Style Story: India Travel Outfits

India Travel Style 1
I’m back from my travels to India! I’ve decided that it’s possible that my heart needs a trip to India once a year, but more on that topic on Wednesday when I write. I was quite happy with the way I packed for India–I stuck to flowy pants with tees layered with a long sleeve denim or white linen shirt. I brought my white vans, and if I wasn’t barefoot on the Ganges beach wore them to walk about touring. Except for one day, I always felt comfortable as well as appropriately dressed for the modest requirements in India.

Day One of India Travel Outfits: 5/5

India Travel Style 2 These pants were perfect. I wore them again when we visited an orphanage. They were a purchase specific for this trip; it’s as if they could have been from India. Because the ankles are exposed, I remain cooled off, yet then during the cooler periods of the day, with a few layers I stay warm. This was our first day in India, and it was a long one. We toured around New Delhi and then took a five and a half hour train ride to Rishikesh. Yes, I needed to be comfortable, and I was!

Day Two of India Travel Outfits: 4/5

India Travel Style 3

Do you see the weird blue shirt on the black shirt? There’s a sample of the white and gold dress/blue and black dress phenomenon. The sun was hitting just that one little spot on the black shirt turing it blue.

I wore these funky pants to go zip-lining across the ganges water. These pants are from my first school trip to India two years ago. The colors are definitely fun, the pattern is right up my style alley, and the they are definitely comfortable. I usually just wear these pants in India since they’re perfect for lounging aside the campfire on the beach of the Ganges. I do not find these pants to be terribly flattering on me however, hence the four out of five.

Day Three of India Travel Outfits: 5/5

India Travel Style 4During this school trip to Rishikesh, India, we end up with plenty of time on the sandy beach. While I would never wear these short shorts out and about in India, I felt totally fine wearing them at our confined beach. My choice of sweatshirt was also a winner–it kept me nice and cozy. This outfit was on multiple repeat, and when the sun went down, I’d swap out the jean shorts for black sweats. It is actually quite cool once the sun goes down in northern India, so layers are always important.

Day Four of India Travel Outfits: 4/5

India Travel Style 6I do like this outfit, but I also can admit that it’s probably a little cheesie–basically another testament to my over the top-ness! See, we were staying on at Leopard Camp with Snow Leopard Adventures. Rishikesh and the surrounding area is known for leopard sitings, and the John Corbett National Park is near by. I guess amongst all the hippies of Rishikesh, I felt a little silly. Maybe my green boho pants from Day Two have been better suited for this trip to the market and later the evening arti on the Ganges River.

Day Five of India Travel Outfits: 3/5

India Travel Style 8On this day we went on a super strenuous hike up to a school village. Before we drop down to the school on top of a mountain, we stop at a temple up there looking out at the Himalayas. Yes, it is all very breathtaking, and the experience with the mountain village children is so touching. While I was comfortable enough hiking–the pants were fine as was the tee, I just felt to loud and obnoxious. Don’t get me wrong! I love this t-shirt that Vincent had made for me and gave to me on my birthday that was spent in Boracay. But, I don’t know. My t-shirt’s message just didn’t seem to match the day, and my pants felt too bright all day long. I’ll keep this t-shirt for visits to the beach. I’m so glad I cropped these pants though–before they were way too long, and I tripped on them all day long.

Day Six of India Travel Outfits: 5/5

India Travel Style 11

Day Seven of India Travel Outfits

I loved this outfit, but unfortunately I could only wear these bermuda style shorts only at camp. I thought they might be long enough, but I was told by our guide that they were too short. It’s better to be respectful on Indian culture than to violate their style norms of conservative attire. I was so happy that at the last minute I through in Vincent’s beanie: some nights I even slept in it it was so cold!

Day Seven of India Travel Outfits 4/5

India Travel Style 13I don’t know…there’s something about this outfit that kind of bothered me all day long. I wore this outfit to travel back to Delhi. We then had a very long day killing time until our 2:30 am (Yes! That’s right!) flight. It was a long day. Perhaps it was the width of the pants….Maybe it was because all the beads I strung on my wrists and neck were bugging me….Maybe it was just the heavy Delhi air that drove me crazy. I don’t know, but I just wasn’t that comfortable. I love the tee though! “Rock it and own it!” Great words to live by. I’ll give the culottes another try this spring during a work day to see if they’re keepers–along with the bright red pair from Day Five…

Boho Pants for You!

There you have it!! These are the outfits I wore during my time in India. While I am not able to find any of the exact pants, I did make a collection here for you of travel worthy styles that I would consider. I highly recommend this flowy pant/tee combo for traveling through a modest style country. It totally worked! I felt put together while comfortable during the entire trip.

Ok, now back to work this Tuesday. My Style Story for Friday will be a short one with a four day work week. (Luckily, my school gives us Monday off to recuperate–and I’ll be going to the spa on behalf of Sassy Mama!

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Packing 101: Choose a Theme

It’s March, so it’s about that time of year when I head out on a school trip with 20 students. Like last year, I’m in India. I scheduled this post after I packed for the trip. I’ll pretty much be did all the same things I mention in this post about packing for adventure travel, but I thought I’d show you the different theme I chose this year’s trip to India: culottes with graphic tees. When I travel, I usually go with a trend or a theme and base all my packing around that. For example, during this past summer’s road trip I went with all white and denim. I felt great the entire trip! When I’ve traveled to tropcial beachy areas, I select my cover-ups with care, and for this trip I simply went with simple Indian kurtas. Basically, I know want to be comfortable while I travel, so selecting a formula for the entire trip totally works for me. During this week in India my formula will be culottes + graphic tee + denim or white shirt = comfort with stylish modesty. Perfect for India!


The temperatures where I’m traveling in Inida vary from morning, noon, to night. There will be times when it’s quite brisk out and then by midday it could be cozily warm. I’ll be touring through a couple of cities and hiking in the foothills of the Himalayas so I’ll be in contact with locals. It will be improtant for me to be modest while remaining comfortable. Since I’m in India–the Queen of patterned, intricate, and bold fabrics–I can embrace this whimsy I love. Here are the culottes that will be in high use:

Graphic Tees:

I’ve been having fun collecting all sorts of nifty t-shirts with clever little messages: it started with “Nothing to Wear” and even infiltrated into a Friday work outfit. It has continued with “Weird is Rad” or simply just “Rad.” Now to match my culottes, I’ve collected a few more tees with a message that I’ll layer under my denim or white shirt.

Please note: I do not get back from India until Saturday morning, so my Style Story that usually gets posted on Friday afternoon will be posted on Saturday afternoon. I’ll make sure to take a pic of what I wear each day while I’m away!

The Story of My Ganesha


This little Ganesh was given to me as I was leaving India back in 2009. A Ganesh should always face you right when you enter into a room. Also, if the Ganesh breaks or becomes harmed in any way, he should be immersed at the next Ganpati Festival.

I’m in India right now, but I scheduled this post to coincide with my trip–especially since I will be wearing my Ganesha necklace all week long. I often keep saying I’ll tell the story about this Ganesh that I wear but then always forget to. But now, that my Hindu God has a proper chain, and I’m wearing it more frequently, I’ll detail the long story about this precious treasure that I wear around my neck. I’ll try to be concise, but be forewarned it’s a multi layered story.

Living in India, and in Bombay in particular, it was bound to happen that Lord Ganesha became our Hindu God. He is ever present in this city; in fact the neighborhood in which we lived included us in his annual submersion each year called Ganesh Ganpati. Oh, what a festival! We learned to chant Ganpati Bappa Moriya (gun potty bappa more eee ah) in true Hindi form right alongside all the other Mumbaikars out in Juhu Beach where we lived.


You’re actually not suppose to buy your own Ganesh; it should be given to you. Kevin and the kids gave me this one. He had a garland of marigolds around him most the time.

Back to the bauble…first, I introduce Aloise. She’s one of those classy ladies that also has a tremendous amount of spunk. I have always appreciated Aloise’s style anticipating her outfits because they are always fabulous! She wore the most solidly, beautiful Ganesh around her neck–that was one constant to her fantastic ensembles. It was so beautiful (Kevin taught Aloise’s kids) that Kevin inquired about how he too could get this pendant to give to me as well. The Ganesh is actually from Sri Lanka, so Kevin put in an order for the next time Aloise would be going to her home there. The next birthday (I can’t remember which year) I received the gorgeous solid gold Ganesh. Oh, I wore it too. I remember arriving home one summer, and my mom said, And so where is Jesus now? She perhaps thought we had completed converted from Catholicism to Hinduism, so the following summer I loaded up my chain with all the my precious pieces that bring me comfort and help me to feel safe. Yes, I am very auspicious about my jewellery!


We made an exception here and bought this Ganesh. It’s actually a door panel.

I had that Ganesh charm for a good five years or so. Stupidly on one trip I wore it, and the chain was not nearly strong enough. We had less than a 12 hour lay over in Ho Chi Minh City. In the morning we would continue to the beach, so it was a very quick stopover in this city. when we arrived to the hotel, we simply needed to venture out for a a quick bite to eat. We were out for less than 30 minutes because with in the first five minutes right outside of the hotel, walking along a very large yet vacant boulevard, a man walking past me, reached out, and tore my necklace right off my neck! I was so shocked. The kids’ hands were in mine, but then I dropped them instantly and began chasing after the man. I was so shocked it took me a moment to realize he had just torn my necklace off. I was no match for him. He ran up ahead and hopped on the back of a cycle. They were a duo team–they must have spotted me and scoped me out instantly. Meanwhile I had left the kids. They were crying, I began crying, and we were all just stunned. No, we did not eat dinner that night.

This was a big lesson for me: I’m such an innocent, trusting traveller, and while I don’t want to be cautious of people when I travel, I do have more of a sharp eye now. I think ahead about what I will wear in given circumstances. Later when we were in our hotel room, we read the fine print of the Lonely Planet guide book warning us of the “urban cowboy.” They definitely got us! We ended up having a nice time on the trip through Vietnam, but I would be lying if I didn’t say we were stunned and saddened by that experience. I missed my precious pendant a great deal feeling saddened that I had lost it and in such an awful way.

Fast forward to my 40th….It was an amazing month with a thoughtful little gift each day, an amazing party, but an even more monumental gift: my sister surprised me for the party! Then, to increase the sure joy of this birthday, Kevin regifted me the Ganesha! I couldn’t believe it. I can remember that simple meal sitting around the table. It had been such an amazing month and birthday weekend. I did not expect to receive any more gifts. When I opened the small jewellery box and peered inside to see a new Ganesha, I broke down crying.


My second, very precious gold Ganesh

This second pendant travelled a bit just to get to me too, so it is worth mentioning. Kevin contacted Aloise again in Singapore–in plenty of time ahead. She had it made once again–interestingly enough it is not exactly the same. There are couple of minor difference, and I have found out that an artist would not make to Ganeshas in the same way. (At least I was told that.) Aloise picked up the Ganesh and brought it to Singapore where she lives. Our good friend Debbie picked it up from her in Singapore. Kevin knew we’d be seeing Debbie that February in Boracay for Chinese New Year. In Boracay Kevin was having trouble connecting with Debbie, so Debbie passed it on to Geraldine whose hotel was closer to ours. Kevin finally picked it up from Geraldine, and I’m not sure how Debbie got the money to then pass on to Aloise. Regardless, the Ganesh made it into the hands of Kevin, and I was clueless to all of this. I was so stunned to receive it on that Sunday, February 21, 2012!

Now, there’s one last litle bit: I’ve had this new Ganesh now for three years, yet I never wear it. I was scared to. I haven’t had a real solid chain to carry it. That’s fixed now because Kevin gave a beautiful, solid, strong chain for my 43rd birthday, and now I’m frequently wearing my Ganesha!

And that’s the multi-layered story of my Ganesh! Ganesha is the Lord of Protections, so I’m very happy to be able to wear him again.

*I know I used Ganesh and Ganesha interchangeably. I can’t explain why other than he has always had these two names for me. A third name would be Lord Ganesha. I’ll research this fact….and now I have found out that basically there are two names for him. Another spelling that I hadn’t seen was Ganesa.

Short Hair Bloggers Roundup

short hair bloggersAs I was on my way to short hair, I began realizing there are not many short hair bloggers out there. Like really short hair! Yes, some crop their locks around the chin or shoulder level, but the really short pixie, it’s not so common. For that reason, I tweeted out to my peeps and asked for some references. I was pleasantly surprised by this roundup!

Monika of Style is My Pudding
Monika’s got such fun style. And with her hair she does all sorts of things with it. Most recently it was lavender, but it wasn’t shocking. It was almost natural, like yes, of course she would have soft lavender-ish hair. The best thing about Monika’s blog is she connects with her readers. If you comment, she’ll write your right back!
Instagram: @stylepudding
Twitter: @puddingcupstyle

Angie from You Look Fab
I was so bummed! Angie was actually in Hong Kong during our Chinese New Year vacation. I almost got to meet her, but we crossed paths. Angie has made an amazing community over at You Look Fab. Her outfit posts are always impeccable. She has such a cool vibe to all her ensembles.
Instagram: @youlookfab
Twitter: @youlookfab

Borjana of Beeswonderland
Talk about edgy hair! Borjana rocks the pixie! And in all sorts of colors too. I just learned of Beeswonderland, and already I’m enjoying what I see. I love that B (that’s what her friends call her) was a professional but quit her job to persue her passion. Inspiration right there!
Instagram: @beeswonderland
Twitter: @beeswonderland

Hollie from Mommy Wife and Chaos
Ok, follow this gal on Instagram too. Her hair is all that I would love mine to be, but I’m just not cool/edgy like Hollie. I wanna be, and maybe I’ll get there, but for now I can only try. Hollie basically seems to sport a pseudo mohawk like a pro. I love her hair, and I really adore how petite she is. I can only imagine….
Instagram: @madamehols
Twitter: @madamehols

Sacramento the Mis Papelicos
To say Mis Papelicos has style is an understatement. This woman exudes style, she challenges style, she is style. She demonstrates no boundaries and is utterly fearless. Right now she does have a mohawk, a blond one, and it’s awesome. This miss shows her readers that confidence is as much a part of style as anything else!
Instagram: @mispapelicos
Twitter: @mispapelicos

Jessie from Style and Pepper Blog
Jessie is just super cute. Her smile is contagious. She’s like the girl you think would be your friend. I’d say Jessie is just super relatable. I love how she wears a long short hair cut, if that makes any sense. But tell me her smile doesn’t make you smile?!
Instagram: @styleandpepper
Twitter: @styleandpepper

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Boracay Blues

Boracay Blues
Ahhh, the Boracay Blues! This post can be taken in two ways: one, I’m tremendously lucky to have experienced all the Boracay blues. The abundance of blue color in Boracay is seriously intense. Rather, I could be experiencing the Boracay Blues–take me back to this paradise right now! Either which way there’s no denying it. Boracay is a beautiful place, and I feel soooooo very lucky that I was able to travel there for a little R & R with my family over Chinese New Year. In fact, I just feel fortunate that I have a life that includes travel. So, no I’m not so blue; instead, I’m one lucky lady!
boracay blues

Boracay Blues

Boracay Blues

Boracay Blues

Boracay Blues

Some Outfit Details:

Flower Barret–Boracay market
Sunnies–Ray Ban Mirrored Aviators
Hi Lo White Blouse–Maple in HK
Puca Shell Anklets–Puca Beach Boracay
Clutch–Louella Odié

*Speaking of travel…I am currently on a school trip to India. I have scheduled posts all this week though, so check in tomorrow, Wednesday, and Thursday. My Friday style story will be a little late however as I don’t return to Hong Kong until Saturday. But don’t worry, I plan to take a picture of what I wear each day. I will have been offline since Friday and will be “offline” without any connection for the next few days. But hey, that’s good for me! It’s good to disconnect every now and then. Have a great week! And come back tomorrow to learn of some awesome short hair bloggers!

Style Story: Work Outfits Monday Through Friday

This week I pretty much liked what I was wearing all week, but to be honest, I’m definitely still trying to get used to my hair. It is super short! The cut before was also short but because of all the flippy waves I think it felt very similar to my long locks. I think I will get used to it; I’m definitely enjoying earrings all that much more!

Monday’s Work Outfit: 5/5

work outfitsHahha! Time to take down those ugly signs! As I have a mug of coffee in my hand! This is a go-to outfit I have had since living in Beijing. It’s easy, and dressy, and I feel confident when I wear this black with gold sequin mini. When I wear this short of a skirt to work, I hide the short hemline by wearing a long black cardigan. Somehow, at least for me, this trick works. I get to accentuate my legs while maintaining what I think is a professional look. In the picture I’m noticing there’s a weird shimmer to my leggings, so I think I’ll toss this pair. I’m not sure I absolutely love the medallion–it’s a little to rapper 80s, so I’ve taken note for next time. I’m still searching for the perfect long, black cardigan to replace this one, but until I do, I’ll keep pulling out this totally pilled one.

From this work outfit, I recommend the following items for your wardrobe:

A Long Black Cardigan:

ASOS has some great ones; I’m seriously thinking about the first one or the fourth one by Noisy May…

A Sequin Mini to be worn with tights/leggings and a Long Cardi:

Tuesday Work Outfit: 4/5

work outfitsI actually don’t feel very comfortable in the generic, promo t-shirt. I always feel so top heavy in them. That’s why these days I get straight to tailoring (cutting up) the tee right away. Here I’m wearing the t-shirt for my school group that will be traveling to India this Friday. (Yes, I’m traveling again, and this time for work, but it’s to India! Yes, I’m lucky!!) Since I knew I’d be wearing a tee that I’d receive at work, I dressed rocker-ish in my DIY distressed jeans and my black cowboy boots. Easy, and yes, I also feel lucky that I can dress down at work. I’m still trying to settle into this new do of mine. There’s really nothing I can do….but I am not so smitten with it. Here, it’s so poofy in an attempt to rock hair like Madame Hols–she can seriously rock rocker hair! This is also what my hair looks like when I don’t wash it…Hmph!

From this outfit, I recommend two things:

Distressed Denim:

But rather than buy expensive pairs of totally destroyed denim, I recommend you head to your local Forever 21 and pick-up a pair of cheap black skinny jeans. I got mine for $12US. Then, head to the hardware store for an Xacto knife. Now, get to work distressing–here’s the DIY to show you how. Bing! Bam! You just made a pair of (trendy) distressed denim for $15!!

If you’d rather buy them pre-made, here you go. These all come highly recommended.

Black Cowboy Boots (all under $100!):

Wednesday’s Work Outfit: 5/5

work outfitsI love this dress! And there are so many style stories about everything I’m wearing. First of all the color is my color. I pretty much buy anything that is this color; although I will admit that I have started to have more discretion by only purchasing if the style actually suits me. I got this dress at a very random garage sale in Jakarta! It still had the tags on it! The necklace is also begrudgingly a favorite of mine. I first spotted this necklace at J.Crew last spring. I should have bought, but I didn’t, and then I regretted it. Then, one day last January I was over at Ladies Street in Mon Kok with Elle when I spotted it at a random little boutique. I did not hesitate this time; I bought it in an instant. But then, as we continued on our way down the street I saw the necklace again at a little kiosk for a fraction of the price! I hightailed it back to the boutique to request an adjustment on the price, but she’d have nothing of it. Yes, I gave the owner of the shop a piece of my mind, and no, I’m not going back. I don’t mind paying for things, but I don’t like getting fleeced! (That’s an Indianism for being taken.) So while I love this necklace I always feel a little reluctant at the same time. Finally, I had to include a closeup of my nylons! They’re psychedelic! Over in Jardine’s Bazaar there’s a gal selling the best nylons and tights. It’s fun to update my collection every now and then. I loved wearing this entire outfit hence the 5 out of 5.

Despite the woes in retrieving my floral statement necklace, I do recommend one especially for spring if you’re looking for the perfect accessory that matches a ton and sparks up a plain ensemble. I’ve also found some sparkly tights for you, but if you want me to pick some up for you for a fraction of the price (think cents not dollars), let me know. I’d be happy to ship some off for you!

{Reasonably Priced} Floral Statement Necklaces:

(JCPenney seems to be offering a lot of great options! And they’re having a huge sale until March 15.)

Sparkly Tights:

(Remember to ask me if you want me to send you some;)

Thursday’s Work Outfit 5/5:

work outfits This is another great dress. Sometimes just a simple jewell tone dress is the perfect wardrobe item. We’ve had parent teacher teacher conference from Wednesday on of this week, so I’ve dressed up a little bit more than my usual school day wear. Usually I wear a necklace with this neckline, but since my earrings are so bold I did not. (I also had a cami on that I pulled down for the pic, so my cleavage wasn’t so blatant all day long;) In the future, I think something around the neck is necessary. Please note another pair of sparkly nylons also from the same gal in Jardine’s Bazaar. This pair is navy with silver specks, and with my blue suede booties, I’m like Violet Beauregarde turning blue in Charlie’s Chocolate Factory! Another 5 for 5!

Based on both Thursday and Friday I recommend investing in a…

Jewell Tone Dress:

Friday’s Work Outfit: 5/5

Embroidered SkirtI went with the same formula as Monday and felt great. It’s easy: throw on an sparkly skirt pair it with some tights and my booties, and I feel set. I’m so glad I pulled out this eyelash sweater too–I’ll be bringing it with me to India. It’s so cozy! That’s right. This afternoon I set off to India with 20 students. It’s called Interim where all students travel for the next week. Trips involve service, culture, and an adventure. I’m all packed and ready to go. Maybe not ready to sign off of the Internet but so be it. I’ve scheduled posts for Monday through Thursday, so please continue to visit next week. My regular Friday post about my Style Story will be delayed till Saturday once I return. But, yes, I’ll be taking a picture of what I wear in India each day.

I recommend the following from this very easy formulaic work outfit:

Eyelash Sweater for Coziness:

An Embroidered Black Mini:

(My exact skirt is the first option!;)

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9th Links á la Mode

This is the 9th time I’ve made Links á la Mode! And the second time they chose my picture as the features; there’s my mom from my “Going Grey” article. I told her she’s famous (not really) in an anonymous way!links a la mods

Fashion Shades of Grey

Fashion month has come and gone. What have we learned? IFB bloggers found celebrations of motherhood, diversity, and technology, as well as fear of empty spaces (!) on the runway. OK maybe that last one’s not a celebration, but interesting nonetheless. We also celebrated our amazing mothers, color trends for spring, wedding inspiration, and more. Peruse the best of the week below!

Links à la Mode: March 5

  1. A Handful of Stories: The Definitive Guide to Spring ’15 Color Trends
  2. Al-Balsam Life: Dolce & Gabbana Celebrates Motherhood
  3. A Sparkle Factor: How to Dress Like House of Cards’ Carrie Underwood
  4. Attire Club: Men and the Color Pink: a Cultural History
  5. Cat Eyes + Skinny Jeans: Spring Break Beauty Survival Guide
  6. Happy. Pretty. Sweet: Inspired by: Downton Abbey Weddings
  7. Kremb de la Kremb: Going Grey
  8. Modavracha’s Spot: The Benefits of Using Engageya Widgets
  9. Ms. Fabulous: Badass Models on the FTL Moda Runway
  10. Omnia Vitae: 12 Staples Every Girl Should Own
  11. Purushu Arie: A Technologic Upgrade in Fashion
  12. Save. Spend. Splurge: How to Know if a Chanel Tweed Suit Is Real
  13. State of Cate: 5 Classic Novels You Must Read
  14. Storybook Apothecary: Horrible Films I Loved as a Kid
  15. Style Destino: 5 Vegan Lipstick Must-Haves
  16. Stylist Diva: 12 Things Morning Habits for Successful At-Home Entrepreneurs
  17. Style Inked: The Art of Block Printing
  18. That Paki Blog: How VFiles Is Changing Fashion
  19. We Are Ready Made: Horror Vacui
  20. The Fashion Junki: How to Get Rid of Winter Blues
  21. *Stay tuned later. Today is a double post day with my Style Story coming shortly.

SHOPBOP’S Big Event 15



Shopbop is having a big sale! Just in time for all of our spring shopping. I’ve just taken a gander and made some options–this OR that. Although that can be tough as sometimes I usually want both…Which would you choose if you had to? We have until Saturday, March 7th.

Remember, the more you spend with this sale, the more discount–they’ve got us don’t they!?

SHOPBOP’S Discount:

15% off orders of $250 or more
20% off orders of $500 or more
25% off orders of $1000 or more
*all figures in US$

Here are the SHOPBOP Options from up above:

striped top OR blue “hello” sweatshirt
denim cutoffs OR white cutoffs
crochet bikini OR funky one piece
distressed black denim OR vegan leather
rhinestone OR dangles
tee OR tank
romper OR halter
pink OR turquoise

Here’s to shopping!

Going Grey

going grey

My gorgeous mom

On Wednesdays I write, or at least I have been trying to, so I thought I’d share my silly superstition about cutting my hair. I’m warning you it’s super, super silly. I’ve been worried that since it’s short, it will go grey. I know; there’s no correlation. That’s why I’m absurd! But, I’m in my 40s, and I’ve never known my mom without grey hair, so I’m waiting to wake up one morning with a white head. Which, granted, would not be so bad. My mom has lovely hair!

You see, when it was long, I was able to pull it every which way and simply pull out my greys by finding them. I do have about a dozen grey hairs, ok probably more like two dozen now, but I’ve always been able to pluck them out with tweezers. Now that it’s short, I will not be able to do that unless they’re up front. I’ve seen some glimmers here and there and snatched them out, but who knows what’s going on in the back! Surely I will continue to simply hire and pay my daughter $2HK (that’s like 30 US cents) for every white hair she tweezes out–it’s easy money for her and a very cost effective way for me not to dye!

Here’s the thing though: I don’t think I will dye. I mean, my mom is white as white, and her hair is simply gorgeous. She’s got the head of hair that gets stopped in the street. We, her children, do not actually know her without white hair! Despite her lovely white hair, I feel rather lucky and actually in awe that I still have a very dark head of hair; for being in my forties I’m doing pretty well. Again, here comes the confessional, absurd part: I’m afraid that now that my hair is short, it will start going grey. I know–it’s so super silly! For now I’ll keep plucking, but when I do go grey, I wonder what will I do? And now that’s where my abundance of questions come…

Why do women color their hair? Why don’t they let it go natural? I’m just curious….I’d love answers from my readers, but it’s such a taboo topic. I don’t think anyone will comment. The questions continue…why am I afraid that cutting my hair will make it go grey? Will my hair go grey? How will I handle it? Any brave commentators out there? Why do women always dye their hair as they begin to grey? There’s more…Would being stylish be enough with grey hair? Could I transcend aging with grey hair because of a hipness that would suggest youth? Basically is it all that bad to be grey?

I know! For someone who isn’t actually grey (yet), I have a lot of questions about it, but it’s a very midlife topic, and well, I’m midlife. I won’t argue that. And while this post definitely doesn’t answer anything, you can see I’m questioning why women dye their hair, and I’m wondering if I too will join them some day. (Haha, I’m just laughing at the fact that I’m knocking on wood–I’m so superstitious! This knocking on wood must suggest I do not want to turn grey, and therefore maybe I have some of my own answers…)

Too much thinking, and rambling on, but definitely a subject that not many women talk about. So regardless, how about a roundup?! Here are some very inspirational and fashionable women I have found on the web that do not dye their grey hair but rather have let their hair go au naturale:

Going Grey Beauties:

Highland Fashionista–she actually documented the whole transition from coloring to natural. What an honest exploration! story of going grey

Sarah Harris–Ok, this woman is gorgeous, and if I do go grey, I’m going back to long locks like her. Wow! And to thinks she’s been rockin’ grey hair since she was 16, AND she’s in the fashion biz. You go Sarah!

Yasmina Rossi–Bombshell Beauty!

Helen Mirren–Wow! She’s all over the news these days–especially for her new L’oreal video.

My MOM! Love her!! And especially love her hair.

Grey is OK–Denise is all about encouraging natural hair and that going “grey is ok!” What a supportive woman!!

Gorgeous in Grey–I don’t thing Ty’s hair color would matter; she’s just one of those gorgeous people whose smile shines through.

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Haircut #3: I’ve Got Short Hair!

short hairWow, short hair! I’ve done it. I’ve totally cut my hair. There’s no going back now: I officially have short hair! I’ve been talking about cutting my hair for years now, so it’s actually a relief to have followed through. I’m not so sure what I think yet…I’ll give it some time. What’s nice though about this style of short hair is I can wear it in various ways: pixie, rocker, and sleek. Not sure which one I will gravitate towards, but it’s nice to know there are some options. If you dare to comment, what do you think of my short hair? (And it’s ok if you miss my locks–I do too! They’ll be back one day, I mean years away!) And yes, I know…I totally look like my mom, but this time around I’m proud to!

short hair

short hair

*I have the best hair stylist. Aman, from Head Touch in Stanley, is AMAZING! She’s patient and diligent. She won’t stop cutting till it’s just right. She listens and she’s supportive. I highly recommend Aman. Contact her via Facebook–she’ll respond in seconds!

*Here’s the Pinterest board I used along the way towards short hair. And here’s Haircut #1 and Haircut #2.

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