Athleisure: Sparkly Sweater Pants

Athleisure, a style that seems to have become my own, but first… Awwww, this week for spring break I’m away in Bohol, Philippines! I made sure to have all my content for this week uploaded before even arriving to the Philippines because this area, and our resort in particular, are not best known for their Internet service. Rather, the blues of the water and sky with the white sandy beach make for picturesque posts to come…plus some much relished R&R.

For all this week, I’m offering three ways I incorporate an athleisure style. I pretty much only wear tennis shoes now which I’ll expound upon later on Wednesday. But, somehow, I haven’t let tennis shoes cramp my style, nor my flare for bling. Here, I may be in silver brogue runners, but paired with sparkly silver sweater pants I still feel just enough glam. Plus, adding a big ol’ statement necklace adds to my glamorous vibe! For comfort, these sweater pants are pyjama worthy hence I wore an oversized white shirt and sweater too. This outfit with its athleisure style has become my style–especially since I wear some sort of sneaker every single day (unless I’m at the beach where you’ll find me properly barefoot–like right now as I write!).





PS I apologize for no posts on Wednesday and Friday. The week escaped me, and before I knew it I just wasn’t able to hit the publish button on both of these nights. Much of it had to do with my knee and my physical ailments. But like I said; I’ll save that update for Wednesday….

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Under the Dress

Pink Crush Velvet Dress | Embroidered Jeans | Pink Velvet Sneakers

To avoid being too overly predictable–velvet, blushing pink, and sneakers–I tried something new. I wore things under the dress: a crisp white shirt and a pair of embroidered jeans under the dress make for a way more casual look to this ultra shimmery velvet crush dress. I am often guilty of eating my breakfast or lunch in a 5 minute break. It’s awful really and not a very French way of eating and enjoying my meal. Therefore, if I place a fashion magazine under my nose, I have the chance of taking 15 minutes to eat rather than 5. I also benefit in my #ootd department. Recently while reading the February People Style Watch, I came across a couple of trends to try: the white shirt and crop jeans under the dress. Presto! I read, learned, and executed! What do you think?

Do you wear something under your dress?

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Dressing Up with Tennis Shoes

Just this week I confessed to the chronic pain I experience in my hip, and how I still try to remain happy. One of the ways I manage each day is by wearing comfortable shoes…but what about when I need to dress up? Like, just this week I have had three rather formal events to attend: a graduation dinner, a senior brunch, and graduation. Alongside all the grad festivities, there’s my son’s 8th grade recognition party. All these events pose a problem for the enthusiastic fashionista in me: dressing up with tennis shoes? Can it be done and how? In my mind, since I’ve been wearing tennis shoes each day, every day for about a year now, I now just wear them as if they’re any other shoe. This dress I’m wearing…I bought it for cocktail parties–in fact I wore it to my school’s Christmas party with a turtleneck underneath, fleeced tights, a long cardi, and over the knee boots. It is a great party dress! Here, I dressed up everything the same way I would for a party: smokey shadow, blingy accessories, a bright pink lip, yet when it came to my shoes, I chose my black Converse. Dressing up with tennis shoes in my opinion is a state of mind–if I feel dressed up, I will be dressed up. It goes back to another one of my mantras: if you think you are, you are! So, for the senior brunch, I wore a turquoise jumpsuit and my sleeveless white blazer with my sparkly Keds. For my son’s 8th grade recognition party I’ll be wearing my rehearsal dinner dress with a pair of khaki Supergas. And for graduation, I’ll pair a white dress with my Reebok classics. My shoes aren’t what dress me up; rather it’s my attitude that dresses me up!

Outfit Details:
  • I picked up this dress from Forever 21. The sparkles really got to me as did the Star Trek like shoulders. I really couldn’t resist. It’s a little snug in spots, so I wear a pair of spanks underneath. I like how the back (not shown–sorry!) is also a “V.”
  • Chucks are stable for me…I’m ready to get a white pair too. I just saw a student at the senior brunch who took off all the labels on a white pair, and it looked so cool. I will be copying him momentarily….thanks for the style inspo Benson!
  • The earrings are from a random shop in Jardine’s Bazaar. They have all these little vintage like earrings. I picked up more than a few–totally not necessary, but I’m such a sucker when it comes to accessories! The necklace is part of a set of three from Forever 21. I just chose one so as not to over-bling myself! Hahha. And the clutch was picked up at the annual 4th of July Parade Picnic that we attend every summer. I head straight to the same booth each and every year and always score some goodies from this lady. And the sunniest were a random find on a trip to China. Little markets in China seem to have the quirkiest sunglasses like this silvery, leopard pair!
  • My hair was freshly cut in these pics–I have finally gotten to the mullet. Not sure if I’m used to it and even like it, but I finally reached my hair goal. What do you think? Hahha! Maybe I really don’t want to know…. Wink wink.
  • Setting Details:

    Stanley Market has all sorts of fun walls all over the place. For these outfit pics, Gigi and I were headed to the same place I first posed with this dress, but on the way we ran into this cute panda painted by Printhouse HK. He seemed to be winking at us, saying, “Hey! Stop here. Take some pics with me!”