My Favorite Fashion Stylist and Blogger

HippieHaider6-750x1125I have a favorite fashion stylist and blogger I’d like to share with you. She’s absolutely amazing at what she does! She’s uber stylish with contrasting classic and bohemian tendencies. She’s considerate and kind making her accessible even though she’s noted top in the field. (For example, when I wrote to find out if I could post about her, she sweetly wrote back saying she’d be honored!) Finally, the best part about this fabulous iconic lady is you can just tell by her writing and her posts that she’s not only beautiful on the outside but also on the inside. I think that’s what I love about her most. So, who is this individual? It’s none other then Kelly Framel of The Glamourai! Rulebreaker2-750x1125 Kelly always mixes classic lines and styles with tons of great texture and pattern. Everything is luxe with her. I always anticipate her next post, and I go to Kelly for inspiration. DearestAdornment2-750x500 One of the things I adore about Kelly’s writing is the story behind everything–like me, she finds that everything has a little story behind it, so I especially love to listen to her stories. For example, the way she speaks about her jewellery reminds me of the same stories I feel behind every piece I wear! SistersStyle2-750x1125

Kelly also has a younger sister who has now partnered with her in New York City. Again, the love and support going on between these girls reminds me of the same feelings I experience with my two sisters. Kelly also doesn’t limit her sisterly love–which feels similar to all the best friend sisters I have around the world. Her sister-twin is the great photographer Jamie Beck (maybe I’ll be able to post about her one day too;). When these two get together, MAGIC does indeed happen. GirlInterrupted4-750x1000 Within every post there’s variety: she’s either posted a beauty tutorial or offered a DIY. She might give an interview or discuss the design of someone’s amazing home. Or she’s put together a stunning fashion editorial or simply fantastically styled her own outfit. Either way, stopping at The Glamourai is a daily occurrence for me checking to see what Kelly has been up to each day. KellyFramelBlueEyesKelly Framel, The Glamourai, is a beauty inside and out, and she’s one to FOLLOW! (Kelly on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and her blog)

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  • Jane

    Thanks for introducing me into this world. Who needs magazine subscriptions…this is much more personal way to look at styling and fashion. Love it! J x

    • Kremb de la Kremb

      Oh Jane, prepare to be enchanted! The Glamourai is absolutely magical! I am not kidding! A x

  • SheelaGoh

    I love Kelly 🙂 known her for years since she first started selling her jewellery on Etsy. She is, as you said, one of the most genuine persons in the industry, and to remain as such amidst all the fame shows you the kind of person she is.

    • I can’t believe you know Kelly! WoW!! So cool. I am always so impressed that she responds to my communications with her. To me, this is super impressive and testament that she’s a caring person. It’d be my dream (which I have actually had) to meet her in person! I love that you’ve become such a Kremb de la Kremb reader Sheela. Thank you so much. Means the world to me!! Love, Ann