The ferry boat started out just fine as we were leaving the port, but once we were in open water, I swear to God, I thought we were goners!

I am scared stiff here!  The ferry boat over terrified me, so the next time we went out on a boat, I made sure to wear a life jacket.  I was holding on here making myself secure!  (The kids also wore jackets—but the other adults would not!)

They’re engaged!

Kissy kissy!

Kissy kissy!

Here we all are at the fair in Bangkok—but luckily both couples got our jobs before the fair.  Yahoo!  What a relief!

Another set of siblings sittin’ on a rocking chair on a beach on Koh Lanta Island, Thailand.

My bro!  Adrian!  So fun to be with him when he proposed to Kate!

Vincent on the beach….

Gigi on the beach…