The B.E. Influence

Tulle3Almost every day, I go visit a couple of blogs that definitely influence me. Sometimes these visits provide inspiration or other times they might prompt imitation. I’m not the kind to get jealous of the brands I might see–I don’t think I’ll ever own a pair of Louboutin’s, and I’m ok with that. Every once in a while though, I’ll visit one of my influencers and think to myself, I can do that! This happened a couple of weeks ago when I saw Blaire Eadie in A Tutu and Turtleneck. Instantly, I was like, Hey! I have all the components to make this look. At any rate, my mock-neck turtleneck–appropriate for an HK fall, with my tulle skirt (found with my niece Elle) paired with my treaded booties have been on some serious repeats these fall days!

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Nordstrom Gift Gui..

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Sassy Contributor

Sassy_LogoHong Kong has afforded me many opportunities that I would have never dreamt would come my way. One such opportunity has been the ability to contribute to one of my favorite web sources for all things Hong Kong: Sassy Media Group. I first read from the Sassy site when I was in Beijing knowing I would move to Hong Kong. Both Sassy Hong Kong and Sassy Mama HK are the go-to spots on the Internet for finding out what is hot in Hong Kong. Fashion posts, restaurant reviews, awesome give aways, field trip ideas, advice on anything and everything… the list goes on for all that Sassy offers its HK readers. Sassy isn’t limited to Hong Kong either; there’s also Sassy Singapore, Australia, Dubai and Paris is coming soon. Contributing for Sassy has given my family and me tons of really cool opportunities like an overnight stay at the Cosmopolitan Hotel, a cooking class at The Mixing Bowl, a spinning class at XYZ to name a few. Now I’m taking my expertise in books and will be offering a book collection–stay tuned for a December post. It feels very rewarding to contribute to a resource that I personally find so valuable. Sassy definitely makes life better in Hong Kong, and I’m pretty proud to be a Sassy contributor!


Fashion Fixation: ..

SequinTrackPants Last year I had to have (and eventually tracked down) the perfect (p)leather track pants. This year in anticipation of the holiday season I feel I must have a pair of sequin track pants. I could spend mucho moolah money, but of course I won’t! I’ve found various options under $130 but knowing myself, I might just hold out until my forever standby (Forever 21) finally gets a pair in the shop. In the meantime though, I’m choosing among these and trying to determine between black, silver and gold:

My Five ~ How I Go..


Just by looking at this picture from a post last year, I think it’s safe to say I’m a risk taker!

Wearing leopard, blogging about it, living overseas, chopping off my hair…I’ve always just gone for it. Somehow it’s become a part of my make up. I constantly take risks, I embrace experience, and I want to try it all. Basically, I think I would be pretty bored if I wasn’t trying, testing, doing new things. There’s this recurring  question I often ask my mom: who’s she worried about now? She’s got five of us kids, so she’s bound to be worried about one of us. I don’t often make the list as of late, but oh, I used to! She recently told me how worried she was about me as a teen because I always had this “go for it” mentality. Some things never change.

The way I am always living by going for it got me thinking….how do I do it? How do I live this way? While the five items below don’t necessarily elude to a risk taking attitude, I do feel they are a bit of the background of what makes me take risks and live my life with a “go for it” attitude.

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DIY: Nail Maintena..

NailPolish2Just a while back I wrote about the problem with my nails and what I do for nail maintenance. Along with using the cuticle cream, nail hardener, and keeping them covered, I also tend to paint my nails with colored polish. I usually prefer color over a nude nail, and two colors have been in heavy rotation since about last spring: bright white or a coral-orange red. The trick to my nail polish however is it’s drying time. I pretty much exclusively use nail polish that will dry in a minute or two. Trust me! It does.

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Another Dress Stap..

LBWSD1Most of us have an LBD (little black dress) and some of us have an LWD (little white dress), but I also believe all women should have an LBnWSD (little black and white striped dress). This staple can be dressed up or down. It’s a look that instantly feels chic. The dresses are usually quite seasonal–just add layers for colder temps, preferably in black. Red makes for an excellent accent with this dress: I chose red heels, a little red clutch, and my favorite new red lippy. Pearls are an easy accessory, yet I love how my leather jacket toughens it all up. The other great thing about a little black and white striped dress is their timelessness. My LBnWSD is from ages ago! Back in the summer of 2006, we started our vacation with a trip to the South of France with the Burkes and Debbie Diaz. We rented a home in Avignon. During one of our excursions to Avignon, I picked up this dress–without even trying it on, at the Zara there. I just knew it would be a classic for me, and it really has. It’s still in good shape, and I worn it to a wedding, a graduation, a cocktail party, and a few date nights in-between!

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4th Links à la Mo..

Last week I wrote a post about luxury handbags and which one would you chose. When it came down to it, answering this question proved to me that I prefer the boho bag over the iconic handbag. While I do love some luxe, I much more enjoy the story behind the bag! This post was featured on Independent Fashion Bloggers’ Links à la Mode. (See my first, second, and third times.)


Cents & Sensibility

Now that Halloween is over, and we’re in full holiday mode, we can all relax a little. Who are we kidding? There is so much to do! Well, even when the “to do” lists grow longer than Santa’s naughty list, we can still at least look put together. This week we take a look at the sensible side of fashion. What do we really want to wear?

Links à la Mode: November 6th

Nordstrom Gift Gui..

We have just under 7 weeks until Christmas! I plan to write an extra post each week with a gift guide for various types of people you might be thinking of this holiday season. The fiirst up, a twelve year old young man–there’s one in my house named Vincent! Nordstrom looks like the way to go with free shipping! Plus, they’re having a 40% off sale right now!!

VincentGiftGuide1 VincentGiftGuide2VincentGiftGuide3

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Kremb de la Kremb ..


Kremb de la Kremb Prom Designs

Last year I had such an amazing time attending the HKIS’ Interact Fashion Show. It was truly a feat! Student models, designers, and even planners created the entire show. I was just blown away by the talent. I also felt a little tinge of green envy at the chance these students were given. This year, when the call for designers was made, I casually asked the head designer, “Hey, can teachers design?” I was so pleasantly surprised by the enthusiastic “YES!”
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