when these opportunities are ahead of me, I am grasping at them. I am taking them! I can and I will. And in the meantime I’m going to have a little fun while I embrace these second chances to make dreams come true.

Skirt Twirling



Kremb de la Kremb Tee Side

Some Outfit Details

This is the outfit that I wore to the fashion show. Each designer comes out immediately after his or her line has been shown and takes their designer bow. I was so worried for this during the rehearsal. I was a bundle of nerves. But then, during the actual event, I was just so proud and exuberant, I just remember feeling all smiles. I designed the tee and skirt to compliment my line but in no way mimmic it.

Earrings: Forever 21 clearance baubles

Lipstick: I wanted really long lasting bold and dark red lip, so I blended NARS lip pencil in Dragon Girl with Bourjois Rouge Velvet in Hot Pepper.

Shirt: I used to make my shirt. Go Kremb de la Kremb!! (Any orders!?)

Skirt: I designed this skirt. I had been heavily influenced by the skirts I saw all winter by Alice and Olivia. I wanted something in the same color scheme as my line, BUT I wanted it to look totally different at the same time. This black and white stripe fabric perfectly complimented the black velvet with off-white satin of my line. The sash on each dress was floral and flowy, so I wanted the linear look of stripes.

Shoes: I went with my black Converse–I knew I was going to have to walk out there on the stage and bow, and I did NOT want to trip! Wasn’t gonna happen in tennies!

Silver Anklets and Evil Eye Necklace: I needed a little auspiciousness with me! 😀

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Kremb de la Kremb Prom: Attempting Fashion Design


Kremb de la Kremb Prom Designs

Last year I had such an amazing time attending the HKIS’ Interact Fashion Show. It was truly a feat! Student models, designers, and even planners created the entire show. I was just blown away by the talent. I also felt a little tinge of green envy at the chance these students were given. This year, when the call for designers was made, I casually asked the head designer, “Hey, can teachers design?” I was so pleasantly surprised by the enthusiastic “YES!”
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