Rug Lane Markets

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These totally hot Isabel Marant booots. They’re the sexiest shoes I own!

If you’ve been following along on my Insta Stories, you will have now been able to presume that the Kremb de la Kremb Closet has received a serious cleaning! On March 5th, this coming Sunday, Rug Lane will be hosting its 2nd market. While I attended the last one in the fall, I’ll be selling at this one. I’ve purchased my clothing rack, and I’ve seriously cleared out my closet. In this post I’m highlight just 20 of the things that will be up for grabs. Feel free to multiply this number by 10–maybe even more because currently I have four suitcases full of Kremb de la Kremb Style to sell.

I hope to see you at the Rug Lane Markets, Vol. 2 from 12-5, this Sunday at 19 Old Bailey Street in Central. Tickets to attend are being sold for $40HKD on Ticketflap; at the door the entrance fee will be $50. They’ll be drinks and nibbles and tons of people like me selling their wares. Last time I went, I did very well. For those of you in Hong Kong missing the second-hand experience, this is definitely an event for you. I hope to see you there this Sunday!

PS For those of you who cannot attend, please do let me know if there’s anything you’ve seen of mine that you like. I am very generous to my readers!!

These totally cute tassel booties only worn once–for this shoot!


Oh, I love these tassel clogs! I got them in a mall in Jakarta.

This radio boom box bag–again only used once for this shoot.

This beautiful snake clutch from Bali!

This ethnic chocker necklace from India.

vicem 80

This entire outfit (except for the handbag). (Julie, I promise to give you the proceeds for your adorable cropped striped sailor shirt.)

This very sweet embroidered sweater.

This extremely fine hand-knit fisherman sweater.

These (p)leather culottes only worn twice!


These culottes perfect for traveling–as worn here in India.

This fun blue mini skirt.

This lacy bomber that has multiple different floral panels.

This beautiful pastel kimono./p>

A fancy, sparkly dress.

Kremb de la Kremb DIY

My off-the-shoulder dress creation.

These fun colorful tassel sandals.

My Miu Miu intrpretations.

A floral decoupage purse.

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  • There are a lot of things I think you shouldn’t part with. Like the striped do-it-yourself dress. The black shoes with the straps and of course those IM boots at the top. Are you selling those??

    • You’re in luck Greetje–or more like I’m in luck. None of the items you mentioned sold. I can’t wear the black heels nor the boots, so I’ll still try to sell them, but I’m keeping the DIY striped dress.

      What size shoe are you?!

      A x

      • Hahaha.. size 38 to 38 1/2. No use sending it. Far too expensive and difficult sizewise. But lovely to think of me.
        You might be able to wear high heels again in future???

        Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPhone

        • My pleasure. If you ever see anything of mine that you must have, do tell me. I’d send it in a jiffy! A x