Cut Offs: Ping Pong Piece No. 4

With it being my turn to choose the Ping Pong Piece this June 20th, I am sure it comes as no surprise that I went with my summer (or pretty much year long) staple: cut offs! These particular cut offs are my absolute fave; meanwhile my husband (and one of my sisters) hates them. He can stand how big they are, but that’s what I love about these Wrangler, DIY, grandpa-like cut offs. They are so comfortable: the wash is perfect, there’s the proper amount of distressing, the leg holes are nice and wide, and the waist is a little big. Basically I feel like I’m in a pair of pajama bottoms when I wear these cut offs–granted I don’t care if it looks that way! I had to wear this tee for this month because summer has started, and yet I already don’t want it to end! I suppose this is very spoiled of me to say since I do get a 7 week break. Not everyone has that sort of summer break, but as a teacher, I’m going to embrace every single day I’ve got.

Ruth from My Little Nest

Since it was my month to choose the theme that means I also got to invite someone. I invited Ruth from My Little Nest–who has the most contagious smile ever! Ruth is also from Seattle, so I was pretty excited to invite someone from the PNW. For as much as I may complain about Instagram, I should not! I have made some pretty neat virtual friends, Ruth being one of them. She is always, so sweet, very sincere, and just a kind virtual friend. I am hoping I may get to meet her in real life this weekend when I’m in Seattle! She would be the first Insta friend I will meet. Aside from being a really nice person, Ruth also has amazing style. I often see what she’s wearing and think, “I’d wear that!” Maybe it’s a Pacific Northwest thing…. I mean look at those cut offs! They are RAD!! Thank you for joining us this month Ruth. If you want a super nice friend on Instagram, do follow @ruthyannie and make sure to start reading her blog too: My Little Nest.

Samantha from Fake Fabulous

I have a pair of white cut offs, so I’m not surprised to see Samantha in a pair. What does surprise me is the pairing with neutrals. Sam is usually so bold, so I was startled to see a more muted color palette this round. The great thing about this lady is she makes me think about doing new things with my own style. I would never pair my white cut offs with a nude, khaki sweater, but wow! It’s such a classy look. Thanks for giving me style inspo once again Sam!

Anna from Anna’s Island Style

Anna is also sporting some white cut offs…. from me! We brought back a bit of the Ping Pong Post this month as Anna was pushed a bit with cut offs as she didn’t own any. Well, I’ve got denim coming out my ears! Easily I was able to make her to pairs of cut offs: a pair of white denim cut off bermudas (worn and shown here) and cut off denim white skirt. Again, Anna proved that white cut offs look great with neutrals. I’m going to have to try this with both my white denim cut offs and my white denim cut off skirt. What would I do without all these amazing friends I’ve made virtually via blogging and Instagram!? Thank you for more style inspo Anna, and I think you look great in cut offs. I hope you wear them all summer long!

And me, Kremb de la Kremb

These pictures were taken the weekend before we came home for our summer. Near our home in Hong Kong we have a variety of beaches to choose from–it’s actually really awesome. All the public beaches have fire pits to barbecue on to, so this was our first and last barbecue for the 2016-2017 school year. It’s so fun to pack up a picnic of food and barbecue on the beach during the sunset hour. I almost lost the sun in these pics; it went down so fast! Luckily my stellar photographer got the pics!

Look at my buff photographer: she set her mind on abs during the month of June, and by golly she got some!!

10 Denim DIY Projects

This pair of deconstructed denim is my most recent denim DIY.

I love DIY projects. What I’ve come to realize with all the DIY that I do, is that I particularly love a denim DIY project. I have a few denim DIY projects up my sleeve that I need to create, but first I wanted to recap some of the denim DIY projects I’ve already done. I found ten! Let’s take a look….. I hope this post offers you some easy denim DIY inspiration!

This DIY patched denim shirt is one of my all time faves. I love how it turned out. All the patches were picked up in a night market in Thailand too, so there’s special sentimental memories attached to the shirt.

My other Thai special is this embellished jean jacket. I created all the patches and
designed where everything would go. But then I gave pinned up jacket to the concierge
at a Thai hotel who gave it to the hotel’s driver who gave it to the village tailor.
So yes, it took a village! This is another sentimental and favorite denim DIY of mine.

To copy the fashion stars must be the best form of flattery right? I feel very proud of the Eva Chen inspired star patched jeans. I’ve had the jeans forever; now I don’t think I’ll ever get rid of them!

Speaking of copying….check out these Gucci inspired cutoffs. Definitely a fraction
of the cost of the designer label’s pair! And mine are Kremb de la Kremb!!

This is a no brainer, but I often just cut off the hem. That’s pretty much the easiest denim DIY out there! (These pants are up for something new actually–stay tuned….) And if you want to get the ankle cropped jean,
just take your favorite pair and cut off to your ankle. Easy peasy and a money saver!

These are my favorite cutoff jean shorts. They’re nice and big.
I made them from a men’s pair of Wranglers. (They’ll be featured again real soon!)

Creating your own jean shorts doesn’t have to be limited to blue denim.
Try white or even black jeans and cut them off to your desired length.

Kremb de la Kremb Boho

The other thing that can be cutoff is a denim skirt. Just make sure to go past the slit in the back.

Why buy distressed jeans? Just use scissors, an exacto knife, and a cheese grater,
and get distressing on your favorite pair!

These are totally inspired by my mom, Joanie. She’s an artist and has always made such cute doodles.
She helped me with this pair: DIY color book cutoffs!

This last denim DIY is the very first time I worked with Yee! This was back in 2013–four years ago! I took two sentimental pieces and attached them to a sleeveless shirt I was never wearing.
Speaking of which, it’s time to pull that shirt out!

What sort of denim DIY would you like to see on the blog?

I can tell you I have a couple of projects in mind: a super fringy hemmed pair of both jeans and skirt plus the need for a new embellished jean jacket. Also, I can’t wait to get to the thrift stores in the States where I’m able to stock up on all sorts of great denim! Oh, and I definitely want to try to make my own acid wash jeans so I guess that means there’s more than a couple of ideas on my mind!

But really, what would you like to see or know how to do?

Makeshift Denim Off the Shoulder Jumpsuit

Makeshift Jumpsuit 3
Recently, I was admiring @shoppolkadotboutique’s Instagram feed when I became completely enamoured by this denim off the shoulder jumpsuit. It got met thinkin’…. Maybe I could make my own makeshift jumpsuit. I have the chambray off the shoulder top, and I have a denim pair of culottes; going monochromatic is a sure bet way to create an illusion of a jumpsuit. Granted mine isn’t as lovely as the one at Shop Polkadot Boutique, but it felt good to shop my own wardrobe and create a somewhat similar look. This could be done with a black top and wide legged black pants or even a white blouse and skinny jeans. Jumpsuits work because they provide a unified silhouette. Give it a try!

Makeshift Jumpsuit 2

Makeshift Jumpsuit 6

Makeshift Jumpsuit 5

Makeshift Jumpsuit 1

Slip-on Sparkle or Heels?

Makeshift Jumpsuit 8
Because of my hip issues this year, I’ve had to really change my footwear. And oh, do I miss wearing heels! These Kate Spade sparkly numbers are by far my favorite pair. On my birthday in February, when I saw these slip-on, Kate Spade, Keds’ version of my beloved heels, I had to get them! Sparkle in any form–even of the casual variety, is going to make me smile! But just for fun, I paired them here with the makeshift jumpsuit. Which way do you like the outfit? With the casual slip-ons or the fancy heels?

Makeshift Jumpsuit 7

Mix & Match a Makeshift Jumpsuit

Grab an off the shoulder top and pair it with a pair of culottes. Easy peasy makeshift jumpsuit!

Or Just go straight for the Jumpsuit

More Denim Off the Shoulder Tops–None Over $40!

I found this shop named Boohoo–very reasonable priced items that look so cute!

*This post has been linked up to #iwillwearwhatilike, Sheela Writes, and Friday Fashion Fun.

Jumpsuit Monday: The Lounger

My Jumpsuit Monday series is coming to an end with this last Monday of June, but that by no means I won’t be sporting the this trend for the rest of the summer or even ever for that matter. (In fact as I write I am wearing this jumpsuit for a baby shower my sisters and I just hosted for my brothers and their pregnant wives.) I’ve shown you the romper last week. Before that there was the black jumpsuit, the day party jumpsuit, and the cocktail jumpsuit. This Monday for my final installment I simply styled the lounger jumpsuit. This is the one you want to wear lazily around the house (or anywhere for that matter) because it’s so comfortable. When you find this trend made out of the coziest cotton tee material go for it. This type is perfect for a day of lounging and working around the house, but then again it can also be easily dressed up with a statement necklaces and a pair of heels. The other item that might look a little odd in this post are my glasses. I must go see the optometrist since I cannot see out of my right eye. It’s very strange!



Style Story: Denim All Week

denim all weekDenim all week was worn all this week which made sense since it was a super casual week in Seattle. My friend Sheela from Sheela Writes prompted a no denim all last week via a challenge from The Man Repeller. Then, at the same exact time we said to each other, “Hey! Let’s wear denim all week this week instead!” For me it was easy. I basically lived in my Wrangler cutoffs. Then by Thursday I pulled out my denim cutoff skirt and finally on Friday I wore denim on top. Aside from denim my week was also filled with tees from sporting my baseball team (Go Mariners!) to graphic tees with quirky messages. Lately, I see one, read the message, and then think, Ya, I stand behind that! Take a look at my very casual week:

Day 1, Denim All Week:

Denim All WeekSince we went to a Mariner’s game it was pretty necessary that I wear a team tee. I really love the old school Mariner’s logo and look–which is making a very strong come back. In fact, the players wore this old style at the game we went too. Unfortunately they lost.

Day 2, Denim All Week:

Denim All WeekWe took a little road trip with my in-laws this week. We went to Mt. Hood in Oregon for two nights. Since we were going to be staying at the Timberline Lodge, I felt like I needed some extra protection. You see, this is the lodge that was used for the outside shots of the winter lodge in The Shining. No worries! We felt very safe. And the views and setting were AMAZING. I highly recommend this destinations as a very easy staycation in Seattle. (I’ll post more details on this outing later…)

Day 3, Denim All Week:

Denim All WeekOn our way back to Seattle, we stopped on the side of the road to complete this charming (and short) little walk to the Zig Zag waterfall. I love little pitstops that are so picturesque. And yes, this is the third day in a row that I wore my favorite Wrangler jean shorts!

Day 4, Denim All Week:

denim all weekThose jean shorts (obviously) needed washing, so I pulled out my cutoff jean skirt to add to the rotation. This is the graphic tee that I had to buy. I saw it at the Nordstrom Rack, and I was like, Ya, I totally agree! “Life is a party. Dress like it!” In a way, this kind of sums up my attitude toward getting dress as captured by this Style Story series.

Day 5, Denim All Week:

denim all weekAfter some sort of cutoff denim all week long, I tried to dress it up a bit on this last day of denim all week. Instead of denim on the bottom, I wore my denim blousy tee. This top is so comfy and I think looks nice. I paired it with my burnt orange suede shorts. And yes, that is a denim fanny pack that you see! Here’s to the bum bag/waist pack/belt bag, whatever you want to call it. I love all of them!

What’s more likely for you to have? A denim-less week or denim all week long? For summer, this week is definitely more of my Style Story.

Packing 101: Road Trip Uniform

RedwoodWe just finished a fabulous road trip that started in Seattle and took us on the 101 Highway down to San Francisco. We stopped in Portland, and then meandered along the Oregon post and stayed in Seaside, and Bandon. Once we got into California, we wondered through the Redwoods, stayed a night in Healdsberg, and explored San Francisco. The entire ten day voyage was such a blast!

JumpingI packed with a uniform in mind: denim on bottom with white on top. This routine set me up for comfort while feeling a bit stylish even out of a car. I brought two pairs of jeans and three cut-off jean shorts. My white staples consisted of a cami, a v-neck tee, a long sleeve crew neck and a white shirt. To add to my boho style I added a long white Mexican tunic and two lacey tops. To mix things up plus provide warmth, I would throw on one of three scarves and my black jersey moto jacket or my jean jacket. For shoes, comfort in walking was key: I either wore my white slip-ons, my brown booties, my black studded booties, or my black look-alike birks (those were only worn once due to inclement weather;). I kept my jewellery simple with silver–hoops and my necklace filled with charms. This left picking up any jewellery along the way a viable option!


HamsaHere’s the necklace I picked up at Portland Saturday Market. I’m a sucker for anything with the evil eye to ward off any evil.






Back to School [ for the Student / for the Librarian ]

Screen Shot 2013-08-12 at 8.50.05 PM

For the Student
Vince Camuto Shirt
TopShop Lace Skater Skirt
Jeffrey Campbell Wyman
Forever 21 Backpack

For the Librarian
Ralph Lauren Shirt
TopShop Tube Skirt
Jeffrey Campbell Stewart
Proenza Schouler Satchel

Screen Shot 2013-08-13 at 5.08.00 PM

For the Student
Killers Tank Top
Cut-off Overalls
White Converse
River Island Backpack

For the Librarian
Scarf Lace
Denim Shirt Dress
Guess Sandals
Calypso Tote

Screen Shot 2013-08-13 at 6.32.13 PM

For the Student
Aeropostale Graphic Tee
Floral Jeans
Wanted Wedge Sneaker
Cut N Paste Fringe Satchel

For the Librarian
Madewell Peplum Tank
3.1 Phillip Lim Silk Trousers
Nine West Peep Toe Pump
Chenille Boho Bag

Screen Shot 2013-08-13 at 7.40.42 PM

For the Student
Striped Crop Shorts
Scalloped TopShop Shorts
Double Laced Keds
Hello Kitty Backpack

For the Librarian
Bretton Cropped Stripe Tee
ASOS Full Midi Skirt
Gabriella Rocha Wedge
Grafea Rucksack

What do you think? Which styles would you go for? Tell me!