Let’s Go Shopping for Fringe


These pictures are from the Express advertisement campaign featuring Karlie Kloss.

There’s a fall trend out there that is hitting the shops big: FRINGE! Fringe bags can be found everywere as well as a little fringe on the boots. I myself fringed a pair of sandals this summer and then just recently posted my fringe booties. Even a few years ago when I just started posting my outfits, I styled this black jumpsuit with my super fringed tote (my hair was so long back then, and we didn’t live in Stanley quite yet). Now, fringe is definitely mainstream and is surely a look to try out.

Try Some Fringe!

This is a bold trend. BUT, as seen up above with both of Karlie’s classic looks, it doesn’t overwhelm. Rather fringe can add just a bit, a tiny bit, of boho to a very classy outfit. So, with the fall trend in mind, and definitely one that’s here to stay for a while, I chose some pieces for you to test the waters. The best thing about my choices is they’re all under $50 US dollars. When trying a trend not many want to break the bank. Once you know you’re liking the trend, you can head to my FRINGE shop where I’ve included a ton, I mean a ton of options as all sorts of price tags.


A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I

*This post contains affiliate links through rewardStyle. Any purchase from an affiliate gives me literally a couple of cents. But hey, pennies add up! Thank you for shopping with me, and please do let me know if there is something you want me to shop for–I consider it my side job. Also, for a ton of more FRINGE options visit this shop.

To Kerchief or Not To Kerchief

To kerchief or not to kerchief, that’s what I’ve been wondering. There are parts of my physique that I am happy with. I’ve said it before, but I do like legs. I also like my eyelashes–silly, but it’s something. I also like how wavy my hair is. It’s definitely voluminous. It’s important to admit to the things we do like about ourselves. Often times we are just too hard. Like the fact that there is one body part that I dislike, A LOT. I always have–I can remember hating this body part in middle school. It’s my chin, or I really should say chins. I’ve got a full one. When I’m on the heavier side it beefs up, but even at my skinniest, that extra chin is still there. So this trend of tying a scarf right around my trouble spot, well I’m not sold–all the way. I will usually try something though just because that’s what I do. I’m a risk taker that way regardless if it actually looks good. However, there are some reasons you should wear one which I’ve included down below:



Handkerchief 7


To Kerchief

  • If you have a skinny neck and slight frame, you should definitely wear a neck tie.
  • If you are used to wearing statement necklaces and bold accessories, go for this style of tying something around your neck. It’s very similar, so it won’t feel very different for you.
  • If you have a beautiful collection of square scarves, start using them in this chic way.
  • If you often find yourself cold, tie one of these kerchiefs around your neck. It’s an instant insulator.
  • If you enjoy trying out new trends, then definitely this is a fun one for you!

I’m Going to try To Kerchief a couple of more times!

While I don’t love this style on me, I’m going to keep trying. I will attempt a looser neck kerchief tie and also a turtleneck style one. I’m not going to let my full chin stop me because I think the kerchief around the neck just looks really cool. I’ll try it out just a couple more times…take for example the way I wore my mom’s old silk tie here. I loved the kerchief with this outfit.

I’ve started a Pinterest board for inspiration. Join me!

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Get Redressed, September 22-24, 2015

Get Redressed
For those of you living in Hong Kong, there is an awesome event happening next week: Get Redressed is having their annual pop-up shop on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, September 22-24, from 11:30 am-7:00 pm at the Pizza Express in Wan Chai.

Why go to Get Redressed?

Here are the reasons why you should attend this great pop-up shop held by Redress HK:

  • Great Pieces–If you like high-end style at affordable prices, then this is the shopping excursion for you. Redress Asia does an exceptional job of sorting through some impeccable clothing–sometimes the tags are still on the clothing (like my Issey Miyake necklace showcased below!). They only will sell that which is in good, no great condition.
  • Great Prices–The pricing is easy. Everything is color coded with a sticker system. The code is place all over on posters, and the clothing is appropriately tagged. The Isabel Marant boots below were only HK$300 (That’s US $40 fora designer pair of boots!) so it’s easy to know the
  • Great Cause–Shopping always feels better when it goes towards a good cause. All the proceeds from this event will support the continual work of Redress in Hong Kong. Redress HK strives to promote environmental sustainability in the fashion industry. Unfortunately, Hong Kong experiences a large amount of clothing waste, and Redress is attempting to create awareness and inspire all of us to think twice about our purchases. By reducing our textile waste we in turn help out our local community and even world!

My Get Redressed Favorite Purchases:

I’ve been to a couple of Get Redressed shops, and I have never walked away empty handed. Below are a few of my very favorite purchases as seen here on Kremb de la Kremb or in my daily outfits as seen on my Instagram feed @krembdelakremb.

Isabel Marant Fringe Booties!

Isabel Marant Boots

As seen in these posts: 1, 2, and 3.

This Faux Leather Jacket!

Leather Jacket

Seen in three posts: 1, 2, and 3.

This Top, Necklace, and Clutch!

Pink Clutch

May be seen here.

And a Wrap Dress!

Get Redressed

Which can be found last fall on my Instagram feed, @krembdelakremb.

13th Links á la Mode

In August, I posted about all the ways I’d broken this ridiculous list of things a woman over 30 should not wear. It was really, a very silly list, and I was able to find a way in which I had broken the list in some way or other pretty often. Recently I submitted it to Independent Fashion Bloggers Links á la Mode–who have a whole new sleek design by the way. They chose it! And they even quoted me!! Special thanks needs to be given to Catherine of Not Dressed As Lamb for starting the whole #iwillwearwhatilike anti-age style revolution!


With so much focus on fashion designers, celebrities, models, and of course all you fabulous fashion bloggers, it’s easy to get a case of the have-not’s and poor-me’s.

This week several IFB bloggers showed how to look chic while not breaking the bank. Between the Racks in particular is described as having a passion and addiction to shopping for designer on a budget, but i’d call it a gift. Others, search out trends like studio 54 glamour from favorite moderate retailers. While another, talks about editing and refining her current wardrobe. The budgeting continued on with beauty posts, and one blogger has a routine post of “Third Thursday Thrifts.”

There were also wonderful pointers on how to dress for one’s size, shape, and age. The latter isn’t exactly what you’d expect.

My favorite quote, “This one is gonna kill the author.” Please everyone, go find it.

Links à la Mode, September 10

Denim Culottes Dressed Up and Down

Culottes are now showing up everywhere. The best thing about these cropped trousers is their versatility. They are easy to dress up and down like this post demonstrates from last spring in a black pair.. Now there’s a new kid on the culotte block–it’s the denim culotte. Here I’ll point out how to dress them up and down. As usual, the most classic and definitely easiest way to wear denim is with white on top. It’s my go to look that’s a cinch to copy. Let’s start with dressing them down first:

Denim Culottes Dressed Down

Denim Culottes 4

The Formula:
  • Denim Culottes–I found these one’s at Forever 21</li>
  • A Big White Sweater–a decent one can be picked up at many of the high street shops, like this one from H&M. They always have a ton of options. Go for a fisherman version or cable knit. It’s perfect when the back is a little longer than the front.
  • Fringe Booties–booties have been stylish for a few years now. Fringe, the fall trend alongside denim culottes, is a must have. These ones are from Steve Madden at a great price!
  • A Berry Lip–mine is made with Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in Nudist. These lipsticks are amazing–in any color!
  • Casual Accessories–in my case silver dangly earrings and a neutral colored, snake clutch

Steve Madden Fringe Bootie

Studded Sunglasses

Denim Culottes 3

Denim Culottes Dressed Up

Denim Culottes 5

The Formula:
  • Denim Culottes–Forever 21
  • A White Tunic Blouse–again Forever 21
  • . Like the sweater, any flowy white blouse would do. Choosing one that’s a little longer in the back–not by much, creates the perfect flowiness.

  • Fancy Heels–In this case the Kate Spade glitter pumps I first spied on Shana of The Mom Edit last winter. I hunted these babies down, but really any quirky, fun heel would do: leopard, snake, a bright color, or even just a plain nude or black.
  • Bright, Pink, Red Lip–Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in Frambourjoise
  • Fancy Accessories–like pearl or rhinestone earrings and a vintage, silver clutch.

Kate Spade Karolina Pump

Drop Pearl Earrings

Denim Culottes 8

*Both of these shoes are definitely statements, so I’ve linked up this post to Not Lamb’s #iwillwearwhatilike.

DIY Tassel Bag–What Not to Do!

DIY Tassel Bag 6

Pic via my Instagram feed @krembdelakremb

This tassel bag was not easy. I’ve come to the conclusion I like easy DIY projects. Don’t get me wrong: I’m very pleased with how this tassel bag turned out, but I could have made my life a lot easier if I would have just punctured the leather. With that in mind, I’ll tell you how I made this super cute bag, BUT I’ll also tell you what I should have done….and when to use either method.

1. Gather the Supplies:

DIY Tassel Bag 1
This DIY for a tassel bag could be done with any old bag and necklace. For mine, I found this Coach tote during a family excursion to Sandpoint, Idaho this summer. We were in this sweet, old antique mall when I spotted it–which would recognizable from across the shop for me! I had had the necklace in mind since last spring, but when it actually arrived it was a little too much–even for me! I love it anyway, held on to it, and then got the inspiration when I started noticing all the tassels everywhere. The bag and the necklace were a match made. I also needed a very thick and sharp needle–at Joann’s they advised this leather one. Also, I used a thin, black twine. Finally a pair of pliers were needed–for both adjusting the necklace and pulling the actual needle through the leather.

1. Fix Your Necklace.

DIY Tassel Bag 2
Whatever necklace you choose to adhere on to a bag, it’s going to need some altering. For mine, I redistributed the tassels so that they’d go across the entire bag. I also took off any of the clasps. My necklace had a tassel on the clasp which I took off to use with the purse’s zipper closing tab. Basically, clean up the necklace as much as possible so as to seem like it was meant for the purse–not your neck.

3. Start Adhering the Necklace.

DIY Tassel Bag 3
I was all set to attach the necklace with needle and thread. I started in the middle and worked out. Then, I went back to the middle and stitched out to the other side. This was strenuous: I actually poked my calf plus cut into my thumb twice! While I’m very happy I stitched it on–it’s there to stay, I should have evaluated my materials better. Leather is very difficult to stitch through–using leather punching materials would have proved much easier.

DIY Tassel Bag 4

My Advice for Making a Tassel Bag:

Know you’re materials:
  • Leather—>leather punching materials
  • Cloth—>stitching utensils
  • Other Necklace Ideas for Attaching:
    • beaded necklace
    • strand of pearls
    • multiple strands of chain
    • embroidery trim
    • pom pom trim
    • upholstery tassels

    An Exception to Note:

    With either option, leather or cloth, if you think it would work, consider a strong glue–especially if it’s for an occasion bag. If it’s for every day use, go back to stitching with leather punching materials or stitching utensils.

    Despite how difficult this tassel bag was to make, I am in love with it. It has been the perfect back-to-school bag!


    Pic via my Instagram feed @krembdelakremb

Denim Romper for Fall

Denim Romper 9
This denim romper is perfect for a Hong Kong Fall–which is always a little tricky, style wise. It’s when our weather just becomes perfect, yet back where I’m from (the Pacific Northwest), fall is starting to bring on its crisp temp with beautiful changing leaves. While I want to adopt the Northern Hemisphere styles, the weather is still a bit too hot for that here in HK; soon our best beach season will be here. Therefore, I try to find pieces that seem fall-ish yet still keep me cool–at least temperately–like this denim romper paired with cowboy boots. Even though the shorts are short, the fullness of the whole romper helps me feel more modest accompanied with boots that cover part of my legs. Here’s to compromising style and weather and feeling great in both areas!

Denim Romper 10

Denim Romper 3

fringe bag

fall trend 11

Some Denim Romper Outfit Details:

Aviators and Bracelets–H&M
Necklace (worn backwards)–Forever 21
Denim Romper–Forever 21
Cowboy Boots–Old West
Fringe Bag–(Bag #1307)

*Not Lamb has started a link up! Yay!! #IwillwearwhatIlike!!

Styling Amber

Amber 6
Last week I mentioned how I’m almost finish with my London College of Style certificate. Part of the most recent assignment, aside from this personal collage, was styling a friend, and I chose my dear friend Amber. The gist of the assignment was to take something of the individual but that add a bit of my own style to her look. Amber came over with her super cute tulle skirt and red Chucks. She agreed that she’d style the outfit pretty much the same way I did with a fun graphic tee; out of my collection she chose this fun black one with a message I actually believe in! I tied it in the back so as to give Amber a nice cinched in waist. Poofy skirts can be hard, so I wanted to make sure her slim waist was seen. To add a little of my enthusiasm for funk and color, I made one major difference: accessories. To play up the message of the tee, I styled her in pearls and a high, messy, ballet bun. Oh, and round sunnies, a glittery clutch, and her red lippy! Doesn’t she look fabulous?! Well, I think so, but that smile would be Amber’s best accessory!

Need a Stylist?

Do you have an item in your closet that you’d like help styling? Please give me a holler. I’m almost certified but most definitely eager to help you out. (Here’s my address annkrembs at krembdelakremb dot com OR there’s Facebook or even Twitter.)

Amber 7

Amber 8

Amber 5

Some Outfit Details:

Sunnies–Tian Zi Fang boutique in Shanhai
Earrings–DIY from A Pair and a Spare
Double Bangles–Zara
Graphic Tee–Nordstrom Rack
Tulle Skirt–Anthropologie
Red Tennies–Converse
Clutch–Fabindia from my sister Mary
Lipstick–MAC Ladybug (Such a cute red I hadn’t seen before. Thanks for the tip here Amber!)

August’s Instagram @KrembdelaKremb: Vol 8

insta collage

1. In August I worked with Vanisha (@alifeunstyled) from A Life Un-styled. She offers mentoring sessions, and I learned a ton from her during our hour session together. First off, I found that while I’d like more followers (like any blogger would), what I’m really after is engagement. I crave the connection I get from people who comment and correspond both here on this blog and through my Instagram (@krembdelakremb). The other thing she told me to focus on is consistency–so you might be noticing several themes now on my IG feed that I’m trying to create.

2. Somehow I knocked it out of the park with this #ootd. It was my most liked image, AND I even received an amazing comment from @notlamb saying it looked like one of the @liketoknow.it posts!

3. During August, I posted my lippy of the day. Now that I’m a bit homebound recovering from my hip surgery, I have stalled this daily review, but I might start it up again. This Bourjois Rouge Edition received the most likes. That’s a good thing because it’s up there with my top three lipsticks alongside Topshop’s lipsticks and Wet n Wild Mega Last.

4. I love shoes! There’s no denying that!! These well liked shoes are from Target–a back to school special for mum too.

5. I did it! On Friday, August 28 I had arthroscopic surgery on my hip. I am so happy I did it!! The doc went in believing he would repair my labrum and shave my femur. He did that, but he also shaped my hip joint where there was a bone spur and he shaved cartilage in two other places. When I asked after if my hip warranted surgery, his faced grimaced and he nodded saying, “Definitely!”

6. This is just one of the many notebooks I carry around. I got this calendar to help me schedule Instagram pics–although I have yet to use it yet in this capacity and will most likely choose a much better use for it!

7. I continue to be a total sucker for a good graphic tee; when I saw this one, there was no hesitations. “Happiness is not expensive!” So true, so true.

8. I’m still at it, DIYing when I can. This project was by far the hardest I have attempted–not in how to do it but in actually doing it. It’s very, very hard to stitch into leather! (Post coming on this DIY real soon.)

9. I joined Catherine’s (@notlamb) #iwillwearwhatilike campaign declaring any rules of dress for over 30 years of age hideous. Of course I’m going to wear silver pants! This was a regram from the winter; I was honored when Catherine highlighted this image plus my post on her blog, Not Dressed As Lamb. And, you can bet, I will continue to wear what I like!

The Fab 40s in Menswear

Menswear 12

This month The Fab 40s bring you their interpretation of menswear. When I saw Geneva’s, from A Pair and a Spare, DIY for an off-the-shoulder dress/top made out of a men’s shirt, I felt a thrill of excitement. Now, I do not have a sewing machine in Hong Kong (I’d like that to changw!), so I went to the expert in my neighborhood: Jilly. I shared with her Geneva’s directions, and she was able to perfectly make what I was after. I didn’t use one of my husband’s shirts; rather I went to our local thrift store in Hong Kong, Me and George. I almost wore this newly style men’s shirt just like Geneva as a dress with brogues for an ultimate menswear take, but then I chose to style my new off-the-shoulder men’s shirt as a top with some skinny white jeans and neutral heels instead.

Guest 40+ Blogger!


Jennie from A Pocket Full of Polka Dots
The Fab 40s have decided to invite a guest blogger each month. Sheela invited Jennie who writes A Pocket Full of Polka Dots. I love how Jennie interpreted menswear–the pink tie is so sharp!

Some Outfit Details:


Jane from My Midlife Fashion
Some Outfit Details:
Biker Jacket–Marks & Spencer
Boyfriend Shirt–H&M
Bracelet–Pia Jewellery

Sheela from Sheela Writes
Some Outfit Details:
Shirt–Vintage from Hong Kong
Faux Gold Necktie–Vintage
Mini Skirt with Leggings–Herban Devi
Ring & Cuff–Etsy
Lipstick–TonyMoly Kiss Lover in PK11, Matte Fuchsia


Dixie from Inside Outer Style
Some Outfit Details:
Vest–3.1 Phillip Lim
Pants–American Eagle Outfitters ( my Tai Chi pants)
Shoe–Sam Edelman
Sunnies–Ray Ban


Dawn Lucy from Fashion Should Be Fun
Some Outfit Details:
White tee – Old Navy
Cage sandals–Steve Madden
Necklaces–Happiness Boutique & Lucky Brand
Sunnies–Derek Lam (via Ditto Endless Eyewear)

Menswear 14

Menswear 1

Menswear 5

DIY Off-the-Shoulder

Some Outfit Details:
DIY Top–Thrifted from Me and George and DIY inspired from A Pair and a Spare
Earrings–Ben (4th stall on the left) at Jardine Bazaar, Hong Kong
Necklace–market in Shanghai
Lippy–Wet n Wild Mega Last “In the Flesh”

*This Fab 40s post has been linked up to Throw Back Thursdays, and #iwillwearwhatilike.