Our Farewell Speech (well…presentation:)

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  • David

    OK, the tears have started streaming! I am going to miss you guys so much! Lots of love to you! 🙂 David

  • Dianna

    This is great and I really enjoyed watching. What great memories to take with you! I know you have mixed emotions about leaving after so many great years. India is always going to be with you.

  • Nichole

    Wow! This was an awesome video! Have a safe and easy transition and know that you have touched the hearts of so many people!
    Nichole and family

  • Kremb de la Kremb

    @David Just imagine what a wreck I’ll be with the goodbyes–I think I’ll keep ’em to see you laters;D
    @Dianna You are soooooo right. I’m very happy our paths crossed.
    @Nichole Thank you Nichole.

  • Corky

    Very Cool! Bravo!

    • Kremb de la Kremb

      @Corky Thanks Corky;D

  • BB

    WoW! i have seen this video for 23rd time now
    miss you guys

  • Debbie Dreis

    Ann, I went online after I got your website and came across your video. I only know your family in the video obviously but was brought to tears, can’t imagine how all of you felt! So good to see you briefly at your absolutely wonderful cabin, so happy for you!