One Dress and Three Belts

I remember reading something from a blogger once (It was Christine from My Style Pill): she said she always saves the belts that come with a dress, but she never wears that exact belt with the dress. For some reason, that style tip has always stayed with me. Here, I took one blush dress and styled it with three different belts–including the one it came with. I chose two other belts that I don’t wear very often and have even considered giving away. I’ll be interested to hear which belt you like the best….and whether I should get rid of the other two.

The Original Belt

I actually kind of like the monochromatic look the original belt offers plus the way this velvet sash flows in the wind is rather nice.

Twice Around Leather Belt

I’ve had this belt for a very long time–long enough that there are stray threads coming off the belt if you look at it closely. Since it’s a double wrap belt, I always like styling it with a tie rather than using the actual buckle.

Kimono/Aztec Belt

It’s quite possible I got this kimono belt around the same time as the double wrap one up above; in fact, I also got a purple metallic kimono belt like this one as well. I like the kimono part of this belt, yet I often feel like the Aztec print might be dated. Or perhaps I just don’t know how to style it in the right way.

Which Belt?

Please tell me: which belt do you prefer? I actually, despite Christine’s style tip, prefer the original velvet belt. I’m inclined to get rid of the other two. What do you think?

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  • I like the twice around leather belt and the belt it came with also looks good. That’s one sexy dress on you!

    • Thanks so much Gail! So I guess I shouldn’t get rid of that twice around leather belt. I suppose one easy trick would be to get out some scissors and just clean it up. Duh!!

      Yes, my favorite is probably the original belt because I like how it flows–especially in the wind that was present during this shoot.

      A x

  • Judy Gramith

    Although the last one is a bit wide it’s my favorite, mainly because of the COLOR it adds. I remember the first time that you featured this dress. Although I love the blush color I actually think it can be a difficult color to wear because the color doesn’t flatter every complexion. It seems like this dusty pink should be complimentary but it can wash you out. That’s what it does to me; perhaps you too? That said, I like a darker, medium width belt that defines your waist (less sporty than the double one you showed, an OBI belt would be cool) and then I would like a vibrant (flattering to your complexion) necklace or silk scarf at the neck. A former student once gave me a gorgeous hand painted scarf from her year in Japan that is the type I’m thinking of…
    Go ahead and tell me to just “zip it”! I’ve likely gone too far with this. Sorry. I really LOVE that dress on you but it requires some perfect accessories in my view.

    • Actually, this isn’t the same dress that you are thinking of. That one is more champagne and not as rosy. Also, this one is a bit more modest since there’s no leg slit. Plus, the sleeves are all ruffly. Here, go take a look:

      I know they are awfully similar. You must be thinking “Why did she buy such a similar dress?” Here’s my rational: first, it was only $30HKD (which is $3.85!); I just couldn’t pass that up. And, I figured because this one was a little more modest, I might get more use out of it at school. The other one is way more dressy in my opinion whereas this one serves as a nice winter dress. I think they both serve different purposes. I feel way more sexier in the other one though!! In my opinion it’s a really pretty dress. This one is just cute. Which one do you like better? (Here I styled the sexy one down with a Canadian tuxedo attempt:

      Then because I just can’t seem to stop with the velvet and pink tones, I also picked up this one: Stop, right?! Enough with the velvet. Although I have one more number for later on this month with The Fab 40s.

      So, onto the belt….I agree. A scarf would have been a nice touch. And the pic you sent me in the email–ooooh! That necklace!! It’s gorgeous!!

      This post was simply a styling post of belts. I sat there with my remote control in the back of an alley and switched out belts. I wish you could have seen the Insta Story I made while shooting these looks. There were two Chinese men opposite me, sitting having their cigarette break. There’s a restaurant right there and they work for it. It was so funny Jude!! Then the cat came by–oh the things we bloggers do. Quite hilarious actually.

      In real life I have never worn this dress “out.” I think I would stick with the white shirt underneath, add a scarf like you said, and of course wear sneakers. I’d choose my white Reeboks I think. Now it’s way to hot. The flip has been switched and this dress has been stored away till next winter!

      Have a great weekend Jude. And I’ll keep the belt–you never know….

      Love, Ann

      • Judy Gramith

        Your just having a little love affair with velvet in this soft blush color and I say go right ahead and enjoy it. It really is luscious. I think a buttery yellow velvet would be great too!

  • CA_Powell

    I mainly avoid the “matching” belt, but I have to say, I quite like that one with the dress. It’s so luxurious looking!

    • I know, right!? Me too, but this one works for some reason. It’s my favorite out of the three.

      Thanks for coming by!

      Love, Ann

  • seƱora allnut

    I think i prefer the last one, as it adds a little bit of color that goes nicely with the soft pink!, but I’m not any expert!
    I like particularly your booties!

  • What a FAB dress! I particularly love the twice around leather belt – definitely my favourite.
    Suzy xx

    • Suzy, guess what!? The dress was only $30HKD which is $3.85USD. I have a very similar champagne blush one that’s a bit more fancy, so I hardly needed this one, but at that price, I couldn’t resist!! (Here’s the other one: A little too sexy for work! But it was perfect for the holiday party I attended!!)

      Have a great weekend!

      Love, Ann