Blazers–Ping Pong Piece No. 2

Oh this pink blazer….does it have a story! When Anna called this month’s ping pong piece to be blazers, I knew I had to showcase this pink blazer. It haunts me! Here goes….I bought this pink blazer with my dear friend Sandy during a shopping spree in Beijing at an H&M in a fun area called Qianmen Dadjie. Those trips were so great: we’d go to brunch at Capital M and shop the area. Mmmm, memories. Fast forward to Hong Kong, and I found I never really wore this blazer, so I gave it away at this swap. It wasn’t shortly after I gave it away, that I actually went looking for it and realized it was gone from my closet. Darn! Oh well…but then, fast forward to another swap held by the same people, and I couldn’t believe it, but my pink blazer was sitting on the rack! I bought it back!! Ironically, just recently at the Rug Lane Swap, I attempted to sell it again, but it never sold. I guess it’s mine to keep, don’t you think!!?

Do you wear blazers? Describe your favorite one! Plus, read through to see how the others styled their blazers.



Anna’s Island Style

I’ve actually been on the hunt for a floral blazer. I think it’d be fun to own one. Anna’s husband gave her this one for Christmas. Isn’t that sweet?! I can’t imagine Kevin ever buying me clothes…. I really admire how Ann has paired it with all white; it’s very elegant.

When the Girls Rule

Anna invited Julia from When the Girls Rule to join us this month. I really love the color of her blazer. The cornflower blue is right in line with the pink of mine. I’m also interested in trying out the longer length jacket which looks great on her. Julia’s blazer looks really nice with that pretty, spring, floral dress.

Fake Fabulous

I’d like to rename Samantha from Fake Fabulous to Fabulous Print Mixer. She seems to style as effortless as can be–and the is never, ever anything fake about her! I used to have a blazer like this Sam, but I think I sent it to one of you two when we would mail pieces around the world. Who has that pinstriped suit?

And me, Kremb de la Kremb

One thing I will never get rid of is this very old navy blue tank from a market in Florence. “Ciao Bella!” Oh what wonderful words!! I love Italy, and I always claim how I’d like to be Italian. Yet, it’s no secret I wear tennis shoes with everything these days, so I attempt to balance out a formal blazer with a tank and cut-off denim skirt.



Now…what should I do with this blazer!?

Style Story: Blazers Made Fun


This is by far the best purchase I made this winter in anticipation of spring. I love this embroidered blazer.
It’s still available too! Uh oh, now there are shorts to match too!

(This week for my Style Story I’ve tried out something a little new. I’m not sure I’m pleased with my editing results, but bare with me as I keep trying to learn how to be better at Photoshop…)

Since we had a four day week, I looked at my closet and realized I own four blazers: a pinstripe, a sleeveless white, a bold pink, and an embroidered print. I rarely wear blazers as to me they always seem so business-y. So for this week I set out to wear my blazers in my fun and quirky way. While yes, a blazer will add polish and professionalism to any look, they can also be quite fun!


Pinstripe Blazers:

I have pants to match my pinstripe blazer so it’s a suit. I just have to squeeze into the pants right now. They’re a little tight!

Sleeveless White Blazers:

Mine was originally a long sleeve blazer. When I found myself never wearing it, I took off the sleeves and now I wear it so much more. You could do this easily with any of the blazers in your closet. Just bring it to your nearest tailor.

Bold Pink Blazers:

I had actually gotten rid of my pink blazer. I donated it to one of the Swap and Shops that happen in HK. Afterward, I totally regretted it. At the next Swap and Shop I went to, I saw it was still there, so I stole my own blazer back!

Patterned Blazers:

I still think mine is the best! And look at the shorts!!

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