Meet Pinky, My New (and very improved) Hip!

new hip-4
This Friday will mark 8 weeks with my new hip. I’m pretty much at a loss of words. I will be so bold as to say my new hip is miraculous. It’s been so long since I’ve been able to walk normally, that to be 8 weeks post a hip replacement and walking without crutches, without a limp, well it is astounding to me. How can this be? To say I am elated would be an understatement. Yes, I am young at 44 to have an artificial hip, but wow, this one already works so much better than the one I was struggling with for far too long. I still have a long way to go. I need to build up the muscles in my legs and around the hip to stabilize this new joint. But, I can walk again, like actually walk. I can take a stroll with my family, and I can even foresee maybe going on a hike with them at some point. That was one of the main goals for replacing the arthritic one–to just be able to walk normally again, and I can. I have even started to go on walks for exercise–as shown from these happy pictures here. Oh! It feels so good!! And this is only 8 weeks post op. Yes, I will remain the steady tortoise in this race–I mean recovery, but already I am so, so, so very happy with my new hip. Pinky (that’s how I lovingly refer to it), you’re a winner, and I’m pretty happy with you. You can stay!

new hip-3

new hip-5

new hip-1

It has been a really long time since I bought exercise gear–like forever. I still have the original–but perhaps now out of style–Lulu Lemon boot cut, yoga pant. I splurged on those pants and the black Lulu Lemon hoodie back in 2009. With Pinky causing a smile and a desire to get out and walk, I treated myself to some new workout clothes. Yes, these are not the ever-so-standard black version; rather I’m thinking of sunset days in San Diego where the palm trees streak all the promenades. Leggings, fun, overly bright ones, are having a moment, so I’m going to celebrate walking with the whimsical variety. Oh, I got this sports bra too, and it is surprisingly very supportive for my 36Ds! (Just get a size large.)

*Thanks for capturing these pictures I’m a Norbyah–even though I’m in leggings!

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  • Judy Gramith

    Yipeee!!!! You look FABULOUS!!!!!
    I have to tell you that your legs LOOK muscular and fit despite the fact that the pinky side may need some rehab. You look like a fit woman, so go forth in confidence.
    Your exotic leggings are great!!! I’m a huge fan of brightly colored leggings and fun work out clothing. It inspires me to work harder when I look the part. Perhaps you’ll do a posting on workout wear?!! I really think you should have some pink sneakers as a tribute to pinky and to keep you mindful of your grateful heart and powerful hip!
    It’s a so wonderful to see you hitting the pavement and looking so happy Ann.
    YOU GO GIRL!!!!

    • Yes, to the pink sneakers. I keep eyeing this Nike pair; maybe it’s time to splurge on yet another pair!!

      Thank you for the compliments Judy. I’m not sure if I’ll be posting more workout gear–I need to get in just a little more shape before then!! Haha!

      I am lucky though with my dad’s legs. It’s the big t-shirt that’s hiding my apple underneath! Haha!

      Love, Ann

  • that is amazing news, so happy it has all worked for you and you can start enjoying an active life again

    • Yes, bit by bit. I hope I didn’t write too soon. This week has been the toughest yet–which is odd since I hit 9 weeks today. Go figure! But I’m trying to be patient.



  • Dottie Poole

    Congratulations on your new hip! You must be thrilled to be past the old hip pain. It will keep getting better.

    • I sure hope so. The doctor told me to measure by weeks. Week 8 was great, and for some reason week 9 (today) has been a tough one. I am still being very patient, and I am so much more hopeful than I’ve been in a very long time!

      Thank you for the well wishes!!

      Love, Ann

  • señora allnut

    Fabulous!! that’s good news and I’m so glad that you’re walking!! (nobody realizes that walking is Fabulous until you can’t do it!). And you look gorgeous Too!

    • Totally! It’s so amazing to be able to walk again. Granted I still have some pain, but it’s nothing like what I was experiencing!!

      Thank you!!

      Love, Ann

  • Thank you! Bit by bit! Still the tortoise!

    Thanks for the well wishes.


  • I totally agree with Judy: you look fabulous. You can have your pictures taken in leggings dear, no problem. I am so happy for you. There is nothing so joyful as good health. Isn’t it a pity we don’t enjoy good health just as much as we suffer from bad health? Soon, you will take your new hip for granted. As that is how the human mind works. There probably is a reason for this.

    • Oh, I hope I never take advantage of this new hip of mine. I’m just so happy to be able to walk again–and without a limp no less! One day at a time though. The very next week after I posted this I was so sore! I had to take some time off from PT. I see my PT again next week, so hopefully I’ll get a new round of exercises that don’t set me over the edge again.

      I still remain the tortoise in my slow race toward a better hip!

      Thanks for stopping by Greetje.

      Love, Ann