California Dreaming

Kevin and I had such an amazing trip through California this summer! We rented a convertible (white GTE Mustang) and drove north from La up the coast. We stopped in five places: Venice Beach, Santa Barbara, Morro Bay, Monterey, and Santa Cruz. (I’ll make sure to link the places I recommend at the end of this post.) This summer Kevin and celebrated 20 years being married. We can now make that statement in which more than half of our life has been together. Incredible!! And wonderful all at the same time. I do love the life we have created, and I feel very blessed (as cliché as that word is, it’s true) to be with Kevin Krembs.

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Redwoods, California


One of the main reasons we took a road trip was to witness the Redwoods in California. These giant trees are something to see! They are so spectacular in their greatness. I have always wanted to show these giants to our kiddos, and I’m so happy we were able to so with Jane and Alex.




Packing 101: Road Trip Uniform

RedwoodWe just finished a fabulous road trip that started in Seattle and took us on the 101 Highway down to San Francisco. We stopped in Portland, and then meandered along the Oregon post and stayed in Seaside, and Bandon. Once we got into California, we wondered through the Redwoods, stayed a night in Healdsberg, and explored San Francisco. The entire ten day voyage was such a blast!

JumpingI packed with a uniform in mind: denim on bottom with white on top. This routine set me up for comfort while feeling a bit stylish even out of a car. I brought two pairs of jeans and three cut-off jean shorts. My white staples consisted of a cami, a v-neck tee, a long sleeve crew neck and a white shirt. To add to my boho style I added a long white Mexican tunic and two lacey tops. To mix things up plus provide warmth, I would throw on one of three scarves and my black jersey moto jacket or my jean jacket. For shoes, comfort in walking was key: I either wore my white slip-ons, my brown booties, my black studded booties, or my black look-alike birks (those were only worn once due to inclement weather;). I kept my jewellery simple with silver–hoops and my necklace filled with charms. This left picking up any jewellery along the way a viable option!


HamsaHere’s the necklace I picked up at Portland Saturday Market. I’m a sucker for anything with the evil eye to ward off any evil.