Shopping Patience

I do believe I have incredible shopping patience. I coveted this beautiful sequin skirt all winter long, but I could never get myself to splurge. It seemed quite expensive. Then, the fact that H&M didn’t have my size kind of helped–although there’s always ways of finding my size if my fashion fixation is strong enough. I just could never get myself to pay the full price, and at H&M I usually don’t because I know at the end of the season, their sales will be major! Case in point this beautiful sequin skirt. I’ve been seeing a chiropractor twice a week for almost two months now. His office just happens to be across the street from Hong Kong’s flagship H&M. I cannot NOT go in–especially when the red “SALE” flags are hoisted everywhere. I went straight to the skirts, and whadya know. There were three more sequin skirts, and a size 10 was waiting for me! I was thrilled, and obviously very impressed by my shopping patience. I paid 1/3 of the first asking price. Now it was definitely within my budget. I love it when my fashion fixations come true due to my shopping patience!

Do you splurge or do you wait for the sales?

Earrings and Skirt (It’s still available online!), H&M | Tee, Cotton On |
Waist Bag, Forever 21 | Velvet Sneakers, Steve Madden

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  • I love that skirt!!

  • Anne, I’m exactly the same as you! I always try and wait for the sales, especially in H&M which is one of my absolute favourites places to shop. Most of their clothes just fit, and suit me, which I love. Today though I was in Primark and I spotted a pair of shorts that I’d been looking at two weeks before and this time they were less than half price! Not that they were expensive before, nothing in that place is ever expensive lol.
    That sequinned skirt is absolutely DIVINE! Why haven’t I seen it in my local H&M?!!
    Suzy xxx

  • Judy Gramith

    You are all aglow my dear! There is a certain feeling if triumph that comes with waiting for a particular item to hit our personal jackpot spot isn’t there? The skirt is perfect with the velvet sneakers. This outfit has all the elements of being totally dressed up and casual at the same time! What’s better than a cute conundrum? A jazzy juxtaposition? An Annie anomaly?
    How goes the physical therapy?

  • first off, love love the skirt! So I wait for the sales – mostly because the few times I can’t wait and purchase at regular price…it then goes on sale!! So yes I wait most of the time, especially on designer and investment pieces like shoes, denim, sweaters and jackets.
    Fun post and love the velvet sneakers!

  • seƱora allnut

    lovely skirt, and it fits you like a dream!, so glad that you could grab it!
    I also wait for the sales, and I feel very proud of myself when I buy something really cheap!