Coffee with Diamon..


Waking up out at Spirit Lake is just bliss! Every morning that the sun shines we see these sparkly diamonds glistening on the lake. Because Kevin and I sleep out on the porch, we are awoken by this view with accompanied birds every morning. Sometimes I like to take my coffee down to the dock […]

The Outing Club


Our cabin out at Spirit Lake is actually a part of a housing development that started in the 1920s. The Tesemini Outing Club started out as a club for the Spokane elite; the families would make outings out this beautiful setting on Spirit Lake. I can only imagine the fashions that were involved for each […]

Cabin Candids: The..


Freuen Family/Full House For the 4th of July this summer we had a full houseful! The 4th is always such a fun weekend because it’s usually the first one when we’re out at our cabin, and there’s no better way to start it off than with all the Freuens out there! On this day after […]

Where to Stay in t..


The Redwoods are an amazing site to see! Their massiveness is beyond impressive. They are a mind blowing form of nature similar to the karst formations in Yangshuo, China. The tricky part about travelling through this forest is finding a base–it’s a very vast area with little towns with very limited overnight options. We had […]

Happy Pride!


Well, I’m back in Hong Kong complete with wifi whenever I want it! It was actually very difficult not being able to write here on the blog for the entire month of July. I missed posting here a ton, but now I have many, many posts to catch up on–the first being the end of […]

Summer Sunglasses ..


So, I did the thing your not supposed to do off a lake dock: I dove into the lake with my sunglasses on–let me correct myself, my FAVORITE sunglasses. Yes, they are total cheapies; I scored them at my regular haunt, Forever 21, so they were definitely under $5. Yet, despite their low price, they […]