DIY: Embellished Bandana

Embellished Bandana 6

I know, I know, every one is so over Coachella. Yet, despite all the hype, some really cool looking style comes out of this festival. And, I want to be a part of that: the #trending bit! I seriously would be fine to just be a fly on the wall at this event, just staring at everyone’s getup. And some of them are just that: getups. But, I’d be looking closely, and I’d find some gems: like the embellished bandana–if Chiara is wearing it, well, It’s coming! The bandana kerchief trend is big–it’s seen around necks, tied to belt loops, and wrapped around wrists. Well, now I’m ramping it up; I created an embellished bandana.

And it was a cinch!

Gather the sluppies.

Embellished Bandana 2

I took an old black bandana. Then I grabbed a bunch of random necklaces that don’t get worn all that much. I wasn’t sure what I’d use. I took off any hooks and latches. I also needed needle and thread for the stitching.

Arrange the necklaces.

Embellished Bandana 3

I took my time here, arranging different necklaces in different ways. In the end I opted for four. Then I pinned them down.

Hand sew the necklaces on to the kerchief.

Embellished Bandana 1

This part is time consuming, but you can sit in front of the TV and stitch the necklace to the bandana. The stitching doesn’t have to be perfect either–you just want the necklaces to hold to the scarf. For some necklaces you might choose more sporadic stitches, other a tight stitch. For example, the big bobbly shiny one on mine just has a few stitches while rhinestone is more secure. Luckily the stitching will barely be seen. (Alternatively, this is another one of those DIYs where you could bring the scarf to your tailor and have them sew on the necklaces, but I’m not sure how expensive tailors are in the US. It’s worth enquiring at your local dry cleaner.)

Voila! Embellished Bandana!

Embellished Bandana 4

Embellished Bandana 5

For Fun, here’s a pick of my cute photographer after I planted her with purple kisses!

Gigi Krembs

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Black Shirt Dress with a Red Trench – Ping Pong Post No. 2

Black Shirt Dress 3

I’m ping pong posting again–this time with a black shirt dress. Remember last month when I featured this cool plaid cape-like coat? (I should say tartan–as it hailed from the UK, and that’s how they say “plaid.”) This time around, Anna from Anna Island Style sent her black shirt dress to both Samantha from Fake Fabulous and me. I chose to add a little color with my red trench. Which by the way, I had always wanted, but it wasn’t until I chose the right color for me, that I felt comfortable wearing a trench. The classic khaki colored one makes me look a little ill! I adore sparkle so I added it to my top and bottom the the sequin beret and glitter booties. To pull just a little bit of the white from the black shirt dress I let my little lace white socks peek through. The final touch that coordinates all the colors together was my découpage black bag that I made myself from some fabric and a vintage clutch. This is just my interpretation…scroll on to see two more very different stylings of this black shirt dress.

Black Shirt Dress 5

Black Shirt Dress 4

Black Shirt Dress 6

Sequin beret, H&M | Double Back Red Earrings, Chinese Market | Red Trench, Shanghai Tailor | Shirt Dress, Anna’s | Clutch, DIY with Découpage | Socks, Forever 21 | Booties, Zara

Anna in the Black Shirt Dress

I love the way Anna decided to just open up this dress up and wear it like a cardigan. I have a feeling if she wore it normally, it would just drown her svelte figure. Instead, with this open look accompanied with all sorts of print mixing, her figure is phenomenal! Even if Anna has or does not have hips, the cut of the open dress knocks them away. I love how styling clothes in certain ways can give us women a figure. Case in point. Anna looks sensational!!




Dress, Ichi from TK Maxx | Trousers, H&M | Top, Primark | Belt, H&M | Shoes, SixtySeven from TK Maxx | Bangle and rings, charity shop | Sunglasses, Quay Australia

Samantha in the Black Shirt Dress

Fake Fabulous 10

This lady is a gal after my own heart. I mean for starters, look at the shoes! I can’t seem to get enough of runners these days, so pairing this shirt dress with these casual sneaks equals perfection to me. The other tiny but statement making addition that I love is that necklace. Being a Pisces, I adore anything fishy–even if it’s a skeleton of a fish. It’s just cool, and Sam’s necklace is edgy. Hoops and a crossbody bag and I kind of feel like I’m looking at myself! (Well she’s tinier, but you can see what I mean!) This styling screams off duty, hangin’ out on the weekend, I’m cool, so let’s hang out! I’ll hang with you Sam!!

Fake Fabulous 9

Fake Fabulou 8

Dress, Anna’s | Necklace, Tatty Devine | Shades, Primark | Bag, Yosa | Cuff, A gift | Shoes, Guess

How would you style this black shirt dress?

Black Shirt Dress 1

I really am curious….how would have you worn this shirt dress. Would you add color, would you dress it up or down, would you style it in some personal way that’s different than the norm? I’m curious, and I want to know, so please, do share!!

Black Shirt Dress 2

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Some Dresses Are Meant to Be–Especially this Little Red Dress!

Little Red Dress 8

This little red dress was seriously meant to be. About a month ago, we were downtown for a movie, and afterwards we stopped at our flagship H&M. On display was this cute little red dress, but unfortunately, it was already sold out. I almost picked up a drapey shirt dress in the same color, but then was like, Nah, not special enough. Then, just this weekend I went to my local little H&M. I was on my way out when the guy putting away the clothes had this one dress in his hands! Woah! Stop for a minute. I grabbed it and brought it to the cash register without even trying it on. See, it’s the little red dress that was meant to be!

Little Red Dress 1

Little Red Dress 9

Little Red Dress 6

Little Red Dress 7

Because this dress is so wide, I gave myself a waist with the belt. I’m full figured on top, so cinching this dress provides me with a waist. Just to see the difference, I have a few pictures without the belt. It did feel a bit tent-like, but I can imagine for the beach, pool, or dock, no belt would be necessary–the belt would only be an extra accessory I would not want to deal with. Styling it both ways just proves the versatility of this dress!

Little Red Dress 2

Little Red Dress 4

I found a Little Red Dress for You!

I checked the H&M online shop just to see if by chance it’s still available, but unfortunately it is not. I did however find several very similar different options. A little red dress will be the perfect summer ensemble for you: think barbecues, park concerts, or road trips. Throw on your little red dress, and you are good to go!

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I Love a DIY Post!

DIY Ostrich Bag Set Feature

I have to be honest: my favorite type of post is a DIY post. Finding something I like, then seeing, if just by chance, I could make it myself, well it’s a real joy. Recently I did it here when I wanted a patched shirt. I also made my own off-the-shoulder shirt as seen here, here, and here. Same goes for the fringe sandal trend and the tassel heel trend. I’m no pro at it, but I do fancy a little do it myself here and there. I also like how these fringe sandals turned out last year as well as these tassel heels. Then there’s all the bags I’ve DIYed, but by far, my most favorite DIY that I have ever made is this ostrich feather bag featured up above. I think it turned out so well, and it’s definitely my preferred black clutch that I always grab for–it’s just an all around fun bag. I’ve découpaged a bag and hand-stitched one, but those feathers are my love!

DIY Patches 8

Menswear 12

DIY Fringe Sandals 15

DIY Tassel Heels 7

DIY Découpage Purse 11

In terms of DIY posts on Kremb de la Kremb, I have a ton of DIY ideas lined up, but before I continue, I want to hear from you….I suppose, regardless of what you say, I will probably keep going with a DIY post here and there just because they are such fun, but as my reader, what do you think of them?

Please take a moment to answer these three questions. Really when it comes down to it, I write for you, so I want to make sure you enjoy your visits to Kremb de la Kremb. (Don’t worry–the survey is set to anonymous, so I’ll never know your true thoughts, but the thoughts will help guide my DIY direction.)

If you’d rather not answer, you could always check out my To-Do DIY List over on Pinterest. It’s continually growing. Truthfully, I actually have a little corner in my room piled with the projects ahead: star jeans, cold shoulder dress, lace up sweatshirt, and super long frayed jeans–just to mention a few!

Here’s the survey. Thank you for your blogger love! Ann

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PS. Before you leave, I just gotta tell you: thanks for reading!

Gingham Skirt and a Colorful Fence

Gingham Skirt 3

Sometimes I find a setting and then decide an outfit! This was the case here. I mean, this colorful fence was made for me. If I did have a yard with a fence, I would be so tempted to be the eyesore of the neighborhood and paint it in rainbow colors! No really, though, let me share a few details about this very inexpensive outfit. Outfits don’t need to cost an arm and a leg–at least not for me. This midi skirt for example is from a market. Granted I bought it at a Thai night market, but my point is that if one keeps their eye open there are bargains everywhere. Like this top: I bought it used from an Instagram shop. And the little tied scarf was also used from a market. My Adidas runners are the most expensive item I’m wearing, but they’ve definitely earned their cost per wear. Granted, my outfit isn’t fancy, but I felt good in this ensemble–a little throw back to the 50s almost. Tell me: do you feel better in expensive clothes OR is it enough for you to feel good in what you’re wearing?

Gingham Skirt 1

Gingham Skirt 2

Gingham Skirt 4

Gingham Skirt 5

A Gingham Skirt Just for You:

Just in case you want to copy this look I found some gingham skirts for you at very reasonable prices:

  • This Mod Cloth midi version with larger gingham is very, very cute! While this one looks exactly like mine but with a bow.
  • Old Navy has a super small, checked gingham skater skirt in black and white.
  • Macy’s has a very classy black and white midi

  • Bloomingdale’s has an A-line option in black and white.
  • While this is the most expensive one I’m listed, it is handmade and so sweet found on an Etsy shop.
  • Out of the options I’m sharing, this might be the one I have to order: a black and white pencil skirt from Revolve Clothing. It’s perfect!
  • Just for the fun of it, I’m including three dresses from Urban Outfitters: an off the shoulder in red and white and this perfect black and white sundress or this one.
  • Wanna See the Gingham Skirt for You:

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    Go Ahead, Blush!

    Blush 4

    Blush. That color moment since you’ve been seeing a lot of this color. It’s not quite pink, nor nude. It’s a definite cross of the two–verging and a pinky nude. Call it the pink for the beginner. Ironically, pink is a color that according to my coloring, will look good on me. Well, at least I think anyway. But, I haven’t ever really been a pink wearer. I mean I did attempt this bold pink dress, yet I never felt like myself. In blush however, I do. It’s subtly pink and perfectly neutral. It’s a color you might be seeing more of rose quartz being one of Pantone’s colors of the year. Recently, during a holiday trip in the month of February, I picked up both this blush sweater and blush flats.

    *Looking at these pictures, I’m noticing that blush items look more nude than pink. Perhaps that’s the magic of this color–it goes both ways.

    Blush 3

    Blush 1

    Blush 5

    Blush 2

    Go Ahead, Blush!

    I’ve done some searching for you. Choose the item you’d like, and I found it in blush.

    Softest Tee: Over at J.Crew they’re known for the softest vintage tees; take your pick in either crew neck, scoop neck, or v-neck. Or take all three!

    Jeans: Blush denim is the perfect signal that spring is here!

    Culottes: Imagine how chic these (p)leather culottes would be all year long; wear them with a white tee in the summer, white shirt in the fall and spring, and a white cashmere sweater in winter. This mixed fibre pair could also be an option. Nothing wrong with a piece this versatile!

    Skirts: This sheen version is the perfect updated ballet skirt. (This matching top turns the outfit into the smartest co-ord.) Or, for some boho chic go with suede with this button mini (I have a very similar version, and I love it!) or this fringe asymmetrical.

    Dresses: This simple ruffle dress could be worn to work, the beach, or even to bed. Most importantly, it looks comfortable! Then, there’s this versatile maxi dress that can be tied in three different ways!

    Lace: This robe, oh! Click the link just to see how beautiful it is. For sure, one would feel so sexy in this! And then, this romantic dress. Goodness, it’s just gorgeous.

    Swimsuits: I’m not sure if a blush swimsuit would pass or if it would just look like underwear, but with a color blocking one piece, it would be no problem. (Plus black on the bottom is sure bet for slimming!)

    Shoes: Opt for strappy flats or strappy heels–either way this nude color will elongate many a leg. Or, for making legs look longer, try strappy over-the-knee boots!

    Blush: Remember? That makeup that we brush on our cheeks? The namesake of this trending color, blush. Well, NARS makes one, called Impassioned, and it is the best color I have ever found for my cheeks! It surprised me as it seems like it’s barely present, but it’s a sensational color.

    Wanna Blush?

    Here are all the items mentioned up above in a visual slideshow for your window shopping pleasure. Shop away!

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    DIY: Patched Denim Shirt

    DIY Patches 4

    It seems that every time I enter a Zara store I see more and more patches. They’re so fun and whimsical, yet nothing I’d ever spend more than $$ on–plus, this is like the easiest DIY ever. I know I am always saying my DIYs are the easiest ever, but I guess that should read I will only will complete an easy DIY as this one is. Basically, collect some patches; I found my collection at a night market in Thailand. While this might seem extravagant there are plenty of sites, especially on Etsy, that have a wide collection of patches to choose from. (I’ll include the links at the end of this post.) If you live in Hong Kong, we have our own sets of local markets as well that have booths with patches. The other item I already had in my closet. I was rarely wearing this oversized, bleached out denim shirt, but already since I’ve added these quirky colors to the shirt, I’ve worn it a ton more!

    DIY Patches 7

    1. Gather your supplies.

    DIY Patches 2

    All you need are some patches and a denim shirt. Alternatively you could add patches to a pair of jeans or a bomber jacket. Heck, even your favorite kitchen apron or daily backpack might appreciate a little color.

    2. Place and pin the patches on the item.

    DIY Patches 3

    I took time placing the patches on my shirt trying to get the placement just right. I knew I wanted the blue and yellow Thai number 9 right on my right lapel. I also knew I wanted the eye on the right sleeve. I ended up have all the numbers on one side somehow and the black and white patches are grouped together. Try the item on with the patches in place to make sure you like how it is.

    3. Bring the shirt to a tailor!

    DIY Patches 5

    Granted I have a sewing machine (and even made my first item!), but sewing on patches can be tricky. Once I placed them with a pin, I took my shirt to my tailor. I am so glad she did. They were meticulously attached–looking inside out that horse on my left lapel looks like a horse! I would have done a hack job sewing them on, so I went to an expert for this. I don’t think it’s cheating!

    DIY Patches 7

    DIY Patches 6

    DIY Patches 1

    After the Patch Trend Too?

    Try it….
    • If you want to try out this easy DIY I found some places online that sell patches:
    • This Etsy shop, For the Love of Patch, sells in packs–which is a good option. Also, on Etsy, Your Patch Store, has a plethora of fun patches.
    • The Grindstore, a UK online store, has 16 pages worth of patches. From Australia there’s Iron On Patches–the more you buy the cheaper they get, and international shipping is just $3.
    • And finally, the ultimate source for patches comes from the Patch Club–anything is possible from this site!
    Or just buy it….
    More Visual Inspo
    One last call…

    If you want me to make you something patched, it’d be my pleasure. Send me a mail at ann krembs @ krembdelakremb . com!

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    Spring Break 2016 in Borneo, Malaysia

    Travel is definitely an integral part of the life Kevin and I have created over the last twenty years. Without being too cliche I have to admit that I feel blessed by this way of life that we lead. I think it’s safe to say that everyone’s interpretation of wealth is different, and I will admit I feel wealthy with travel. I might not have a big house, not even a yard, but I do get to see the world with my family. I am exposed to different cultures and ways of life, and for this I feel rich. Recently, traveling through Malaysian Borneo was a magical and adventurous family excursion. I have plenty of woes–like a hip that continues to cause such pain, but even hobbling along on crutches didn’t stop me from enjoying the rainforests, jungles, and beaches of Borneo, Malaysia. In this post, we captured a few sunset pics on the beach–my absolute favorite time of day at my favorite place with my three favorite people!

    off-the-shoulder top

    Some Oufit Details

    I made this off-the-shoulder from a mens shirt. It’s actually very simple and a tailor can easily help with the job. Cut off the top and roll an inch under to form the casing for the elastic. Run the elastic throgh, and presto! Instant off-the-shoulder goodness! Here’s this top styled with jeans and another post styled on a beach in Thailand. This top makes for a perfect beach coverup.

    And now for some guest appearances of the loves of my life: Kevin, Vincent, and Gigi.

    Link here for Spring Break ’15 and Spring Break 14.

    March Instagram @KrembdelaKremb: Vol. 15

    Instagram @KrembdelaKremb

    For some reason, I usually kind of dread March; I find it to be such a long month. After all the hoopla of February, March definitely drags on as that transitional month from winter to spring for me. However, March of 2016 was different! For one, Easter fell in March this year, so Spring Break came early! Going on vacation during a long month makes the time fly for sure! Also the weather continued to be dreary in Hong Kong, but since I don’t mind rain, it was fine by me. It’s just the cold temps that can bring me down. Again, nothing that a vacation in Malaysia can’t fix! I know–I am one lucky gal!!

    Follow @KrembdelaKremb on Instagram!
    1. For some reason, this post was super well liked–which was good because it was my call to invite people to work with me to help them with their style. If you don’t follow me on Instagram, but would like help with your personal style, here’s my address to give me a ring: annkrembs at krembdelakremb dot com.
    2. That sewing machine that Kevin got me for my birthday in Feb….well I used it! I made my first skirt. Whew! Difficult. I have my work cut out for me–literally!!
    3. During a week in March, I posted four times about Louella Odié (one, two, three, and four). I love working with this local, mom-daughter team. They’re handbags are so chic and their printed scarves are pretty cute too! At work, I received a nice treat to conduct my work: an iPad Pro. It’s seriously a dream to work on!
    4. Another DIY project I made this month was a pair of splattered booties. This is the perfect way to bring some life to a ratty old pair of shoes.
    5. Family pics seem to becoming more rare these days with both a tween and teen in the house. It makes sense; they have their own digital identities that they’d like to create. Easter Sunday was my free pass, and you betcha! I took it!!
    6. Oooh, this was a good one! I rarely, I mean really never, read a book of 700 pages. This one though, ooh! It was so good, and I was intrigued the whole way. Here’s what I’ll say about it: The Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness is like an adult version of Harry Potter and Twilight intermixed. I might even read the next one, Shadow of Night. And when the TV series comes along, I will for sure be watching!
    7. Here’s a jungle pic from Mulu National Park in Borneo, Malaysia*. Look closely–the big palm leaves are made of little, small leaves. #mothernatureisbeautiful
    8. While traveling throughout Borneo, we had to take 8 total flights* around the island. It felt kinda crazy, but it’s what had to be done. For one of the legs, we had to stop in a larger town (Miri) to go through immigration because the final destination (Mulu) didn’t have anything other than a landing strip at its airport. (The pic is from that landing strip!)
    9. A really good adventure trip ends with a little beach time*! Awwww, thank you Shangri La at Rasa Ria!

    *I highly recommend the trip we just took through Borneo, Malaysia. It included time in a rainforest, jungle, and beach. For information on this trip’s itinerary, please ask, and I’ll pass on what KevStar had planned for us. It was an amazing trip!

    All the Tucks for Those Tops Your Tucking

    No Tuck

    The way one tucks her shirt is filled with options. Silly, but it is. Here in this post, I provide a picture for your reference of all the tucks. Which is your preferred way to tuck in your top?

    Half Tuck

    Lil Front Tuck

    Front Tuck

    Full Tuck

    Butt Tucks

    April Fools with this last one! I don’t plan on ever embracing the the “butt tuck!” Hehehehe!

    April Fools with All the Tucks!

    Did I fool you with the last one? Remember my joke from last year?