Spirit Lake–One of the Fashion Capitols of the World

Spirit Lake Tee 4
The moment we head left on Main Street to pass through Spirit Lake and head down toward the lake, we slow down and take inventory. This summer sadly the regular ice cream parlor we’d frequent often was vacant. It was quite sad for all of us–especially the kids and their grammy. On the upside however, a new tee shirt store came to town, Thunder Ridge Productions. I’ll admit; it was hard to pick my tee, but this fashion capitol one spoke out to me. The close behind was the tee that said, “This drinking town has a motorcycle problem.” Hahaha, love that one. One Sunday after church, we stopped on Main Street, Spirit Lake to take a couple of pics–with a cameo of Alex, my father-in-law, plus some local riders!

Spirit Lake Tee 3

Spirit Lake Tee 2


Spirit Lake Bikers

Plant Shoes

Some Outfit Details:

Sunnies–I picked these up at the start of the summer from Zara.
Graphic Tee–Thunder Ridge Productions. When you stop by say hi to Bob. He’s great!
Leather Jacket–Swap and Shop HK
Striped pencil skirt–TJ Maxx
Cowboy Boots–I picked up this Old West pair from Zappos so I could bring a pair back with me to Hong Kong. This way my mom’s will stay out at the cabin, and I’ll have these for HK. It’s a drag carrying them back and forth.
Handbag–4th of July Spirit Lake Picnic. There’s a cute little lady that I beeline to each summer after the Main Street parade. She always has the best treasures!

Style Story: Lake Style Glammed UP

Obviously feeling a little dressed up is important to me; it sets my mood. I’m all for casual, but a little too much of it can actually bring me down. There are four things that I do out at the lake that compliment the casual style while making me feel a little more glam. I love lake style–especially when I these easy touches. I’ve made a shop for you to browse (and purchase–I’ll make a few pennies off any sales;) filled with other lake style options.

Lake Styled Glammed with Lipstick

My sure bet cure glamming up any style weather it be lake style, work style or whatever has and will always be a little lippy. Add lipstick and I instantly feel perked up. Three new colors to me that I enjoyed this summer were Maybelline Pink Me Up, Electric Orange and Coral Crush. I always read about these colors from Naomi at Love Taza and Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere and finally wanted to give them a try. This line of Maybelline was perfect for the lake because they’re kind of glossy like lip balm but way more pigmented. I just kept these three colors on hand around the cabin and my lake style felt elevated each time I put them on.

Lake Style Glammed with a Pretty Coverup

Lake Glam 3

You can get this exact cover up here. It’s super comfy but a little sexy all at once!

I’ve written numerous times about the coverup. It’s true; I am 40 something–43 to be exact. While I am not embarassed to be in a suit (at all!), I do find that I usually prefer to be a little covered up if I’m busy cleaning up or making a meal. Usually I’m in cutoffs: I find keeping my top half uncovered reminds me to hold in my core, and unfortunately I haven’t figured out how to hold in my buns! When I want to feel a little dressier, I skip the cutoff look and grab a pretty, white coverup. Lace or embroidery included always glams up the look and and a flowy arm and hem adds some sexiness. It’s quite simple actually, but finding a pretty coverup helps my lake style feel dressed up. Search my Lake Style Shop for more options.

Lake Style Glammed with an Off the Shoulder Top

Lake Glam 2

Here’s this exact top. Plus there’s more options in my Lake Style Shop.
I highly recommend something in this style for every woman!

Say I must remain in the ever comfortable, forever wearing cutoff jean; then one way I dress up this lake style is with an off the shoulder top–again white being my favorite color to do this with. This sleeve is called the gypsy sleeve–it’s more flowy than the tighter long sleeve version I wore here. This top over a swimsuit really works. I just let the swimsuit straps hang off to the side. A woman’s collar bone is always such a pretty spot on our bodies. This top is going to work on most body types because of this. I recommend you try one. See how you feel!? Lake style glammed up!

Lake Style Glammed with Heels

Lake Glam 1

I was beyond ecstatic when I scooped up these Kate Spade Magical Shoes for a fraction of the price. LOVE!

This is going to sound crazy, but every now and then, I like to throw on a pair of heels with my lake outfit. It usually happens after the early evening shower and right before I begin the dinner preparations. I will have probably added some light makeup including the above mentioned lipstick of course. And then, I just add heels. It’s not like I’ll be walking all over the place, but turn the corner into the kitchen and BOOM! There I’ll be with a regular outfit on made glam by a pair of sparkly heels. I love lake style, but I really love glamming it up!

When you’re in a casual rut–especially out at the lake, are there any style moves that you make to glam up your style?

July’s Instagram @KrembdelaKremb: Vol 7

July Instagram

July’s Instagram = Lake Pictures!

We were out at the like for all of this past month, so if you follow @krembdelakremb July’s Instagram is mainly all about the lake.

1. The summer out at the lake seemed to start the moment Gigi jumped out of the boat, arms and legs spread wide. Freedom. Love. Joy. It’s all there in this Insta capture!

2. My daily uniform out at lake consists of either jean shorts or my swimsuit. For the 4th of July, I did post a Style Story, but then I stopped since this is the look each and every day!

3. Each summer a recipe stands out–one that just keeps getting repeated. I made this zucchini, walnut, and quinoa salad multiple times. Also on high repeat were the sausages prepared from the butcher at Super One on the South Hill of Spokane. Those were the other tasty treat that accompanied this healthy salad. (Another recipe I posted was my Grandma Soogie’s cucumber salad.)

4. I read Bellweather Rhapsody. It was a fun little book to follow up our visit to the Timberline Lodge. It’s a clever, twisted mystery that is so intricate it was a delight. I also highlighted my sunnies of the day with every 4th picture on Instagram. It was a little trial I attempted (to be artsy fartsy with my feed–scroll down to see). Did you notice?

5. This pic was one of my most liked of the month–our first night out there eating pizza from 4th and Main Pizza on the dock.

6. I got my craft on this summer! I made some fringed sandals, an ostrich bag, and some doily bowls. Plus I added a trim to this mini skirt to make it just a bit longer. It has been so fun doing DIY projects. I have a few more to come. Do you like reading about my DIY attempts?

7. Kevin and I celebrated 18 years this summer! We had a nice raclette meal with his mom and dad. It’s one of the kids favorite meals each summer.

8. I fell in love with a sweet little Yorkie Terrier this summer named Ruby. Plus, I love wearing my (mom’s) cowboy boots all summer long. I think they look amazing with a pair of cutoffs. Only in Idaho! (Although I did purchase this pair so that I can keep my mom’s out here at the lake yet have another pair for Hong Kong.)

9. I started a history series of our cabin during this month. I covered the screened in porch and the Family Room. I’m not sure if I shoudl continue the series this summer or just wait till next. Can you weigh in?

24 Things I Shouldn’t Have Worn–Ooops! Basically, #IwillwearwhatIlike

So….there was an article written recently that has ruffled many (stylish) women’s feathers–including mine. Over on Rant Chic a post was written about the 24 Things Women Should Stop Wearing After Age 30. Say what!?! For me, this is just asinine. I’ve never done well with people regulating what I can and cannot wear. I was the girl in high school that started a petition to be able to wear shorts. The moment I get a work related tee I head straight to a pair of scissors and make it my own. Lately, this idea of saying what women can and cannot wear at certain stages of their life seems to becoming more prevalent. Why is this? Meanwhile this article from Vogue states how women in their 40s are looking better than ever. Why shouldn’t we at all times embrace the very beauty of our womanhood. If there is a sartorial item in our closets that helps us to feel beautiful we should be wearing it. The beauty inside than transpire outside. I am probably starting to sound like a broken record, but confidence is the first thing we as women should put on. If those short shorts make you feel confident, in turn beautiful, than by golly strut around with those booty shorts!

I have definitely not followed this list!

I searched my past blog posts and found 20 out of the 24 items that I full heartedly embrace despite my age of 43! I copied the list from the article and then just filled in with my own pictures.

24. Graphic Tees

Self Confidence
Well, for goodness gracious. She’s gotta be kidding here. Graphic tees are the best! I mean seriously. They’re so fun to wear. I had trouble choosing which one to post, so I went with the one representing my philosophy with what every woman should wear regardless of age–CONFIDENCE!

23. Bedazzled anything

Hahha! I love anything that sparkles. If it’s bedazzled all the better. Here’s an example of me taking an item (very old sneakers) and making them dazzle by adding studs!

22. Blue Eyeshadow

#instylecolorOh, now, no one can say that a little bright eye doesn’t perk oneself up right away! Especially in AQUA!

21. Victoria’s Secret PINK

bikini halter top
While I don’t own anything PINK by VS, I am more than positive that my candy pink halter top that I love so much would be not permitted. I own two of this suit: one for Hong Kong, one for Spirit Lake.

20. Leopard Print

This one is gonna kill the author. :S

19. Sparkly Pants

I’ll tell you what: when I wear these sparkly pants, I feel special. Feeling special at any age is going to be a very good thing.

18. Oversized Sunglasses

Style Truck
Hahha, which to choose! I went with my not only big but also bright red pair!

17. Non-matching Socks

I have yet to wear non-matching socks, but I’m tempted to fill this space now.

16. Hoop Earrings

Holy smokes! Hoop earrings!! They’re a staple for any woman’s jewellery box–in both silver and gold. I chose my gold based ones because of their long history.

15. Furry Boots

I don’t own any, but am always and most definitely on the hunt for a cute pair.

14. Furry Anything

over the top
This one is gonna bug her big time!

13. Tube Tops

All my tube tops are in Hong Kong. I’ll make sure to post an updated tube top pic soon. Until then here’s an oldie from a New Year’s Eve outfit idea. (Gosh, my hair was so long and pretty. I wanna grow it back to long!)

12. Short Dresses


11. Mini-Skirts

Oops again! I got nice legs–I’m gonna show them.

10. Woman Overalls

I don’t own a pair. I’m heavy chested so therefore they look awful on me. I always look at them with admiration and would like to wear them, but the girls keep me from doing so….

9. Crop Tops

Crop Tops Over 40
Now crop tops! I love THEM! If anything, they remind me to hold in my core.

8. American Eagle

This is so random. American Eagle? I love this sweater that my sister gave me off her back.

7. Booty Shorts

Again, I like my legs….so I’m not going to hide them.

6. Old Sneakers

I guess the only thing I can agree with is old sneakers sometimes need replacing….? Luckily these ones are still going strong.

5. Cheap Bras

Moo Moo 5
Back to the girls–can’t really go cheap there, but I’m sure the author would hardly agree with using a bikini as a bra

4. Glitter Eyeshadow

Bedazzled, sparkly pants, glitter eyes…especally in the form of sparkly sunnies–I’m all about it! Now I need to make sure and post some glittery eyeshadow eyes.

3. Platform Flip-Flops

I think platform flip-flops are rather ugly, so I wouldn’t wear them, but I’m sure these booties would make the author cringe!

2. Abercrombie & Fitch

I don’t own anything from here. It’s always so dark inside, so I never go in. But, I sure do admire the shirtless models. I’m sure that’s not allowed over 30 either!

1. Scrunchies

My hair is now too short! But here’s an oldie where I wrapped a bracelet around my high ponytail.


See how preposterous this list is! I mean come on. We are really going to tell women of any age what they can and cannot wear. This is so Mean Girls “you can’t sit with us.” Please, women of the world, let’s start embracing our beauty at any age. Let’s congratulate each other for stylish movements that we may attempt. Let’s support one another so that the very thing we wear each day is confidence. Now that is the list that should be generated. Our dear Catherine over at Not Dressed as Lamb has created a list for us to try and follow on Instagram. There’s no order, no rules, just join and support other women as they embrace their own personal style. Follow Catherine @notlamb and me @krembdelakremb!

DIY: Doily Bowls

Doily Bowl DIY 9For some reason I’ve been wanting to make these little doily bowls for a while. It’s quite silly how easy these little bowls are to make. I’m mean, it’s probably the simplest DIY project out there. And now, I have four new cute bowls about the house to fill with those random left items that need a home like coins, jewellery, match boxes. Here are the easy directions including the removal–which was a step missing from some of the other directions I found online and pinned to my Kremb de la Kremb To Do DIY Board. (Check it out for a peek into my inspo….)

1. Gather the Supplies:

Doily Bowl DIY
At Joann’s I collected an assortment of 4 different doilies. (Now that I know how to make bowls out of them, I’ll be on more of a watch for unique doilies in second hand and vintage stores.) I also picked up a big bottle of a product called Stiffy. It’s a fabric stiffener. I gathered some bowls as molds, a bowl for the stiffy, and plates to place the bowls on.

2. Setup the Bowls and Plates.

Doily Bowl DIY 2
Fill one of the bowls with some stiffy. I’d say each doily uses about 1/2-3/4 cup. Also lay out your bowls face down on plates. I had four doilies so I set up four bowls upside down.

3. Completely Soak the Doily.

Doily Bowl DIY 3Immerse one doily at a time into the Stiffy glue. Really saturate the doily with this fabric stiffener. I gave each doily a good 10 to 20 second immersion in the stiffing liquid.

Doily Bowl DIY 4

4. Lay the Doily Over a Bowl.

Doily Bowl DIY 5Now, without worrying about all the excess liquid, lay the doily evenly over a bowl. Try to place it so that the center of the doily is on the bottom side center of the bowl. Once it’s placed how you like it, really spread the doily out evenly, pushing it on to the bowl.

Doily Bowl DIY 6

5. Let the Doilies Dry Over Night.

Doily Bowl DIY 7I was able to place my four doily bowls in the sun, but this isn’t necessary. Letting them dry at least 12 hours is fine.

6. Spoon the Doily Off.

Doily Bowl DIY 8
This was the step that I found missing in the directions I found online. One post said to put plastic wrap between the bowl and doily, but I skipped that. Instead I used a spoon to wedge in between the doily and the bowl. Slowly and surely, I worked my way around the bowl going deeper as I went. Eventually I got to the point where the doily came right off–shaped as a bowl.

That’s it! It was so easy. Aside from the drying, creating these bowls took about ten minutes. Next up I’ll try dying them. These little bowls would be great to use at Christmas filled with yummy treats. For now, I’ve got four of them around my house filled with earrings and coins. I keep one by my bed for all the keep sakes that could get lost if just left out and about.

Doily Bowl DIY 10

Kremb de la Kremb Cabin: The Porch

Screened In Porch 3

The porch is the heart of our cabin. It’s the location that comes to mind when I think about our cabin. Most of our hanging out occurs on the porch. When I’m not here the porch is what I day dream about, and while I am here it’s where I actually do dream–literally. Kevin and I sleep head to head each night on the porch in an “L” shape. We’ve tried the coziness of The Family Room downstairs where there’s a bed where we’d both fit, yet we always return to the porch where we can sleep in the fresh open air under piles of heavy, wool blankets. The porch is where we often eat breakfast and put out snacks. When guests are out visiting (which is often), the porch can fit everyone–there’s the leopard sofa at one end, the picnic table in the middle, and our day beds in the corner. The special spot can be accessed by both the great room and the kitchen through beautiful lead iron glass doors or by the stairs that lead to the lake. Of course, the main beauty of the porch however is the view out to our little lake, Spirit Lake. That can’t be beat.


The view….Ahhh!

Screened In Porch 1

I sleep on the left and Kevin on the right.

Screened In Porch 2

Touches of our travels are found throughout the porch: the little ornate dresser,
elephant bookshelf and paisley bedspreads are from India. The bench at the picnic table
is from China. The pretty pottery is from Venezuela. There are blankets from our travels
to both Guatemala and Peru. Plus interspersed here and there are second had finds from
shops in the area. The picnic table, bamboo lounge set, and beds came with the cabin!
Like us, it’s very eclectic.

Screened In Porch 5

Screened In Porch 9

Screened In Porch 6

Screened In Porch 4

I love having a leopard upholstered lounge set!


Screened In Porch 7

There used to be this awesome antique fair right by our house every summer.
Unfortunately, well fortunately for them, the fair has gotten so big that it
moved to Spokane and the spring so we always miss it now.
This little DIY find was a total score!

Silk Hair Terrier

This is Ruby, my sister’s family dog, and we totally and utterly fell in love with her.
In fact, Rani might be getting her Raj when we return to Hong Kong.

The Fab 40s in Leopard

Leopard 1

I love leopard! So I was very, very excited to hear that The Fab 40s theme for July was leopard. Mainly, I’ll be honest, I was happy for the chance to showcase my leopard lounger from our screened in porch out at our cabin on Spirit Lake. This old bamboo patio set came with the cabin; then while we were living in India, I had these leopard covers made. In my opinion, they are perfection! Let me get back to clothing and my extensive collection of leopard options–(this being one of my favorite ensembles). It is true: I have tons of leopard–my wardrobe is more than plentiful of this roaringly awesome print, hehe. But to style leopard on my leopard sofa…I knew I shouldn’t over do it–which is hard for me to do, so I (tried) to tone down the look with my leopard sleeved sweatshirt.


Jane at My Midlife Fashion

Biker Jacket–Zara
Necklaces–Stella & Dot
Bracelets–Ashiana Jewellery
Bag–Ghost Fashion
Flip Flops–La Redoute

Dawn Lucy

Dawn Lucy from Fashion Should Be Fun

Top–Rag & Bone
Earrings–Tina Turk
Bracelets–J Crew & Gorjana
Bag–Refbecca Minkoff
Slip Ons–Candies


Sheela from Sheela Writes

Hat–Forever 21
Top and Trousers–Thrift Shop
Boots–Charlotte Russe


Dixie from Inside Outer Style

Jacket–haute Hippie




My Outfit Details:

Necklace (worn backwards)–J. Crew Venus Flytrap Necklace
Leopard Sleeved Sweatshirt–Forever 21 (very old, but this grey, muted men’s version is pretty cool!)
Cutoffs–Wrangler Jeans thrifted from Mee & Gee’s
Cowboy Boots–Old West from Zappos

Baby Shower Ideas and Freuen Baby Shower Candids

Shower Food 1

Baby Shower Details

My sisters and I recently hosted a baby shower for our two brothers and their pregnant wives. Of course the best part was having us all together. The second best part was the planning and prep. Yes, I often enjoy the anticipation and preparation just as much (sometimes more) than the actual event. I thought I’d share some of the details:

  • Lemonade and Cucumber Water
  • Pinot Grigio and Stella Artois
  • A Crostini bar with these options: lemon ricotta with peas, white bean mash with garlic and rosemary, goat cheese and tomatoes with basil. Everything was interchangeable and delish!
  • Broccoli Candy with Toasted Sliced Almonds
  • Grilled Chicken Shawarma Bites with Israeli Salad
  • Shrimp Cups with Red and Yellow Pepper Slaw
  • Nibbles like pistachios, Marcona almonds, and Castelvetrano olives
  • An ice cream stand–run by the kiddos. (We asked each pregnant mum and her spouse for their favorite flavor, and had those at the ready!)

Shower Details

The kiddos made a baby line for each set of parents. Attendees were encouraged to write
a little tip or offer advice for the coming years of parenting. Also each set of parents
were given a little basket filled with Honest baby products from Target.

Baby Shower Candids

Some highlights from the baby shower were obviously seeing such cute pregnant ladies with admiring husbands. I actually think the awe in which a husband admires his wife to be so special–my two brothers were glowing too. The three Downey sisters got in for a cheek-to-cheek shot, and some cute photos with long-life neighborhood friend Megan (Meggie to me always!) were taken. In my opinion the best baby gift goes to the cute little giraffe that Amy’s mom handmade! This baby shower was a fun Sunday, despite the heat (that day was a high for Spokane); we all had a great time celebrating together. Plus, the Collins were able to host in their brand new house–which you can see is utterly gorgeous. Thank you Matt and Julie, and here’s to celebrating two more Freuens! All the best Adrian and Kate, Nicholas and Amy.

Shower Candids 2

Shower Candid 1

After all the festivities, the party continued–especially when an aunty (Mary!) and uncle (Nicholas) plotted against the nieces and nephews with an ice cold bucket drench. “Come, let me take your picture….” Hehehe!

Water Dump

Recipe: Grandma Soogie’s Cucumber and Walla Walla Sweets

Cucumber and Walla Walla Sweets
In Washington State there’s an onion that grows in Walla Walla that can actually be eaten as an apple. It’s a sweet onion that is bursting with flavors. While I personally have never eaten a Walla Walla Sweet like an apple, I know people who do, and they love them. My family also loves this state onion: rather I follow this simple recipe passed down from my Grandma Soogie. What’s interesting is this recipe is quite local–I’m not the only granddaughter who remembers this summer salad of cucumber and Walla Walla Sweets from growing up in the Pacific Northwest.

Cucumbers and Walla Walla Sweets



What’s nice about this salad is the ingredients are flexible. Basically the onion and cucumbers will get pickled, so if you want them sweeter add more sugar; if you want them not so tart add less vinegar and so on….

  • 1 Walla Walla Sweet onion
  • 2 cucumbers, peeled
  • 1 cup vinegar (apple, white, or red can be used–even rice wine vinegar)
  • 1 1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil
  • 2 1/2 cup sugar
  • lots of pepper and a little salt
Slice the cucumbers and the onion.

Sliced CucumbersThe thickness you slice your veggies may also vary. I prefer the cucumbers a little thicker so they stay crisp and the onions a little thinner so they get nice and soft. Here, some may prefer both sliced thick or both thin. Tailor it to your preference.

Layer the cucs and Walla Walla Sweets

Layer 1
First layer the cucumbers in the bottom of a shallow dish. Then layer the onions. Now add your salt and (lots) of fresh ground pepper. As a final step sprinkle half the sugar on this layer.

Layer One
Repeat. Again, layer the cucumbers, then the onion, and salt, pepper, and sugar this second layer.

Add the vinegar then the oil.



Refrigerate, shake it around a couple of times, and serve.

Walla Walla Sweets

Does this recipe look familiar to you? Is it a local recipe for you too? If so, where are you from?

Not Your Grandma’s Moo Moo

Moo Moo 7
This dress is not your grandma’s moo moo–not even your mother’s. I had to quickly run into Forever 41–op, I did it again, I mean Forever 21, for a return. While I was quickly choosing something to exchange, I pulled out this dress. Kevin was like, No way! But I just kind of knew it would be the perfect lounging dress. The neck is low and plunging and the back even more so plus there’s two sexy slits up each side. I repeat: this is not your Grandma’s moo moo. Sometimes, when I’m out at the lake I miss dressing up. I said sometimes. I love my cutoffs and graphic tees. They are more than comfortable and with a pair of cowboy boots they suit Idaho. But, every now and then, I like to add a little blue mascara and get dressed up, hence my new moo moo that is not my grandma’s.

Moo Moo 1

plunging back

dock time

Some (Moo Moo) Outfit Details:

Evil Eye Earrings–Ben at Jardine’s Bazaar (stall #4 on the left)
Moo Moo–Forever 21
Sandals–Target long ago from girls’ shoes
Tote–Indian market