What!? I Shave My Face!? (Vlog No. 2)

Yes the following vlog is going to come to a shock to many, but maybe there are a few other shavers out there….Basically, since I take a lot of photos for my outfit posts and such, I started noticing a ton of peach fuzz. Ultimately, I found out it’s a part of growing older. Oh yeah. No, not really. But as we age our hormones continually change, so more facial hair happens for older women. Luckily with some help from my sister, my mom, the lady at Sally Beauty, and the Internet, I’ve found a pretty viable solution to being fuzzy! I shave my face!

Enjoy the vid, and maybe you’ll give it a try…

I shave my face!

Do You Shave Your Face? Will You?!

I’d love to know in the comments below. And if by all means, you’ve had a bad experience with this method of ridding peach fuzz please let me know. I need to know! Or, if you have a better method, of course I need to know that too.

PS I should note: I still have to pluck out the stubborn black course hairs that grow out of my chin. I think they’ll always be a part of my face!! Oh well. So it is….

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  • I do too!!!!! My skin looks so much better!

  • Diane

    Thanks for the tip. Lots of peach fuzz going on on my face as well. I would imagine that by shaving the face that it also helps to exfoliate a little and keep new skin cells exposed that look much healthier. xo

    • Totally! Let me know how it goes once you try it Diane. Looks like there are other ladies commenting here who also shave their faces. Love, Ann

  • Sure do! Reviewed a very similar looking product called the Hollywood Browzer. I wouldn’t use it on my brows but it’s great for peach fuzz.

    • Oooh! Hollywood Browzer. I’ll be looking into that…. Thanks for stopping by Gail! Love, Ann

  • Judy Gramith

    I’m in the club too! Although I use an electric shaving device that has two attachments. One actually pulls the hairs out. I use this on my legs. The other shaves them off and that I use on my face. You’re correct about it also serving an exfoliating function.
    Once again I enjoyed hearing your voice Anne!! It’s a nice friendly one too!

    • You pull the hairs out on your legs!? Ouch!! What’s the device called?

      Thank you Jude. Now I need to hear yours!! A x