We are Open Water Certified

The family are making the blog today because this past spring break we did something really incredible: the four of us became open water certified scuba divers. Wow! The sea is so incredibly–literally and figuratively–breathtaking so thank goodness for that tank on our backs. Scuba diving used to be something Kevin and I had both said the “n” word to (never). Basically we remembered our ninny days of snorkeling in Saudi Arabia, and the thought of going under water for up to 50 minutes at a time was terrifying. But then, Interim came along. (That’s the high school trip that Vincent went on this year during March.) One of the options he mentioned interest in was a scuba trip, and we said, “No way!” Kevin and I thought to ourselves: if he’s going scuba diving, we’re also going scuba diving. Well, we kept to our word! For spring break we went back to Bohol, Philippines, (we went out first year in Hong Kong in 21013 for spring break), but this time we got open water certified with Alex at Tropical Divers. This is an understament: it was amazing!!

This is Alex. He is such an amazing teacher. Breathing underwater and trusting the entire ability is daunting. It’s possible for fear to enter into this underwater world. However, with Alex leading us, this never ever happened. I will recommend to anyone in Asia to become certified with Alex. He was kind, patient, funny, and responsive to each one of our learning styles. I had no problem trusting in Alex to guide us in becoming open water certified scuba divers. Now I just can’t wait to go back to Bohol to take some more dives with him!

*To become an open water certified diver, I recommend contacting Alex via Facebook at Tropical Divers or his email: info at tropicaldivers-alona dot com. Plus, Alex is an amazing photographer as well as demonstrated by these underwater photos he took of us and our surroundings during our final dive with him.

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  • Judy Gramith

    SO DARN COOL! Not only do I admire you and Kevin conquering a fear, but doing it WITH and BECAUSE of the opportunity to have a family adventure as well is just the BEST!!!
    By the way Ann, check those “abs” on you!!!! Are those a side benefit of bone broth? 😉

    • It was DARN COOL for sure!! It was amazing. I can’t wait to do it again. It was nice too because I’m pretty limited physically, so this was something I COULD do which felt nice.

      Haha! Maybe regarding the abs. ;P

      Love, Ann