The Sun is Also a Star: A Book with an Outfit

I’ve made a conscious decision to post at least one book in one of my outfit posts a month. Last month it was The Twentieth Wife. This month it’s The Sun is Also a Star, by Nicola Yoon. Oh, this author! She is absolutely amazing. First, I was enthralled with Everything Everything–which I hear has now been made into a movie, but we all know the book will remain better. Then, because I adored reading Everything Everything, I couldn’t wait for The Sun is Also a Star to get back into the library. I even put a hold on the title. And, oh, it did not disappoint. Both books are totally different, but the way Yoon writes completely grabs and sucks the reader in. I know I’m reading an amazing book when it becomes both my home and school reading material. I especially know I’m reading a good book when I purposely tag along to be left behind in a park to read while Kevin hikes and Gigi has basketball. That was the case on this Saturday when I finally finished The Sun is Also a Star. Is it enough just to tell you to read Nicola Yoon? Or do you want a synopsis? Ok, fine. Keep reading….

I love a story with multiple narrations which The Sun is Also a Star has. Natasha is a 16 year old illegal immigrant from Jamaica who will be deported within the day. She’s also a realist believing in scientific fact. Daniel is a sentimental Korean American who cries if he ever sees anyone crying. He’s also aware that he aspires to be a poet, but with Korean parents, they already have his plan of life outlined. These two individuals’ paths cross–more than once, and every time they cross, fireworks both implode and explode. Along with their narrations little factual tidbits are included from facts about African hair wigs to side stories of other characters. Basically, I never wanted to put this book down; rather I wanted to keep reading, learn more about the characters, and hope for an impossible happy ending…

PS Nicola Yoon, I sure hope you’ll want to come to Hong Kong when I invite you for next school year!

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  • señora allnut

    it looks really interesting, and I’m taking notes on this book to look for at my local public library!, I always enjoy a book review!
    And you look relaxed and cool!, lovely sneakers and lovely textured pants!

    • Thank you Señora Allnut! I can’t wait to hear what you think of the book. It’s so good00as was Everything Everything too. Look for that one too.

      A x

  • Judy Gramith

    I like this new book theme idea! The book sounds very intriguing and because you’re a librarian I consider you an excellent critic!
    You look wonderful in these cool neutral tones of beige and loden Ann. The shot of you among the palms is so nice.

    • Thank you Jude. It’s kind of fun to match the book with an outfit or setting. And I love books so why not!? I’m glad you like it!!

      Love, Ann