Kremb de la Kremb Cabin: The Porch

Screened In Porch 3

The porch is the heart of our cabin. It’s the location that comes to mind when I think about our cabin. Most of our hanging out occurs on the porch. When I’m not here the porch is what I day dream about, and while I am here it’s where I actually do dream–literally. Kevin and I sleep head to head each night on the porch in an “L” shape. We’ve tried the coziness of The Family Room downstairs where there’s a bed where we’d both fit, yet we always return to the porch where we can sleep in the fresh open air under piles of heavy, wool blankets. The porch is where we often eat breakfast and put out snacks. When guests are out visiting (which is often), the porch can fit everyone–there’s the leopard sofa at one end, the picnic table in the middle, and our day beds in the corner. The special spot can be accessed by both the great room and the kitchen through beautiful lead iron glass doors or by the stairs that lead to the lake. Of course, the main beauty of the porch however is the view out to our little lake, Spirit Lake. That can’t be beat.


The view….Ahhh!

Screened In Porch 1

I sleep on the left and Kevin on the right.

Screened In Porch 2

Touches of our travels are found throughout the porch: the little ornate dresser,
elephant bookshelf and paisley bedspreads are from India. The bench at the picnic table
is from China. The pretty pottery is from Venezuela. There are blankets from our travels
to both Guatemala and Peru. Plus interspersed here and there are second had finds from
shops in the area. The picnic table, bamboo lounge set, and beds came with the cabin!
Like us, it’s very eclectic.

Screened In Porch 5

Screened In Porch 9

Screened In Porch 6

Screened In Porch 4

I love having a leopard upholstered lounge set!


Screened In Porch 7

There used to be this awesome antique fair right by our house every summer.
Unfortunately, well fortunately for them, the fair has gotten so big that it
moved to Spokane and the spring so we always miss it now.
This little DIY find was a total score!

Silk Hair Terrier

This is Ruby, my sister’s family dog, and we totally and utterly fell in love with her.
In fact, Rani might be getting her Raj when we return to Hong Kong.

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