Sequin Skirts After the Holidays

sequin skirts
Sequin skirts. Yes, I do love them. And it so happened that I scored a few great gold sequin skirts after the holidays. I know! Bad timing. So, I have been on a mission to figure out how to wear my gold sequin skirts after the festivities of Christmas and New Years. I took note from a pro, Shana Draugelis of The Mom Edit. (You guys, when I found Shana’s blog, the style crush on this insanely chic woman happened fast and furious. I seriously get excited when there’s a new post up.) She posted this totally styling post with the same sequin skirt: at that point I felt determined to rock a sequin skirt. Ironically I picked this skirt up thinking, Oh this will totally work for copying Shana’s look. When I went back to her post, I realized I had actually picked up the exact same skirt! Stoked? Totally. (I hope she doesn’t mind my score and the copy cat!) I know this skirt is super short, so I tried to make up for it with a longer sweater. I figured the fisherman, knobby sweater along with the jean jacket added some casualness to the over-the-top glam of the skirt. I remembered Shana’s struggle with solid black tights, so I went with sheer nylons which I think brings out a bit of the color of my legs making the whole ensemble kind of match. Regardless, the fam was out and about all day on Sunday, and I felt great! I didn’t feel over dressed; rather I felt like I had a little perk to my step since I was sporting a totally sparkly sequin skirt–in February–for absolutely no other reason than I can!

sequin skirts

Shop this Outfit:

skirt (It’s still available from China’s Forever 21!) // jean jacket // sweater // earrings // nylons // boots // lipstick // bag // beret // gloves

sequin skirts

sequin skirts

sequin skirtsThe light was diminishing when Kevin took these pics up on the terrace of IFC in Hong Kong. At one point, Gigi tried to illuminate me with the iPhone flash to no avail. We got a fun pic out of it though!

If you too must have a sequin skirt, I feel ya!

Trust me: I know what it feels like to get fixated. I have fashion fixations ALL. THE. TIME. After I saw Shana’s post I felt completely obsessed to also rock a sequin skirt. So now I have two! I thought i would take one of them back, but then….why? They are very different in color tone and their design. You’ll see…I’m not finished wearing sequin skirts after the holiday.With that, here are some great options for you!

Do you have a holiday item that you’d like to still keep wearing long after the festive season? Tell me about it, and I’ll see if I can help you out…

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  • Oh, so cute. I love wearing something surprising, like this fabulous little skirt, on any day of the week. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, you look fantastic, xo.

    • Thank you Patti. It felt like a special day–even though it was just an average Sunday going to town to see a movie! Thanks again for providing us with a link up and for taking the time to stop by! Love, Ann

  • I have been wanting a sequins skirt but just can’t’ justify buying one. I love how you used it after the holidays.


    • Hi Alice, I say do it! The prices for a lot of the really cute options are under $30! You won’t regret it!! Let me know if you decide to get one. Thanks for hosting the link up!! Love it:D A x

  • amazing love gigi

  • Wow!! This look is “the bomb,” dearest Ann!! You’ve taken your sequinned mini – a quintessential holiday party piece – and worked it into an outfit that’s absolutely, perfectly, casual-chic!! Love the contrast of the chunky fisherman sweater…and your hat and gloves up the cuteness factor into A+ territory!! Fantastic!! XOXO

    • Thank you Monika! It was it definitely felt like a fun outfit for being out and about in the city. Stay tuned for next week: I’ll be incorporating sequins after the hols again in my Poncho Tuesday series. 😀 You started it!! ;D Love, Ann