Spring Break 2016 in Borneo, Malaysia

Travel is definitely an integral part of the life Kevin and I have created over the last twenty years. Without being too cliche I have to admit that I feel blessed by this way of life that we lead. I think it’s safe to say that everyone’s interpretation of wealth is different, and I will admit I feel wealthy with travel. I might not have a big house, not even a yard, but I do get to see the world with my family. I am exposed to different cultures and ways of life, and for this I feel rich. Recently, traveling through Malaysian Borneo was a magical and adventurous family excursion. I have plenty of woes–like a hip that continues to cause such pain, but even hobbling along on crutches didn’t stop me from enjoying the rainforests, jungles, and beaches of Borneo, Malaysia. In this post, we captured a few sunset pics on the beach–my absolute favorite time of day at my favorite place with my three favorite people!

off-the-shoulder top

Some Oufit Details

I made this off-the-shoulder from a mens shirt. It’s actually very simple and a tailor can easily help with the job. Cut off the top and roll an inch under to form the casing for the elastic. Run the elastic throgh, and presto! Instant off-the-shoulder goodness! Here’s this top styled with jeans and another post styled on a beach in Thailand. This top makes for a perfect beach coverup.

And now for some guest appearances of the loves of my life: Kevin, Vincent, and Gigi.

Link here for Spring Break ’15 and Spring Break 14.

March Instagram @KrembdelaKremb: Vol. 15

Instagram @KrembdelaKremb

For some reason, I usually kind of dread March; I find it to be such a long month. After all the hoopla of February, March definitely drags on as that transitional month from winter to spring for me. However, March of 2016 was different! For one, Easter fell in March this year, so Spring Break came early! Going on vacation during a long month makes the time fly for sure! Also the weather continued to be dreary in Hong Kong, but since I don’t mind rain, it was fine by me. It’s just the cold temps that can bring me down. Again, nothing that a vacation in Malaysia can’t fix! I know–I am one lucky gal!!

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  1. For some reason, this post was super well liked–which was good because it was my call to invite people to work with me to help them with their style. If you don’t follow me on Instagram, but would like help with your personal style, here’s my address to give me a ring: annkrembs at krembdelakremb dot com.
  2. That sewing machine that Kevin got me for my birthday in Feb….well I used it! I made my first skirt. Whew! Difficult. I have my work cut out for me–literally!!
  3. During a week in March, I posted four times about Louella Odié (one, two, three, and four). I love working with this local, mom-daughter team. They’re handbags are so chic and their printed scarves are pretty cute too! At work, I received a nice treat to conduct my work: an iPad Pro. It’s seriously a dream to work on!
  4. Another DIY project I made this month was a pair of splattered booties. This is the perfect way to bring some life to a ratty old pair of shoes.
  5. Family pics seem to becoming more rare these days with both a tween and teen in the house. It makes sense; they have their own digital identities that they’d like to create. Easter Sunday was my free pass, and you betcha! I took it!!
  6. Oooh, this was a good one! I rarely, I mean really never, read a book of 700 pages. This one though, ooh! It was so good, and I was intrigued the whole way. Here’s what I’ll say about it: The Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness is like an adult version of Harry Potter and Twilight intermixed. I might even read the next one, Shadow of Night. And when the TV series comes along, I will for sure be watching!
  7. Here’s a jungle pic from Mulu National Park in Borneo, Malaysia*. Look closely–the big palm leaves are made of little, small leaves. #mothernatureisbeautiful
  8. While traveling throughout Borneo, we had to take 8 total flights* around the island. It felt kinda crazy, but it’s what had to be done. For one of the legs, we had to stop in a larger town (Miri) to go through immigration because the final destination (Mulu) didn’t have anything other than a landing strip at its airport. (The pic is from that landing strip!)
  9. A really good adventure trip ends with a little beach time*! Awwww, thank you Shangri La at Rasa Ria!

*I highly recommend the trip we just took through Borneo, Malaysia. It included time in a rainforest, jungle, and beach. For information on this trip’s itinerary, please ask, and I’ll pass on what KevStar had planned for us. It was an amazing trip!

All the Tucks for Those Tops Your Tucking

No Tuck

The way one tucks her shirt is filled with options. Silly, but it is. Here in this post, I provide a picture for your reference of all the tucks. Which is your preferred way to tuck in your top?

Half Tuck

Lil Front Tuck

Front Tuck

Full Tuck

Butt Tucks

April Fools with this last one! I don’t plan on ever embracing the the “butt tuck!” Hehehehe!

April Fools with All the Tucks!

Did I fool you with the last one? Remember my joke from last year?

Coachella Wannabe

Coachella 1
Festival season is about to start. I always notice it on my Instagram feed when the top fashion bloggers all flock to the fields for the music festivals. As I daydream amidst the images, I thought it’d be fun to pretend a bit. What if I were to go to Coachella, what would I wear? Maybe my flowy white maxi dress with jeans underneath. My boho jacket for sure with strands of necklaces. Definitely one feather earring just in one ear. And for sure my newly splattered booties. But then why wait for Coachella to wear fringe and feathers with flowers and splatters….I think I’ll just wear this here in Hong Kong for an average spring day!
Coachella 3

ntent/uploads/2016/03/Coachella-4-1339×2000.jpg” alt=”Coachella 4″ width=”1339″ height=”2000″ class=”alignleft size-medium wp-image-13384″ />

Coachella 2

Coachella 5

*This post has been linked up to my good friend Sheela’s link up and my fellow FAb 40s friend Dawn Lucy’s Fashion Should be Fun. It’s also has been linked to Jess’ Turning Heads.

The Fab 40s in Floral

Floral Skirt 5

The Fab 40s in floral this month make quite a pretty picture, But oh, the style story behind this look! Where to start? First, let it be known that Kevin gave me a sewing machine for my birthday in February. When Dawn Lucy called this month’s Fab 40s theme as floral, I felt like I had to try my stab (literal here!) at creating an outfit. Meanwhile, I was so very inspired by this dress (It’s being sold by Simplicity Is Bliss who runs this Etsy shop as well.) over on my girlfriend Norbyah’s Instagram feed. I felt like if I found some pretty floral fabric, this would be the very dress to set me out on my sewing ways. My plan was to make a circle skirt and then attach a hemmed like scarf to only the frong to offer the optional ties. Well….many iterations later I must be happy with this end result, but oh, the path to getting there! It’s nowhere near my initial idea! First off, three yards were sold to me–which was definitely not enough for the desired. I then figured I could make a circle skirt, but then two circle skirts later, I was running out of fabric. I made this skirt and planned on a tube type circle top for up above but that was an epic fail! Finally to add a nice touch to the skirt, I found some sweet embellishments to add to the hem. Oh, there are so many more mistakes to tell like the fact that I measured the embellishment too short, so there’s a four inch gap of no adornment on the hem–what you didn’t know didn’t hurt you eh? At any rate, I had a good time sewing. I created a makeshift studio out of my office at work–somewhere I never go to on the weekends until now. I find my silent library with blaring classical music offers the most creative outlet as of late. Now, I just think I’ll go with a much easier idea next time around, but I don’t think there’s anything more simple than a circle skirt! Hahaha!

Floral Skirt 3

Basically I wanted a reason to wear my lovely blue pumps! I love these Vanilla Suite numbers I found at the local Salvation Army. Such a steal! Aren’t they cute pumps?

Floral Skirt 4

I also had the toughest time styling this skirt. I had planned on black on top and started with my spring staple: the black turtleneck. I thought a denim jacket would be the perfect layer. It did not work. At all. I then tried a black blazer, a sleeveless version. Again, it just wasn’t working. Even my photographer (Lil’ Gigi) was telling me it just did not work. That’s when I pulled out a basic pin stripe shirt. Ahhh, finally! I kept the black socks on–it was cold taking these pics. I might have soften my legs too much, but the goose bumps were not very attractive!

Floral Skirt 2
Another item I’ve been wanting to incorporate into one of my looks lately is this little hamsa clutch. Whenever I make an ASOS purchase, I always take a quick peek at their sales. I think HAND bag (See what I did there! Hahah!) was about $5.00. I love it! I also like how it pulls out some of the neutral shades in the skirt plus the black outlines tie in nicely with my black socks.

Floral Skirt 1

The Fab 40s in Floral

Now let’s take a look at the other Fab 40s. You’re going to notice a full color spectrum here which is so lovely! I’ll start with Dawn Lucy. She chose the theme and invited Andrea who is up next. I love the bright pink dress DL is wearing. Now for real flowers in real life, right!?


Andrea is our guest this month. She writes over at Living on Cloud Nine (Such a nifty blog name with her last name being Nine. Isn’t that clever!?). I love this yellow maxi skirt and especially appreciate the tied knot of the chambray. This is the perfect way to wear your denim shirt!

Fab 40's in floral

Sheela is seriously going for it with color and boldness, and I am in love with it all! I love that Sheela is mixing patterns here AND navy and black. Doing these two things are two of my favorite styles to try. Sheela, expect a call from me this summer: I want your floral top!

Sheela Florals

Now Jennie is seriously sporting THE perfect Easter blazer! I mean look at how lovely all the pretty colors are in this jacket. Another very covetable item. And, it’s such a dressy coat that pairing it with jeans is a perfect way to style this classy jacket! (And she actually has flowers to match her in the photo!)

JL - Florals

Mary is bringing us the purple floral maxi. Isn’t it lovely! Again, I am so excited for the real flowers to bloom. The orange and turquoise blue in this dress are a stunning shout out to spring colors.

Mary Floral

Samantha’s always got the mixing going on. Sheela and her have a thing I think….What I love about Samantha’s look is the unexpected blazer. It totally works and is so quirky yet chic all at the same time!

Samantha Florals

Diane is a gal after my own heart: check out her runners! I love this look!! I almost also tied my pinstripe shirt, but with my ruffled skirt top it didn’t work. But look how great it works with her skirt. Both Andrea and Diane gave themselves great waistlines by tying their shirts at the waist. Now, I think I have to get a pair of black Nike’s like these!

Diane Floral

There you have it! There’s some definite floral inspiration here isn’t there?! Some dresses, skirts, a couple of tops and even a jacket. Hey, we’re missing floral pants! Next time….

Stay tuned for The Fab 40s next month. It will be Diane’s turn to invite a blogger and choose a theme. Hmmm, what’s in store?

But I Don’t Wanna Wear my Black Turtleneck Anymore!

Turtleneck with Wrap Dress 3

Oh goodness, I really try hard not to complain, but this winter is really, really getting old. And I really, really don’t want to wear this heat inducing black turtleneck any longer. But, it’s still chilly, and I always get cold, so I’m still wearing it (even with the matching heat inducing leggings half the time underneath my jeans!). Here in these three looks, I’ve tried to pair my dreaded black turtleneck with the spring like items I pulled out of their winter stowaway. These are some of my first items to grab that I want to wear for this spring: my bright peacock wrap dress, my leopard tie blouse, and my striped boatneck. I just have to accept that the black turtleneck layer is my second skin….One of these days it will get thrown away!

Turtleneck with Wrap Dress 2

Turtleneck with Wrap Dress 1

This bright colored wrap dress is pretty old, but I still love to wear it. I picked it up at an HM in London during a transit home from India. During our long layovers, we’d spend the day venturing out and about to kill time–a little shopping was usually always included. This wrap dress was a collaboration with DVF and H&M–just when those famous designers started designing with high street fashion houses. I think I scored a timeless piece! Do you have a wrap dress? For us large chested woman, it can work wonders for our figure! Of course I paired it with my DIY feather clutch!


This leopard blouse is another item I reach for once spring has sprung. The sleeves are short, but I didn’t dare take this black trench off. It was so blistery on the day I took these shots. The blouse offers nothing in the way of a layer, so that black turtleneck was essential. Usually, it’d be a black or white cami as seen here (my hair used to be soooo long!), so this was a minor adjustment.

Turtleneck with Leopard 3


Turtleneck with Stripes 2

This might be my third version of this boatneck, nautical striped top. I have one of these shirts out at our summer cabin, and I keep one with me in Hong Kong  as well. It’s the perfect transitional piece–not too warm of a top but offering the perfect layer. I remember first hearing about if from my good friend Gwyneth over at GOOP. Hahah! This top is definitely Kremb de la Kremb closet staple making at least three appearances here on the blog: one, two, three, and now this is four!

Turtleneck with Stripes 3

Turtleneck with Stripes 1

*This post has been linked up to Catherine’s #iwillwearwhatilike.

Ping Pong Post with Anna and Samantha

Kremb de la Kremb Ping Pong Post 11.5

Back in December, I started to get to know Anna from Anna Island Style. There was this blog post wear she was featuring the cutest plaid coat–the one you see me wearing–and an idea sprung to life from both my and Samantha’s comments. Anna encouraged something called a Ping Pong Post with the idea that the coveted item would be sent around to those individuals eyeing and awing. Both Samantha from Fake Fabulous and I were the first two to be included in this idea, but I can see it evolving. Basically, Anna is trying to emulate the visit to another friends closet, hang out on the bed with a glass of wine (or two), and try on each other’s clothes. I’m in!! This post is all about friendship and sharing our wardrobes too.

Kremb de la Kremb Ping Pong Post 5.5

Kremb de la Kremb Ping Pong Post 4.5

Ping Pong Post: The Tartan Coat

I paired this statement coat with basic black but to add a bit more texture I went with my leather culottes instead of my cotton. I also wanted to pull out the great orange colors so I chose my trusty cowboy boots. Finally, because I felt compelled to not let the plaid be the only print, I threw in my leopard crossover bag. The best part about styling this shoot was the matching wall behind. Stanley, the neighborhood I live in is filled with fantastically painted walls like this jungle one or this anime goth one. Gold accesories seemed to be a must with this coat so I chose gold and black earrings on the simpler side and more natural makeup.

Outfit Details:
Anna’s fabulous tartan coat–Benetton (obviously right!!)
Black hat and sunnies–Forever 21
(P)Leather culottes–Zara
Leopard crossover–Jaspal (Thai’s equivalent to Zara!)
Cowboy Boots–Old West via Zappos
Earrings–market stall in Hong Kong

Ping Pong Post with Anna

Anna Island Style Ping Pong Post 3
This is Anna from Anna Island Style. She’s one of the bloggers I’ve become friends with in the last year. She lives on the Isles of Scilly. Once I received a post card from her where she cirlced both where she lives plus the beach where she swims all in the same image. It’s a teeny tiny island where in order to shop she usually has to take a boat to get the nearest mall! I love how she went with a dark denim with this jacket. It’s perfect!

Jeans–Dorothy Perkins
Frilly blouse–charity shop
Perspex necklace–old
Rings–charity shop

Anna Island Style Ping Pong Post 2

Anna Island Style Ping Pong Post 1

 Ping Pong Post with Samantha

Fake Fabulous Ping Pong Post 3

Samantha from Fake Fabulous has definitely got the best set of LEGS! Right!? I mean, look at them go! I love that she paired this coat with rust too. I’ve talked about my friendship with Samantha before here on the blog. She’s like my blogging sister. It’s kind of crazy how much I adore this woman and her style. Samantha has also joined  The Fab 40s group, so you’ll be seeing more of her on Kremb de la Kremb each month. #yeah (See her bag!)

Outfit Details:
Coat:Benetton (Anna’s)
Jeans: M&S
Shoes: XTI
Jumper: Boden (teens)
Shirt: Boden (Adults this time)
Bag: M&S

Fake Fabulous Ping Pong Post 2

Fake Fabulous Ping Pong Post 1

What would you Ping Pong?

Do you have an item that you’d love to see someone else style? Let me be your gal…send it over, and I’ll give it a try. Or, better yet, let me send you something of mine if you’d like to style something you’ve seen here on Kremb de la Kremb. Listen, my wardrobe is spilling over, so this is a completely honest offer. If you ever see something you want on Kremb de la Kremb, please do tell me. I’ll most likely give you the shirt off my back–literally!

Kremb de la Kremb Ping Pong Post 6.5

Kremb de la Kremb Ping Pong Post 3

Kremb de la Kremb Ping Pong Post 1.5

Five Ways to Wear a Sarong from Louella Odié


Directions: Grab the sarong by the width and place it behind your back. Wrap it forward taking each side across the neck and tie behind. If the scarf is wide enough, it will drape nicely in front completely covering you up.

All week long I’ve been writing about the local Hong Kong brand Louella Odié and the chic bags from their Lattice Collection. What I haven’t mentioned is that they also add their printmaking art to beautiful cotton scarves. In this post I’ve taken the Lattice Collection Sarong and styled it beyond the usual way and added four more ways to wear a sarong. Some I might repeat, and I’ll admit one way was just laughable–keep reading!

sarong top

Directions: Take the sarong and fold the width in half. Now tie the sarong just like the original way behind the neck. This one is just the crop top version!

sarong with sequins

Directions: For this sarong tie, I combined the first and two looks. Basically, instead of starting from behind wrapping around the front, and tying at the back of the neck, I started at the front, crossed over in the back, and then tied at the front at the neck. Presto! A tube top with a neck tie. Pair it with sequin shorts, and this provided a dressed up look for a fancier beach dinner.

sarong skirt

Directions: With the sarong folded by width in half, I held one side in the front in the middle of my waist. Then I wrapped the other side fully around. I took both corners and tied. (A slimmer waist will get a bigger tie.)

sarong as shorts

Directions: With the sarong hanging length wise at my waist, I took the width and tied those two corners behind my waist. I then took the length and wrapped it through my legs and up to my waist. With the two width corners in my hand I brought them forward and tied them together at the front of my waist. I’m wearing (diaper) shorts! This was the version that had the entire family laughing. It received a big “no” from them, but this version was comfortable!)

How do you wear a sarong?

I’m curious, aside from the usual, do you have any nifty ways to wear a sarong? Do you think you might try any of the five ways above? Which ones? And, isn’t this Lattice Sarong beautiful!?

*It’s been pretty awesome to support Louella Odié this week by featuring them on my Style Stories, using three bags to travel to Thailand, plus having their Lattice Tote as my beach bag, and now there’s this post sharing five ways to wear a sarong. I’ll give one last shout out: if you’re interested in purchasing from Louella Odié, make sure to take advantage of 15% off with the code KREMBDELAKREMB.

What’s inside my Louella Odié Beach Tote?

Louella Odié Lattice Tote 1
This bag was the perfect beach bag during my recent trip to Hua Hin over Chinese New Year. I packed in a hurry, and knew I wanted to match my beach bag, so I only grabbed black swimsuits from the swimsuit box. I couldn’t be bothered to figure out which ones suited my body right now, so I just through them all in. I love the chic black and white design of this bag. I recently found out that included in the print’s design you’ll be able to find a coffee cup, a mobile phone, a lunch box, and a spoon. Can you find the designs? I still can’t find the lunch box….

Here’s what’s inside my Louella Odié Beach Tote:

Sunscreen of Course!

Louella Odié Lattice Tote 2
Canvas totes as beach bags are perfect. If by chance the sunscreen were to spill, the canvas is always easy to clean. Plus the pliable fabric allows for easy clean out of all the accumulated sand. There really isn’t a more perfect beach bag than this Louella Odié Lattice Tote. Here are the sunscreens I keep inside:

  • Our family go-to sunscreen for years over 15 years–NO-AD, SPF 30
  • Only for mommy’s face–Elta MD Skincare, UV Shield Broad-Spectrum SPF 45
  • Something about oil makes me feel more tan! Banana Boat, Protective Tanning Oil Spray Sunscreen SPF 15
  • The application on this one is beyond easy! Neutrogena, Ultra Sheer Face and Body Stick SPF 70
  • Plenty of Lippy Options

    Louella Odié Lattice Tote 3
    I love when a tote has a separate little bag that attaches inside. This Louella Odié Lattice Tote does, so it meets my criteria for the perfect beach bag. Usually, this pouch is filled with my phone and lip products. It’s definitely a good idea to wear SPF on the lips as well as the entire face, but I usually cannot be compromised for color! Therefore, I grab a variety, grab for one, and am usually pleased by what gets pulled out.
    My favorite and most used during this most recent trip ended up being the Neotrogena stick. Sometimes a favorite just happens!

  • There’s something pretty sweet about this color–Neutrogena, Moisture Smooth Color Stick in Sweet Watermelon.
  • This Wet ‘n Wild is unfortunately sold out, so I use it sparingly. The color intensifies with your temp.
  • Every now and then, Gap will have lip balms at their checkout–grab one. They are sensational. My favorite has always been the Sweetmint. And these have SPF 22 which is on the higher side for a lip balm.
  • Another great stain with a cherry taste! Maybelline, Baby Lips Candy Wow in Cherry
  • Don’t Forget the Basics

    Louella Odié Lattice Tote 4
    Of course my beach bag would not be complete without reading material. There will always be a book inside–preferably my own paperback copy since I rough them up pool and beachside, plus a few magazines. Add some sunnies and offer me a local beer, and I’m set!!

    My Beach Bag

    There you have it: all this goes in that bag. Plus there’s room for a cover up or a towel or even the shells Gigi collects on the beach. Oh, all this beachy talk….When’s Spring Break!?

    Will you be traveling to a beach? What bag do you like to use? And what’s inside yours? I want to know what I might be missing!

    *Remember, if you’d like to purchase this Lattice Tote, make sure to take 15% off with the code KREMBDELAKREMB.

    Traveling with Louella Odié Lattice Collection

    Louella Odié Lattice Crossover and Tote 2
    I felt like a lady of leisure travelling with a set of three (!) Louella Odié bags from their Lattice Collection. In transit, carrying all three at once felt very chic and extremely put together. The fact that I pack with a color theme AND seem to always travel in black and white meant the Lattice Collection and I were meant to be. Take a look at the way I used all three bags on my most recent trip to Hua Hin, Thailand for Chinese New Year break:

    Hands free with the Lattice Collection Backpack

    Louella Odié Lattice Backpack
    My travel uniform always consists of these comfortable black trousers and a blazer. The trousers feel like I’m in pajama pants, and I wear a blazer on every single flight because you do never known when the airline might need me to turn left when I get on the plane. Even if I do travel in economy, I like looking nice enough that I feel like I could pass for business. You know me and my motto: If you think you are, you are! (This goes for long haul flights too; changing into comfies mid flight takes up about 15 minutes of the 13 hours!) One of the main reasons I felt so good travelling most recently was because of Louella Odié. I love carrying three of their bags. I just felt beyond chic! With the backpack taking me through immigrations I appreciated the third strap on this Louella Odié Lattice Backpack: the bag can be held as a purse or strapped to the back. While travelling I really appreciated the versatility from the backpack–plus it’s so cute!

    Beach and Pool Ready with the Lattice Collection Tote

    Louella Odié Lattice Tote 2

    Louella Odié Lattice Tote

    Lately, for this year’s school breaks we’ve hopped over to Bangkok and then driven down the short distance to Hua Hin. It’s the perfect little get away offering sun and beach or poolside. On our most recent excursion we stayed at the lovely Haven in Hua Hin. Our room opened up to the pool offering access for a quick dip, and our suite even had a rooftop sun deck. The food was excellent, so we never had to leave–unless we wanted to. The beach is pleasant enough, and when the sea calmed down enough we were able to swim in the ocean. Sometimes, no all the time, a little rest and relaxation is all you need. The Louella Odié Lattice Tote went with me back and forth from room to pool to beach and then back again. It was the perfect beach bag. (Stay tuned for what was inside later on this week.)

    Market Shopping with the Lattice Collection Backpack

    Louella Odié Lattice Backpack Market
    I’ll be honest: one of the reasons I love returning to Thailand so often has to do with their night markets, and Hua Hin has a couple of really good ones. Night markets are great for the whole family: I get to shop while the rest of the fam sits down and orders dinner at one of the street cafés. I’d say the items I usually score at the Thailand night markets are groovy sunglasses, unique purses, and interesting graphic tees. This Louella Odié Lattice Backpack was perfect for storing my goods while letting my hands do the grabbing!

    Louella Odié Lattice Backpack 3

    Louella Odié Lattice Backpack 2

    Passport, phone, and lippy in the Lattice Collection Crossover

    Louella Odié Lattice Crossover 2

    Crossover bags are my most favorite style of purse. They’re light and don’t fit much, so this style of bag never causes me any back pain. Basically, all I ever need when I’m out and about is my wallet, phone, and a lipstick. Same goes for travel; I just added my passport. The thing I really, really like about the Louella Odié Crossover is the five pockets inside. There are exactly five perfectly sized compartments–each for a little something different. I can’t decide which bag out of the three is my favorite, but I will say that I might be nudging toward this one. It really is the perfect crossover bag, and with that unique lattice flap, it’s something special.

    Louella Odié Lattice Crossover and Tote

    What do you think of the Louella Odié Lattice Collection?

    Which bag do you prefer? Or are you like me and love the idea of travelling with a set? I definitely have a little bias toward each one, so I can’t really choose. The best part about this collection is the black and white color scheme that matches just about everything!

    Do you feel compelled to purchase a bag (or two!) from the Louella Odié Lattice Backpack” target=”_blank”>Louella Odié Lattice Collection? If you do, makes sure to take 15% off when you checkout with the code KREMBDELAKREMB.