Oversized Denim and Summer

Once one vacation is over, I instantly start thinking of the next….And the next vacation is summer–which this outfit reminds me of. Basically, oversized denim is my summer uniform. We’ll reach our cabin by June this summer, so I’ll be layering in oversized denim and lots of cozy sweatshirts. Then later on in the summer, Kevin and I will drop Vincent off at a baseball camp in California which then allows us to have a little private getaway! With Gigi staying with her cousins, Kevin and I will cruise up the coast from LA to San Jose–in a convertible! I can’t wait!! This is our little adventure to celebrate 20 years married this July 25th. Other family fun includes a Krembs’ reunion in the middle of Washington State to celebrate my in-laws 50th reunion. Isn’t that cool?! They’ve been married for 5-0 years!! Oh, I forgot to mention what will kick off our summer: the Lawn Mower Races on Spirit Lake Main Street! Yes, I’ll be wearing this outfit for sure because it will be time for me to fit into that rugged Idaho look.

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  • Sounds like a great Summer!!

  • Great holiday plans! Loving the relaxed slouchy vibe of your denim.

    • Thanks Gail. They’re sooooo cozy. Not boyfriend jeans, but grandpa jeans!! A x

  • Judy Gramith

    Those boyfriend jeans are like an old buddy aren’t the Ann? Did you cut them off at the ankle recently?
    Your convertible vacation has a vintage vibe , not sure why… It sounds like a perfect way to celebrate a 20th anniversary. Hope you’ve built in some time to kick back on your beloved sun room sofa!
    I’m curious about your decision about knee surgery…

    • Hi Jude, I went to see Dr. Fok last night!! Hehehe. He’s a chiropractor. He told me I am NOT to have another surgery. I’ll basically give anything a go, so I’m going to try out his help for a bit. I really want to prolong a knee replacement. Ironically, on vacay it felt great–one day back at work, and….well it was paining (Indianism I picked up) by last night. We’ll see. Patience (not my strong suit) will have to be channeled! Thanks for your love and energy. It’s felt over here in HK! Love, Annie