Get Your Bomber Jacket Ready!

Get Your Bomber Jacket Ready 6
It’s time to get your bomber jacket! They seem to be all the rage, so you’ll want to get one for the upcoming season. I know it’s hardly time to think about fall, but I actually did wear this bomber jacket at the start of the summer during our trip to San Diego. San Diego has a chill at night and this “A” piece served me perfectly: “A” for awesome, “A” for Annie! The other style point I’d like to make–similar to one of June’s posts–is the fact that I’m still and will always be trying to dress up my necessity of wearing sports shoes. Despite the sequins paired with Teva sandals, I like to think I am sporty chic. Remember, it’s all in the attitude. If I think I am, I am. If I think I can pull off something sparkly short shorts with sports shoes, it will happen! And to be hones, I did feel especially great during this particular night out with Kevin in San Diego’s Gaslamp District.

Get Your Bomber Jacket Ready 2

Get Your Bomber Jacket Ready 1

Get Your Bomber Jacket Ready 3

Get Your Bomber Jacket Ready 4
I haven’t forgotten to include the blooper: isn’t my hand here hilarious!? Well, I sure think so!!

Get Your Bomber Jacket Ready 7

Two questions: will you wear a bomber jacket? And do you pair fancy with casual?

*This is just the first of my bomber jacket collection. I’ve got three….checkout Boohoo for great options plus prices!

*This post has been linked up to #iwillwearwhatilike.

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  • Actually I think those sandals look just right with the skirt and the fabulous bomber jacket. Great Styling my dear. I probably missed a lot of posts in which you explain why the sneakers are back.

    • Thanks Greetje! I actually bought these flatform sandals in white as well since I like them so much. My hip, despite the surgery almost a year ago, is way worse than ever. In fact, I’m getting a hip replacement this Friday, August 5th, and I couldn’t be more excited!! Maybe one day I’ll be able to wear heels again with ease just like you! Ahh, it could happen!!

      Thanks for coming by Greetje!

      Love, Ann

      • Bummer. This is not supposed to happen when you have surgery done. Poor dear. I will light a candal for you next Friday.

  • Yes and YES!!!
    I am yet to find a bomber I like, or that makes me look like a girl.
    I am struggling.

    I love your piece of (genius) advice…
    “If you think you are, you are!”
    YAY to that.

    Looking HOT here.
    Two more A’s for you…Artistic and Adorable.

    • It’s been a while since I wrote this post….Have you found a bomber yet Sam? I thought that Boohoo had a ton of options. I bought two from them! A paisley one will be featured this fall once I return to the Kong (and get K de la K up and running properly again).

      Thanks for the two more “As” I like those two!!

      Oh, and here’s an article I wrote explaining “If you think you are, you are!”

      Love, Annie

      • Does borrowing my daughter’s count?
        If so, then the answer is yes!

  • Anna Parkes

    I think your styling is spot on with these cute shorts and bomber jacket. I love to mix day and evening wear for a hybrid look like this. Rock on Annie!
    Anna x

    • Thank you Anna! I love these shorts! If I can make them an every day wear, I will. Hahaha!

      Love, Ann

  • seƱora allnut

    I think you rock your bomber jacket!, and those sequins and cute sandals!, it’s a really sporty-chic combo and you look gorgeous!

    • Thank you so much! It was a fun shoot. The wall of flowers surely added to the vibrancy.

      Love, Ann