Alternative Makeup (Vlog No. 3)

alternative makeup
I’m always one to try something. Why not? Lately I’ve been seeing looks of alternative makeup where red is on the eyes and blue is on the lips–this alternative makeup is opposite of what we are used to. But, unless you try, you’ll never know if it looks good on you. In my opinion, the red on my lids compliments the blue of my eyes nicely. Also, the blue lips makes my teeth look not so stained.

Have a watch at Alternative Makeup

Do you think you’ll be trying the alternative makeup look? ;p

All the Tucks for Those Tops Your Tucking

No Tuck

The way one tucks her shirt is filled with options. Silly, but it is. Here in this post, I provide a picture for your reference of all the tucks. Which is your preferred way to tuck in your top?

Half Tuck

Lil Front Tuck

Front Tuck

Full Tuck

Butt Tucks

April Fools with this last one! I don’t plan on ever embracing the the “butt tuck!” Hehehehe!

April Fools with All the Tucks!

Did I fool you with the last one? Remember my joke from last year?

Pink Hair! Have you ever considered dying your hair a bright color?

I’ve got pink hair! I’ve always thought about dying my hair. It’s almost like I have a bucket hair list. Or perhaps I might be experiencing a midlife crisis. First, I totally chop all my hair off, and now I’ve gone and dyed it bright pink. Well, I’m having fun! That’s all that matters right?!

Pink Hair

Oh, hey….

April Fools with the Pink Hair!

Yes, I have thought about dying my hair and actually fantasized about a bold bright color, but no, I don’t think I’d ever dye it–not like this anyway. But it sure is fun to consider… The tutorials on Youtube for Photoshop are amazing these days! 😀 I learned how to create pink hair.