The Other Uniform: Black Bodysuits with Denim

Last week I demonstrated one of my uniforms: a white tops with jean shorts on Monday and a flowy white top with jeans on Wednesday. This week I shall do the same with another one of my uniforms: black bodysuits with denim. However, let me first reminisce. Back on April 1, @jessbobess posted this picture. I was instantly enamored with her black bodysuit with denim–acid wash to be more specific, and I have faithfully been copying her look all spring, summer and now fall. I can’t get enough of this outfit. On Friday night I wore this top with jeans to dinner and then to see live music; on Sunday I wore this top with my cutoffs to a barbecue at a friend’s house. Yes, it’s another bodysuit (you may remember these three from Friday, but this black bodysuit is totally comfortable–I got an XL so it’s nice an roomy, there are no snaps in the crotch, it’s super soft, and last but not least, I simply wear a normal black bra and just tuck the left shoulder strap into my armpit area. If you were going to venture out into the bodysuit arena, this black bodysuit is the one to start with. Stay tuned for Wednesday when I basically wear Jess’ entire outfit!

*Here’s my exact black bodysuit. Like I mentioned I got an XL, and I love that it’s just a bit roomier–it’s not tight at all. If you prefer to have the one asymmetrical shoulder on the left, there’s also this version.

What is more of your staple? Black with denim or white with denim?
Stay tuned for Wednesday when I style a one long sleeve, asymmetrical, black bodysuit with jeans.

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