Are all ladybugs ladies?

Vincent asked this in class today.  He’s learning all about insects.  The teacher wrote us today just to let us know that she’s enjoying his questions and comments.  There’s a beetle called the bombardier beetle—it shoots out poisonous gas from his abdomen.  So Vincent told everyone, “Oh, like a big juicey fart!”  He’s a sponge for information.  He’s learning so much it’s really cool.

The other day Vincent was asking about the animal he saw with Uncle Nicholas when Amy and he took us to the beach on Long Island.  He couldn’t remember what it was called…





This is a totally edgy blog that I found—actually through a book that I ordered for the library. I’d say the book is cooler, but the blog is pretty sweet too. This guy, Frank Warren, left a bunch of stray, empty, stamped and self-addressed postcards around the world. He encouraged people to write down a secret that no one else knew and send it back to him. You wouldn’t believe what some people have been hiding. And, you won’t believe how you can relate with some of the universal secrets we all have.

What’s Chalk

What’s chalk?

Vincent asked this after I told Gigi one of her halloween candies tasted like chalk.  Goes to show a 21st Century Learner is a different child!  He’s more familiar with other learning tools—like a laptop for example.

Fall 3X

Fall 3X from Ann Krembs on Vimeo.

Watch a day at Saturday soccer. See if you can spot super star Vincent fall three times.

Watch a day at Saturday soccer.  See if you can spot super star Vincent fall three times.

Scary, penetrating, Vampire Gigi!  Watch out!!

Here’s Vampire Vincent with his fellow vampire friend, Hugo.