The LBVD (The Little Black Velvet Dress)


An LBD isn’t something I often need to add to my dress collection. But, if the LBD has a special attraction–say like velvet AND fringe bell sleeves, then I’ll make an exception. This is my LBVD–little black velvet dress. With the holiday approaching us all very quickly–I believe Thanksgiving is actually in ten days (Ten days!!? Say what!), grabbing for a no-nonsense easy dress is going to be necessary. Granted, you don’t want to do the cooking in fringe like this, but since the sleeves are cropped, eating in it does not serve (heehe, notice the pun) a problem. Basically, I like a dress I can throw on that’s dressed up all on its own–like this little black velvet dress. It even looks somewhat fancy with no tights (not cold enough in Hong Kong yet) and sparkly slip-ons (yep, still no heels except for flatforms for me). This kind of look is exactly what my easy peasy styling is after.






Get your Little Black Velvet Dress Too

Unfortunately, my dress is sold out. (The moment it comes back in stock, I’ll update this post.) But, with velvet seriously on the trend watch this winter season, there are plenty, I mean tons, of super cute LBVDs out there. Take a look and shop away! I only chose little black velvet dresses that I thought had something special to them–something to make them a little more substantial than the average LBD.

Shop away with Kremb de la Kremb!

(Thank you for the pictures I’m a Norbyah.)

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  • señora allnut

    wouuuu, such a lovely dress, comfy&cool!. I like those sparkly sneakers as they give it a funky touch!, you rock!!
    Velvet and fringes!, such a fabulous combo!

  • Judy Gramith

    Ok, this should be called the LBVDVD
    Little Black Very Darling Velvet Dress!
    You look fabulous in it and your legs always amaze me. Despite your recent hip surgery your legs look fit and sexy. The shoes are SO cute! Do they have an eye on them?
    This really is a dress that is just “throw it on and your fabulous” What’s not to love?

    • Thanks Jude!

      I am lucky because I got my father’s legs. Too bad I didn’t get his height!! He’s 6’3″.

      The shoes I love! I got them from the girls’ department at Target: one eye is winking, the other eye is open. Fun huh?! I always make sure to look at kids’ clothes. Wink wink!

      I like that–LBVDVD. Cute! Thank you.

      Love, Ann

  • Much cuteness!!
    I love this playful look…. especially those fabulous shoes. XXX

    • Thanks Sam! You know me…..always in runners! They’re even better if they’re sparkly!!

      A x

  • Such a pretty dress and those sleeves! It looks great on you. Julia

    • Thank you Julia! They are pretty spectacular sleeves aren’t they!? I love items that have special details. Can you tell! 😀

      Love, Ann