Wool Cold Shoulder Winter Dress

I’ve worked with Shein again to feature this super cute, wool, cold shoulder winter dress. If one looks closely, the black and white checks can be seen. Plus, the cold shoulders have the cutest little ruffles that compliment the ruffles at the bottom. The final winning feature of this winter dress is POCKETS! Everyone loves pockets. Am I right?! Because it was a chilly day I simply wore a pair of leggings underneath to provide extra warmth plus a black cami–if it were really cold a black turtleneck would also work. And any dress that I can sport a pair of tennies with is a total winner of a winter dress in my wardrobe. These Old Skool Vans are new to the Kremb de la Kremb tennis shoe collection! My awesome Skyline Hong Kong Tote is from Louella Odié.

Try a Winter Dress with Shein

What do you look for in a winter dress? Have you shopped at Shein yet? I know I keep telling you to, so go give it a try! Here’s a link to my cold shoulder winter dress, but to tempt you, I’ve also chosen six options all under $33!

I love the fisherman cable knit–in anything, and in a long, long dress like this, it would almost make for cozy pajamas–but not!

What cool structural lines! And the people who can wear this color should because it’s just so gorgeous. You owe it to all of us fair and pink women who cannot. Please, someone with beautiful olive skin, get this amazing dress!

I love a dress that is both classy and funky. I can see my boss totally rocking this dress! She has pins for legs. (In fact I hope she’s reading this! And then gets it!!)

I love anything fringe-y and since this sweater dress is in my one of my favorite colors, navy blue, with little colors woven in, I love it!

Can you tell I’m a sucker for the fisherman cable sweater. Well, this dress with POCKETS is adorable!

I’m pretty sure I picked this beautiful grey one because I can imagine my sister Julie wearing this. In fact, just this morning she sent me a video of the snow falling in my hometown of Spokane, Washington. This dress would surely keep her cozy over tights, leggings, or even jeans.

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  • Judy Gramith

    This dress is completely unique. Something about combining a men’s wear fabric with feminine details like ruffles is always fun. This is a ying/yang dress!!
    The other Shein dresses you featured are cute as well. I also love the fishermen knit and have sweaters and even a throw! (handknit from Goodwill!).
    By the way, I received my sheer, floral embroidery dress and I love it!!! It will have to wait till the weather warms up but I’ll send you a photo of my styling idea.

    How is the cleanse/ diet going????
    How is pinky?

    • Hi Jude! I love how I can always rely on you!! Thank you so much for your Kremb de la Kremb support! Have I told you lately how much I appreciate it? Well, I do!!

      It is a total ying/yang dress. Maybe I need to redit my commentary on this outfit….hmm. It’s perfect for Women’s Day: powerful yet feminine. It is possible!

      I would love a handknit throw. One of these days I want to learn to knit. One of these days….

      Cleanse is good, pinky is great, knee not so much. :S

      Thanks again Jude!


  • señora allnut

    lovely dress, I like those little black&white checks, the cold shoulders, the ruffles, the pockets, the shape!. That’s my kind of Winter dress, because it could be layered in many interesting ways.
    I’m also a huge fan of fisherman cable knit!

    • Thank you Señora Allnut! It really could be layered in a ton of ways. Do you think you will get it?

      A x

      • señora allnut

        sorry for a late answer!
        I think this dress would be nice, but I suspect that my size will be a problem, I’m wearing a 20 Uk size!

        • I actually ended up giving this dress away to my friend I’m a Norbyah. It fit me ok, but because it was tight in places it was very itchy. She’s slim as a rail, so the fabric didn’t bother her at all. It is a super cute piece though. I can’t wait to see how she styles it… A x