MaharAnnie 9There is an important reason why we chose to travel through Rajastan during our most recent trip to India over our winter break: I always feel like a princess there. I’m serious! Yes, it’s beautiful, and the people are very, very kind. Rajasthan is also filled with tons of history and packed with culture. These attributes also played into the decision, but most importantly, I feel like a Rajasthani princess while I’m there. It’s a very magical place that takes me back in time. Everything seems so decadent even amongst the chaos. My heart feels quite full when I am in Rajasthan. The word for a queen or princess in Hindi is “majarani.” Since I feel like royalty while I’m there, I took on a new name: MaharAnnie! What was extremely special, is to every Rajasthani person that I introduced myself as MaharAnnie, there was a little twinkle in their eye and sparkle to their smile. They had no problem obliging and calling me by my new nickname. If you think you are, you are–right!!?

MaharAnnie 4

MaharAnnie 5

MaharAnnie 1

MaharAnnie 7

*Stay tuned for Wednesday when I will share more pictures of this beautiful Rajasthani hunting lodge called Rawla Narlai.

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  • Judy Gramith

    You look very much like a princess in that sheer white robe! It’s gorgeous!
    Did you find out anything about the type of game thatighy be hunted from this lodge?

    • They used to (USED TO) hunt leopards! We saw one on our dusk excursion. It was so awesome! Pics to come…. Love, Annie

      • Judy Gramith

        Holy leapin leopards Annie!
        Seriously, that is a uniquely memorable experience. I can’t wait to see your photos!

  • Ooh fantastic pictures and looks a wonderful place. Enjoyed your story.