I just want to go to a PARTY!

So, it’s Christmas 2014, and there has been no shortage of sequins on the blog lately. (Note my sequin pants here and my sequin top here.) I guess, basically, when it comes right down to it, I JUST WANT TO GO TO A PARTY!

Kevin and I both had our faculty Christmas dinners on Friday night last week. Because they were on the same day, we were not able to attend together. We’ll be traveling for Christmas this year, and it seems like ages since we hosted a holiday soirĂ©e in our home. Oh, we used to throw such fun parties in India. Give a shout out if you ever attended. Even in Beijing we held nice little family gatherings. We’ve been throwing a Christmas party ever since we got married and moved overseas, but something about life in Hong Kong has put them on hold. Hmm, Kevin and I need to change that for next year. (Hey, that’s an easy resolution; throw a party next December 2015!) For those who know me, you know I find half the fun of a party the getting part. So, even though I will not be attending any festive hoorahs, it doesn’t mean I’m still not daydreaming….And a while ago, I purchased the best multicolored sequin shift only for it to be sold out. (Oh, believe me, I’ll never purchase from Romwe again–don’t let me buy something if it’s already gone! Right?) So, in hopes of finding something similar, I’ve gone window shopping. (Is there another term for window shopping on the web? I’ll get back to you on that one….)

If I were to go to a party, I’d want to wear any one of these!

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