Stop the Car!


Family portrait agains a stunning backdrop–this wasn’t the first and only, but it did happened to be the best!

The Spirit Lake Library’s wifi is working this time around, and I have finally been able to upload some pictures from the start of our summer! The four Kremb de la Kremb went on a road trip down Highway 101 with Kevin’s folks, Alex and Jane–also affectionately known as Babaji and Grammie. We had such a wonderful time! They joined us all the way down to Miranda Gardens in the Redwoods (more on that later locale later). We had such fun, and as often happens on a road trip, we often had to stop the car! The sites and beauty of the Oregon Coast are breathtaking. We were in awe the entire time–and that’s saying something when you’re sittin’ in a car.


Head out the window just like a pup!


I often started the day with sooooo many layers, yet by the end of the day, hat, scarf, jacket, and leggings were gone.



Gigi takes the BEST jumping shots. She’s my lil’ sporty sport!


Here’s these two kiddos on the roof of the car–don’t worry we were parked looking at a herd of elk.


H U G S ! !



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