More Fishnet

Did I fool you on Saturday’s alternative makeup post? It was a rather cruel joke, making you watch me put that hideous makeup on for five minutes, but, oh well! I hope you had a little laugh!! This is the third Monday where I’m featuring fishnet, and there’s nothing silly about this outfit: I would totally wear this. Not to work or anything but definitely for a night out or even a city day where I wanted to look extra funky and attempt cool. I almost featured this look for the Ping Pong Piece post where we featured fishnet, but then I decided to go with big fishnet tights under ripped up jeans. Then last week, I featured smaller tights for my princess interpretation. But this outfit, I’ve had it waiting to make it to “publish.” There are a couple of features to highlight. First, both the top and the earrings are from a new-to-me market called Lai Chi Kok; this is the old clothing factory district for Hong Kong, but now there’s a whole sale clothing market. A friend and I only had about 20 minutes there, but guaranteed I could have spent more than a few hours wondering through all the shops, aisles, floors, and buildings. It’s immense!! Also of note is my (p)leather jacket. I scored it from Jasmine of Dress Me, Blog me at a swap. Unfortunately since this PU leather is starting to come apart, yet I love the style and fit so much, I sent it with my old helper now friend to Indonesia to be replicated in real lamb’s leather. I cannot wait to get this goodie back! Finally, these are my Mee & Gee Levi jeans that Kevin cannot stand, but I do love them despite their large size. They are perfectly comfortable, so there. Kevin is already planning to cohort with my sister to get these jeans banned just like these jean shorts they both hate–which happen to be my favorite!

Are there any features of this outfit that you two would wear? Would you wear fishnet as a top? What about the earrings? Too big? Also, these jeans–they’re huge and the total opposite of skinny jeans. Would you wear them? And finally I have one last question: what item in your wardrobe would you copy if you could?

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  • I love your earrings and top. I wouldn’t wear jeans that baggy because they’d make me look huge but you look great in them. I’d love to get another version of my black leather jacket but in red – it’s so soft and comfortable.

    Emma xxx

    • Oooh! A red leathA jacket! Sounds so fAb, doesn’t it!! I’ll take one too pretty please!

      Thank you Emma for dropping by and commenting.

      Love, Ann

  • Judy Gramith

    I would not wear the fish net top. The closest item in my closet would be a sheer black lace top. I wear a black cami beneath it like you’re done here but you have cleavage and I do not. You look hot in this top and a flat chested, 65 year old woman like me could never pull this off.

    I like the comfy,cozy, boyfriend jeans and would definetly wear them and have a similar pair that aren’t quite as baggy. These kind of jeans become like an old buddy!!

    I have a pair of black biker boots that I’d remake in more colors and maybe even a print!

    • Oooh, I love biker boots! I have a pair that are sooooo worn in. I don’t have the heart to get rid of them even though I haven’t pulled them out in some time. I bought them in Beijing, so not only are they cool, but they also have sentimental value–like pretty much everything in my closet! Hahaha!

      <3 U Jude! Love, Ann

  • Anna Parkes

    I really like this fishnet top Annie and wouldn’t mind giving it a go myself. It’s good for revealing without showing too much if you get what I mean? How’s the bone broth going? Have you finished your crazy quest yet? Looking great whatever x

    • I’m still brothing! I gained a little of the weight back during my spring break trip, so I’m still at it. Plus, I never reached my ultimate goal. I think the bone broth my be a permanent thing until I get to my ideal weight–and keep it there. That’s always the tough part right? Well, maybe not for some, but for me yes!! And actually, it’s not that hard of a plan to follow! Win win!! Love, Annie