Another Dress Stap..

LBWSD1Most of us have an LBD (little black dress) and some of us have an LWD (little white dress), but I also believe all women should have an LBnWSD (little black and white striped dress). This staple can be dressed up or down. It’s a look that instantly feels chic. The dresses are usually quite seasonal–just add layers for colder temps, preferably in black. Red makes for an excellent accent with this dress: I chose red heels, a little red clutch, and my favorite new red lippy. Pearls are an easy accessory, yet I love how my leather jacket toughens it all up. The other great thing about a little black and white striped dress is their timelessness. My LBnWSD is from ages ago! Back in the summer of 2006, we started our vacation with a trip to the South of France with the Burkes and Debbie Diaz. We rented a home in Avignon. During one of our excursions to Avignon, I picked up this dress–without even trying it on, at the Zara there. I just knew it would be a classic for me, and it really has. It’s still in good shape, and I worn it to a wedding, a graduation, a cocktail party, and a few date nights in-between!

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4th Links à la Mo..

Last week I wrote a post about luxury handbags and which one would you chose. When it came down to it, answering this question proved to me that I prefer the boho bag over the iconic handbag. While I do love some luxe, I much more enjoy the story behind the bag! This post was featured on Independent Fashion Bloggers’ Links à la Mode. (See my first, second, and third times.)


Cents & Sensibility

Now that Halloween is over, and we’re in full holiday mode, we can all relax a little. Who are we kidding? There is so much to do! Well, even when the “to do” lists grow longer than Santa’s naughty list, we can still at least look put together. This week we take a look at the sensible side of fashion. What do we really want to wear?

Links à la Mode: November 6th

Nordstrom Gift Gui..

We have just under 7 weeks until Christmas! I plan to write an extra post each week with a gift guide for various types of people you might be thinking of this holiday season. The fiirst up, a twelve year old young man–there’s one in my house named Vincent! Nordstrom looks like the way to go with free shipping! Plus, they’re having a 40% off sale right now!!

VincentGiftGuide1 VincentGiftGuide2VincentGiftGuide3

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Kremb de la Kremb ..


Kremb de la Kremb Prom Designs

Last year I had such an amazing time attending the HKIS’ Interact Fashion Show. It was truly a feat! Student models, designers, and even planners created the entire show. I was just blown away by the talent. I also felt a little tinge of green envy at the chance these students were given. This year, when the call for designers was made, I casually asked the head designer, “Hey, can teachers design?” I was so pleasantly surprised by the enthusiastic “YES!”
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Luxury Handbag VS...

When I was with my sister Mary in Shanghai during a weekend in September, she asked me, “What luxury handbag would you choose?” She really got me thinking because I couldn’t really come up with one. Of course I’d love the epic 2.55 Chanel quilted bag, but I’d want it to be a hand-me-down from a grandmother or something. The Celine bag is super chic and very popular, but it looks like it’s already heavy before anything is even inside it. The Goyard is cool, but I’d prefer another HK designer MISCHA tote, and the Balenciaga is edgy, but….I don’t. The Chloe Marcie is probably the closest to my bohemian pull. When it came down to it, I realized it is the boho, eclectic bag that I covet beyond an iconic luxury handbag. I do have my Louis Vuitton Speedy 35, and I love it, but it’s the story behind this bag that’s already becoming more precious. While living in India, I used to covet this bag. It wasn’t until last spring when I received a substantial sum of money that I splurged on myself. At the time it felt right to treat myself to this luxury handbag. But to tell you the truth, I generally gravitate toward the leopard, fringe, beaded or sequins, snake bag–which in the long run is a little easier on my purse strings! (Heehee–pun intended.)
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Pumpkin Roundup


Image from Wikimedia Commons

Halloween has come and gone. Before those pumpkins go bad, I’ve rounded up some different options for what to do with the leftover pumpkins starting with this one: Ten Use for Your Pupkin.

Kremb de la Kremb ..

KrembdelaKrembSWAPKremb de la Kremb is hosting a SWAP on Wednesday, November 19. I’ve been contemplating this idea of getting friends together and swapping our stuff. I’ve had such fun at the swaps I’ve attended around Hong Kong, so I decided it’s time to get the community I’m a part of together and do the same. If you are reading this post, you are invited–especially if you are here in Hong Kong! If you are a reader from afar, consider attending the next swap in your community. It’s a great way to invigorate your closet. You get rid of the old while someone takes it as new. That’s a win-win! And you won’t believe what you can score–like these killer boots or this awesome bag or this intricate necklace.

If you plan to attend the Kremb de la Kremb SWAP on November 19th, please RSVP at this open Evite. You can deliver your used items to me beforehand, so they’ll be organized for the event. Or bring them the night of. I’ll be asking for a $50HK contribution to cover the hosting costs. Any extra money or clothing from the evening will be donated to Redress HK.

Haircut #2

Haircut2SetFeatureI enjoyed my first haircut with shorter hair for just a week, but it just didn’t feel short enough! I’ve been wanting to go really short for some time now, so I went back to Aman for the second haircut. When I visited her this weekend she was quite surprised, but she was eager to get started on the next cut. I know this haircut will last longer than a week. Eventually, I’ll get to a pixie, but in the meantime I’m enjoying this flippy new hairstyle!



Happy Halloween


Picture by Thomas Price of Teaspoon Photography

Happy Halloween! This year my awesome library  team took inspiration from Jessica Quirk of What I Wore. We went with her simple version of a the Wicked With of the West. It’s so easy–which (insert wicked laugh!) we like. Last year we were all Zorros–again super easy. When a costume includes wearing all black, it’s usually a no brainer as most closets contain plenty of this absence of color. Here all we had to add was add some green makeup paint and a hat! We look pretty good I think! Happy Halloween from the HKIS HS Librarians!



Halloween Roundup

HalloweenRoundupTomorrow is Halloween! For a kid, Halloween is a pretty fantastic holiday–you get to pose as someone other than yourself, walk around and ask for candy to your heart’s content, return home exhausted but ready to organize, trade, and sample your abundance of goods. I have wonderful memories of Halloween from growing up. My mom would often intricately paint our faces causing oohs and ahhs from the neighboring houses. This tended to be the easiest costume as it meant we could keep warm in the cold Spokane falls–sometimes it would even snow! My cousins Kelly and Peter would always join in our brigade turning us into a bustling pack. This is my fondest Halloween memory: my mom wouldn’t just pass out candy the conventional way. Rather, she’d get all dressed up as the scariest hobo around. She’d perch herself in the corner of our large entryway balcony. Placed on this mysterious form of a human being would be the largest bowl of candy to be found. There was always a note in the bowl that read: TAKE ONE ONLY! Right when those young adventurous punks were ready to negate the sign’s request and take a handful, my mom’s hand would reach out and snatch the kid. Oh, the screams! I remember their were several heart-attacked fathers as well.

In the spirit of Halloween I’ve created this roundup of fun Halloween ideas for the festivities tomorrow: