Going Grey

going grey

My gorgeous mom

On Wednesdays I write, or at least I have been trying to, so I thought I’d share my silly superstition about cutting my hair. I’m warning you it’s super, super silly. I’ve been worried that since it’s short, it will go grey. I know; there’s no correlation. That’s why I’m absurd! But, I’m in my 40s, and I’ve never known my mom without grey hair, so I’m waiting to wake up one morning with a white head. Which, granted, would not be so bad. My mom has lovely hair!

You see, when it was long, I was able to pull it every which way and simply pull out my greys by finding them. I do have about a dozen grey hairs, ok probably more like two dozen now, but I’ve always been able to pluck them out with tweezers. Now that it’s short, I will not be able to do that unless they’re up front. I’ve seen some glimmers here and there and snatched them out, but who knows what’s going on in the back! Surely I will continue to simply hire and pay my daughter $2HK (that’s like 30 US cents) for every white hair she tweezes out–it’s easy money for her and a very cost effective way for me not to dye!

Here’s the thing though: I don’t think I will dye. I mean, my mom is white as white, and her hair is simply gorgeous. She’s got the head of hair that gets stopped in the street. We, her children, do not actually know her without white hair! Despite her lovely white hair, I feel rather lucky and actually in awe that I still have a very dark head of hair; for being in my forties I’m doing pretty well. Again, here comes the confessional, absurd part: I’m afraid that now that my hair is short, it will start going grey. I know–it’s so super silly! For now I’ll keep plucking, but when I do go grey, I wonder what will I do? And now that’s where my abundance of questions come…

Why do women color their hair? Why don’t they let it go natural? I’m just curious….I’d love answers from my readers, but it’s such a taboo topic. I don’t think anyone will comment. The questions continue…why am I afraid that cutting my hair will make it go grey? Will my hair go grey? How will I handle it? Any brave commentators out there? Why do women always dye their hair as they begin to grey? There’s more…Would being stylish be enough with grey hair? Could I transcend aging with grey hair because of a hipness that would suggest youth? Basically is it all that bad to be grey?

I know! For someone who isn’t actually grey (yet), I have a lot of questions about it, but it’s a very midlife topic, and well, I’m midlife. I won’t argue that. And while this post definitely doesn’t answer anything, you can see I’m questioning why women dye their hair, and I’m wondering if I too will join them some day. (Haha, I’m just laughing at the fact that I’m knocking on wood–I’m so superstitious! This knocking on wood must suggest I do not want to turn grey, and therefore maybe I have some of my own answers…)

Too much thinking, and rambling on, but definitely a subject that not many women talk about. So regardless, how about a roundup?! Here are some very inspirational and fashionable women I have found on the web that do not dye their grey hair but rather have let their hair go au naturale:

Going Grey Beauties:

Highland Fashionista–she actually documented the whole transition from coloring to natural. What an honest exploration! story of going grey

Sarah Harris–Ok, this woman is gorgeous, and if I do go grey, I’m going back to long locks like her. Wow! And to thinks she’s been rockin’ grey hair since she was 16, AND she’s in the fashion biz. You go Sarah!

Yasmina Rossi–Bombshell Beauty!

Helen Mirren–Wow! She’s all over the news these days–especially for her new L’oreal video.

My MOM! Love her!! And especially love her hair.

Grey is OK–Denise is all about encouraging natural hair and that going “grey is ok!” What a supportive woman!!

Gorgeous in Grey–I don’t thing Ty’s hair color would matter; she’s just one of those gorgeous people whose smile shines through.

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  • Karen

    Haha. I am a very new reader to your blog. I just Founf it about 2 weeks ago and really like your style. I wouldn’t worry about your fear. I’m almost certain it won’t happen but I think I know why you perceive it that way. But first, your mom is absolutely gorgeous and has beautiful hair. I wish mine were like that!

    Next, I think you associate short hair and gray because when some women decide to go for the plunge and stop coloring their hair, it gets to this half and half state and is quite annoying. So you cut it short so the gray to old color ratio is more in favor of the gray. So it looks like: Go short and then go gray!

    I currently color my hair and I’m 50. My hair is only about 25 percent gray with certain areas being all gray, certain spots a bit gray and others with no gray. I’m afraid of growing it out for fear of just what I’d look like! I’m thinking a witch might be more attractive! Lol. So until it’s mostly or all gray I’ll probably keep coloring. Believe me, I’m tired of it and would love to stop sooner. I got my first gray in my early 20’s so I’ve been coloring for a looooong time! I’m envious of people like you that have gorgeous natural colored hair. BTW, I think your short hair looks great.

    Anyhow, that’s just my opinion on hair and coloring and turning gray. So take it for what it’s worth!

    Keep up the good work! I’ll be perusing your archives!

    • Hi Karen, thanks for stopping by and commenting. I love it!! Ya, I think you’re right. Going short is the best way to get to natural grey and then it doesn’t get grown out. If I go grey, I think I’ll really try to wear my hair like Sarah Harris or Yasmina Rossi. I love how long there hair is despite the grey color. I think it looks really cool. In the meantime, day by day, I’m getting used to my short crop. I definitely HAVE to wear bold red, orange, or pink lippy. And the wine color I used to be able to wear doesn’t work that well anymore. It’s weird.

      Karen, thanks again for the conversation. I’m so glad you’re enjoying my blog. Hope to see you again! Love, Ann

  • tara

    I have had tons of grey hair for years, and I stopped coloring it for a while to see if I could embrace it. I do think certain colors look smashing with grey, like chambray and light purple, and I had a feeling my grey would look super cool. So, I let it grow in, but I hated to admire that I always felt like I looked a bit washed out and tired. Maybe because it wasn’t totally grey or white like your mom’s (LOVE your mom’s hair!!). As soon as I dyed it, I felt like I looked more ‘me.’ Perhaps I wasn’t grey enough yet. Another time I’ll try again!

    • I bet that’s what happens. I am sure the in-between stage is painful Tara. I feel so silly that I’m anticipating something that hasn’t happened for me, but I think definitely will. When it happens, I think I’ll be the one to go experimenting with all sorts of color, but maybe by then lavender, blue, and green hair will be long gone as a trend. It was so funny. One time, when Vincent was born, my mom was in Venezuela and she tried to reverse dye it. She wanted roots with the platinum ends. It did not work. With such a fast grow out she turned into a crazy haired person right away. Her hair is so pretty natural. I found out via this post that she has added some pepper so as to add texture. Just goes to show, we often want what we can’t have! Big hug Tara! Annie

  • Missey

    Your mom’s grey is so silvery and beautiful! Coming from a family with mouse hair, grey does not show up early, but the color is uninspiring, so I do color from time to time to give my look a little pizzazz!

    • Yes, I imagine adjusting one’s skin tone to the hair color must be tricky. I think that’s what I’ve been noticing people say. For now, I’ll enjoy that I’m still very dark and cross that bridge when I get to it. It’s one of those “never say never” scenarios right?! I just find it interesting how it’s a very private matter almost like religion or yearly salary. Thanks for commenting Missey. I love it when you do! A x

  • Your mum is gorgeous – she looks like a younger version of Judi Dench!

    The older I get, the more cross I get at the way that society (and women, mostly) put pressure on each other to cover up their ageing, as if it’s something to be horrified of. Why on earth do we do it to ourselves? Hair dye, creams and potions, cosmetic surgery…. it’s absolutely ridiculous! And who are we doing it for? Ourselves, our friends, other women, men??

    Anyway, love the post – thanks. Very thought provoking! #brilliantblogposts

    • Lottie, thanks for stopping by. Whenever I see pics of Judi, I tag my mom with “Mom, what are you doing there!?” What’s that Marigold movie? It was like watching my mum up there on the screen. Who are we doing it for? Good question….when it’s for me and only me because it makes me feel better, I think that’s the right answer. So I guess if women dye to make themselves feel better, I’ll be all about it. For example, read Tara’s post up above. Dying her hair made her feel more like her. That makes sense. I guess I’d be excited to see more women embrace their grey when it’s obvious they have it. Does that make sense? Probably too opinionated! Thanks again for commenting. I hope to see you again! Love, Ann PS You’ve got a new reader!

  • Hi there! I am an ‘unlucky’ one. I started going grey in my late 20’s and now, in my late 30’s I would say half my hair is grey. Do I embrace it? No way! I hate it. I dye it, and even then it doesn’t stay coloured for long. As an aside, I read that if you pull the hairs out it can lead to alopecia…so I stopped doing that too! A very interesting blog post. Thanks!

    • Hi Vicki! Thanks for stopping by and for commenting. I’m just curious would you ever let it go grey? Or do you just feel better with color. I just went to see your picture, and you have lovely blue eyes. I bet the natural color would look nice. Just curious…I hope you don’t mind. 😀 Now on to checking out your yummy looking recipes! ;P Ann