Spring Flowers


The weather has finally shifted in Hong Kong. Spring showers have arrived right before having one glorious day of sun. I was so excited to sport my own spring flowers last week during that bright blue day. Since then the weather has taken a dramatic turn, yet I still love it. I think my love […]

Kitty N. Wong


I am meeting so many neat people in Hong Kong! There are creative types left and right, and I feel so lucky to be knowing them. Kitty N. Wong is one such example. I knew of Kitty before I met her at the Eco Chic Design Award through social media and her blog. When I […]

Date Night: Heirlo..

photo (9)

For March’s date night, Kevin and I took the advice of a fellow Hong Kong enthusiast, JJ of The Wanderlister. It was recently JJ’s birthday, and he celebrated with a week’s worth of dining. In his first write-up of three nights out, JJ wrote about the ABC Kitchen in Hong Kong (not to be confused […]

Beach Braids


There’s nothing like having beach braids while on vacation! Every day on at the beach on Koh Samed with Mary over Christmas, we would have our hair braided. We found a cute little gal named Fai who would experiment and try new styles on our hair each day. On our final day before leaving the […]

Wander and Hunt


Recently I had a bit of a fashion fixation with these earrings seen and made by Geneva of A Pair and a Spare. Luckily, Geneva has created Wander and Hunt, an amazing site where many of her DIY projects are available for purchase through various kits. Since I kept going back to look at these […]

Eggs Benedict


There’s a breakfast dish that I have always been so fascinated with, and I finally gave it a try this past weekend: Eggs Benedict! I used my America’s Test Kitchen Cookbook’s recipe. Basically, making this delicious brekkie seems to be all about the prep work plus mastering the Hollandaise sauce–which I still need to practice. […]